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Read how numerous satisfied customers describe their vehicles after fitting their Bluespark digital tuning system.


Every comment below is from one of our thousands of satisfied customers, both here in the UK and overseas. Every testimonial is genuine - our customers are so delighted with the difference their Bluespark system has made, they can't wait to tell us!

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Bluespark Pro Petrol - BMW 320i (G20)

Fitted the pro petrol chip it took me approx 10 mins to fit, I was apprehensive to say the least, but WOW the BMW is now the same as a 330i big increase on BHP and economy as you don't have to hit any high revs to drive normally, therefore saving fuel.
10/10 for the chip and service of Bluespark.
The G20 has only been out for approx 18 months with the B48 engine. I would and have recommended this to friend and all !!!

Rich B

Bluespark Pro with Boost Control - Jaguar XF 3.0d v6

Had a couple of set up issues which were resolved after a couple of phone call, excellent after sales and customer service, cannot fault them in the slightest. Now onto the tuning box, instant power gains and the torque is phenomenal. Can't say anything about the extra mpg claims as only fitted today, but I'll need to be gentle on the loud pedal if I want to see any mpg gains which is going to be hard to do. Will definitely purchase again for whatever car I get next.

Christopher Smith

Bluespark Pro with Boost Control - Peugeot Rifter 1.5 BlueHDI

This is the second vehicle that i have had "chipped" and have been very pleased with both the uprated performance and mpg. The guys at the depo are very helpful and friendly answering any questions I had. Highly recomended


Bluespark Pro Petrol - BMW 218i Gran Tourer

This is a great product. I spent a long time looking at all options for gaining performance on my car, and the Bluespark pro petrol unit has achieved that. Fantastic value for money, and a great customer service experience.


Bluespark Pro Petrol - Kia Picanto 1.0 T-GDI 100PS

Bought Bluespark Pro Petrol on Friday, delivered yesterday. Phone support was excellent as was the shopping experience. An absolute breeze to install, no hassle or drama and unit came with LOADS of documentation. It's still a new car so I have to be gentle on the loud pedal, but I can tell its made a noticeable difference already. Brilliant service, and looking forward to bringing the car up to get it rolling road tuned by Bluespark once the engine is bedded in. Incredible value for the money A+

Dean via Facebook

Bluespark 3 Channel Pro Petrol - Abarth 595 Competizione

Great product and fantastic customer service. Had a couple of engine codes thrown up when first fitted, so I removed the box, my fault completely...fitting a tuning box with a hangover is not advised! Messaged Bluespark and they advised me to re install the box and wiring Paying attention to the plugs as I had probably wired them the wrong way, quite an easy mistake as the plugs fit either way...but reading the instructions without a hangover is probably advised.....having fitted the box and wiring correctly I was a little disappointed at first as the car has lost the boosty all or nothing feel of the standard 595 comp, what it has Become Is more progressive, almost a naturally aspirated feel with boost coming in sooner and staying for longer, I can’t comment if the car has gained the bhp and torque as advertised but it feels faster at all points of the Rev range, would I recommend it...yes 10 out of 10, worth every penny, big thumbs up from me.


Bluespark Pro Petrol - Abarth 124 Spider

So, thanks to the reviews and the discount code from the Abarth owners club, I decided to give a Pro Petrol unit a go. Cheap enough not to feel too cheated if it didn't live up to the experience of others and able to remove it if I didn't like it. Fitting was OK, the MAP sensor was a bit fiddly but as I have small hands (hold the Donald Trump-esque jokes please) I managed it within 10 minutes.The results...witchcraft!! It feels like it was specifically engineered as a OEM device that should have been fitted to the car in the in the first place. No issues whatsoever and a very noticeable impact on the power and on the speedo! Placed it into map E following an installation run on the default C setting and just wow! A very satisfied customer!

