Another hot-hatch dyno day for us here at Bluespark HQ, with this KIA ProCeed GT after it was fitted with our Bluespark Pro Petrol chip tuning box.

These plucky little things were Koreas first attempt at an actual Hot-Hatch, set to rival the Golf GTI and the Focus ST.


The engine already delivers decent figures from stock, with KIA claiming over 200hp (it ran closer to 194hp on the dyno), along with 285Nm of torque. However, now our Bluespark Pro Petrol box is installed, it has a much more punchier 224hp with 320Nm of torque, taking it to the next level of Hot-Hatch gains.

Dyno testing shows healthy gains across the rev range, with a decent amount of increase in power and torque. We found that these results were pretty decent and the gains remained fairly strong, considering the car was running 95RON fuel. We expect even greater gains could be achieved when running this again using 99RON fuel.


A reduction in turbo lag and power applied right through the rev range, it now has a much more desirable driver experience.

See below the stock vs tuned dyno results:


Low down torque with our unit is greatly improved, as stock the engine produced 285Nm and 320Nm with the box installed. Stock figures of torque are slightly higher than manufacturer quoted (at 265Nm), but that isn't especially unusual for one of these as they can usually push strong stock figures beyond what KIA claim.

Peak power was also increased, the engine produced 194hp from stock and 224hp with the box installed, showing consistency through the rev range. Again, stock figures vary slightly from what manufacturer quoted (at 201hp), however this could be down to the fuel the car was running.

You can see the full dyno test here, on our YouTube channel:

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