Stewart H

Bluespark 3 Channel Pro Petrol - Mini Cooper S F56

The difference between the single channel and three channel is really noticeable. I'd say the difference is almost as big as the difference between stock and the single channel. In gear acceleration is much stronger. But the car can manage it, the power delivery still feels like it did when it was standard just with more power behind it. Car doesn't struggle to put it down at all. In the wet it can struggle a bit, but that's to be expected. Although I wasn't expecting wheel spin in fourth gear. But that just shows how much torque there is. No negatives really. In the first 100/150 miles it did have one or two moments where it seemed to come on boost but not fully, then about a second later it would boost fully. But that was literally for the first 150 miles and it's been fine since. I assume its just the car adjusting to the box. The only other minor thing is that I've slightly lifted off whilst full throttle and the car seemed to have released all boost then had to build it up again without me doing anything. It's only done that once. To be honest I'd say the 'negatives' are more nitpicking. Just wanted to bring them up with me having one of the first three channels. But otherwise I'm 100% happy with the box. Since having the box on the Abarth I've recommended a bluespark to people and I still would, it's absolutely transformed the car. .


Bluespark Pro Diesel - 2012 Vauxhall Antara 2.2 Automatic

Fitted in minutes,. Started immediately (without engine management light issues) and settled down onto to a steady smooth tick over. Initial test drive confirmed the transformation of an already well sorted motor into the smoother and more powerful towing vehicle that I had hope for. Over the last 600 miles, in both solo and towing applications, I have noted around a 15% improvement in fuel consumption and the vehicle is a real pleasure to drive. I can, without hesitation, recommend Bluespark and only wish I had fitted it earlier.


Bluespark Pro Petrol - 2011 Seat Altea 1.6 CR TDi Ecomotive

Was getting bored of this car and was ready for swapping for something with a bit more poke. Thought I'd give the Bluespark Pro a shot. Ordered it early Monday and it was at my door the next day. Installed in about 10 minutes, including leaving the car locked with bonnet up. Decent instructions included. This is a quality product. You can tell the difference on the factory settings more torque and a bit less lag. I've turned it up to C7 and it's a stronger pull. I'll give it a few days on the commute to decide if I want to fiddle some more. It's transformed the way the car drives. I would certainly recommend this for the VAG 1.6 CR TDi and would not hesitate purchasing for a another marque. Thank you Bluespark!


Bluespark Pro Petrol - Abarth 124 Spider

Always slightly sceptical of these things, although the Facebook reviews gave great reviews so took the plunge. The support was great and the team provided me with the confidence to get the job done and the results are really very good indeed. I also like the way the unit can be almost instantly replaced with an override plug and thus removal of the unit should the need arise (service or warranty company inspection wish to inspect) and should you sell the vehicle and retain the unit, for a reasonable fee Bluespark transfer the mapping over to your existing unit and you can install it on your new car. Terrific value and would highly recommend Bluespark.


Bluespark Pro - Vauxhall Mokka 1.7cdti 16V, 131 BHP

Just installed the Bluespark Pro Vauxhall CDTi Diesel on my Mokka 1.7cdti. A bit fiddlely to get to the rail sensor, because of it being buried under the loom, but didn't take long, The difference was straight away, more torque in all the gears, speed comes up much quicker now, able to stay in higher gear. Much more low down power, on flat spots, smoother, and mpg is going up, all in all much better to drive. Feels very different, great, love it.

Andy M

Bluespark Pro with Boost Control - Honda civic 2.2IDTEC

More torque and power all way through range. No smoke. Passes MOT, had fitted approx 2 years and an economy saving of around 10% on fuel. I'm now getting just over 59mpg (this is over 35000 miles) no issues with reliability. If you do the miles in a bigger turbo diesil it's worth it.


Bluespark Pro with Boost Control - Mitsubishi L 200

Just had a new engine fitted so went to the workshop to get my leads reconnected, what a great team. Fitted them myself last time but wanted to make sure it was right with the new engine, not that it was last time. Arrived and observed the distancing protocol in place. Job sorted in short shrift. After that I asked a "few" questions, which were all answered and explained in laymen terms. Cannot recommend these guy's enough. Next car due in 18 months so will be back.


Bluespark CR Tech 2 - BMW 1 series f20 LCI 116d

Really happy with the product. The car just feels eager to go but the power isn't thrown at you in one big hit, its fed in throughout the rev range. If I had one niggle, it would be that there still is traces of turbo lag but i am aware that if I wanted this completely gone, I should of upgraded to the pro boost box so thats my fault not the products. All in all, a really good bit of kit. Customer service is great as well. Spoke to a few different people for advice and installation tips etc and each technician was happy to help and sounded inthusiatic about the product and helping which is a rarity these days. Well done to Blue Spark


Bluespark Pro with Boost Control - 2015 Honda CR-V 1.6 I-DTEC 120 ps

After a lot of web browsing I decided on a box rather than a re-map despite all the flak boxes seem to attract. My thoughts were that if a box is "fooling" the ECU to deliver more fuel ( i.e. performance) at certain rpm, isn't that just what a re-map would do anyway. Bluespark answered what queries I had on the preset expected power and torque values so I took the plunge. It did take me a couple of attempts to fit, not that I'm mechanically incompetent, but the rail sensor on the car didn't seem to match the instructions. After getting a lot more light on the engine it became clear that the sensor was 180 degrees out with the release clip at the bottom. A couple of skinned knuckles later all was installed. I wasn't looking for outright power but more bottom end. My previous car was a 150bhp C4 Picasso so I missed the oomph with the Honda. First impressions are very pleasing, the hole in the power below 2000 rpm has gone and it's much more driveable. A higher gear can be held than before on roundabouts and there's less need to drop a gear for overtakes. As far as fuel consumption goes that's an unknown at the moment until we're allowed further afield ( written during lockdown, I'm one of the "shielded" with emphysema). So, basically, despite the naysayers, as far as I'm concerned it does what it says on the tin !!

John M.

Bluespark Pro Petrol - Astra H 2.0 VXR

Fitted tuning box with setting C drove for a week wow ! ..What a difference in mpg and power, really recomend this product it really works and is well designed. Have now switched to setting E, what can I say Awesome!!


Bluespark Pro+Boost - Vauxhall Astra 2.0 cdti 165 bhp

Following the purchase and the rapid next day delivery I had a few problems after installing the module however the customer service was absolutely amazing and the guys asked me to send pictures to see if they could see what the problem was. Again immediate replies and following the steps they had issued me via WhatsApp the problem was rectified swiftly.

Now the vehicle is running with the module working correctly I can honestly say both the product and the customer service is excellent and I would highly recommend Bluespark.


Bluespark Pro - 2012 Mitsubishi Outlander 2.3 177bhp

This box has now been reprogrammed twice for 3 different cars, each time making a huge difference to the driving experience, and fuel economy. Delighted with at least a 10% gain in MPG, the car feels so much smoother and responsive, as it has previously. Next time I'm tempted to upgrade!!


Bluespark Pro+Boost - Ford Ranger Raptor 2.0TDCi

More than a year and 30,000 klms since fitting the Bluespark box, Pro plus Boost to my Ranger Raptor. Total reliability of the tuning box and vehicle, as was the case with a prior Bluespark tuning box fitted to my previous Ranger 3.2 T6, totally reliable 120,000klms. Present 2.0 l Ranger Raptor is lacking in power compared to chassis ability , and has a huge frontal area so that over taking in the 110-140 kph range is extremely slow in standard form , the tuning box has changed this completely and made performance pleasant. I like the simple to comprehend settings and run on 7 rotary dial, with map 5 which appears to suite the motor character well. A great product .


Bluespark Pro Petrol - 2014 M135i

If you are considering getting a tuning box from Bluespark, you've watched the YouTube reviews, you're on the fence thinking, do I don't I? As I was.... Just do it, really good gains for a relatively low price. Excellent power increase on boost, been running this for 2 weeks with the warm weather and good traction. I'm very impressed

S Moore

Bluespark 3 Channel Pro Petrol - Abarth 595 Comp

Just a quick message to say how impressed with the service I received and the gains from the tuning module.

I had previously ordered a two channel module from a rival company and after fitting it, I was very unimpressed with the way it performed and it was always causing the check engine light to come on. So it went back.

I have spent a couple of months researching other options and came across Bluespark's offering.

A lot of good reviews and the fact it was a three channel system meant that it was a much better option compared to near enough all the other types out there. The module was with me in 24 hrs and I was ready to get it fitted.

Fitting does take a bit of time and routing all the cables requires a bit of thought due to the lack of space obviously! Oh, and make sure you put the plugs on the right way round, trust me, it matters!

Once fitted and checked, I took the car out for a drive and once warmed up, gave it a bit of a blast. SO MUCH BETTER than the rival companies item I had fitted before. Pick up is improved and there feels like quite a bit more power in mid-range and towards the top end.

The car now feels more lively even when not in sport mode. I'm not sure what the MPG will be. I had an RS4 before the Comp so I know it will be better than that!

And anyway, I only use the car once a week on average so it is not a priority to me.

Just another note.

I have run the car on V-power/Endurance every since I brought it new and also use Milers petrol Ecomax with every visit to the petrol station, so the car has only ever known an octane rating of 101-102. This may have a bearing on the way the car is performing too. I don't know a lot about those types of things, but I just wanted to mention it.

Great item and great service. Thanks again guys!!

Jonathan (And Gilbert the Comp)

Bluespark Pro Petrol - Abarth 595 Trofeo 2017

What a difference was sceptical but no need to be very impressed took 25 mins to fit good instructions thanks all you guys at Bluespark


Bluespark Pro Petrol - Abarth 595 160 Turismo

My 595 was always quick but after 1 year I decided that a bit more grunt would be nice. As with the great internet there are lots of opinions and advice and using this I arrived at the BlueSpark web site. A couple of emails later a unit built for my car arrived. As I was having a full service and a new Exhaust I got the garage to fit it all.

The garage said they had never had such good instructions for fitting. I collected the car and my first drive was unbelievable. I am used to powerful cars and own others now, however this was very impressive.

I was quoted a 30 BHP increase and a +70NM . I have to say that with the other modifications the car is amazing, pulls like a train and overtakes in the blink of an eye. Throttle response is much cleaner and turbo lag is non existent . I am very satisfied and have no hesitation in recommending this companies products, well made, easy to instal and gives that all important increase. Thanks.


Bluespark Pro Petrol - Abarth 595 1.4 135PS

I fitted my box on Friday.

I must say I wasn't expecting too much but am genuinely surprised by the results!

I've been a mechanic for 34 years this must be the best results per pound spent I've ever had.

Easy to fit too. I didn't remove the air filter or battery tray just un fastened them and jammed my shovel like hands in the gap!!

Overall great result

John T

Bluespark Pro with Boost Control - Bmw 120d M sport

All I can say is incredible! Fitted to my car today and its transformed it, the level of torgue is fantastic and pulls like you wouldn't believe. Thanks to the guys at blue spark, a brilliant purchase

Tim C

Bluespark Pro - Mk5 Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCI Zetec Econetic

Low down pull massively improved, overall fuel economy improved from 50mpg up to 56mph, its virtually paid for itself already!! Driving pleasure transformed. I originally bought the unit for a 2013 Renault Megane 1.5dci and results were similar so it's no fluke, had the unit returned and reprogrammed, and will probably do the same at next vehicle change. I might even consider upgrading! I wonder if I get a discount for such a top review?


CR Tech 2 -Ford Kuga 2.0 TDCI 180PS

So. I bought a 2016 Ford Kuga 180bhp 4x4.

Liked the car but it was sluggish on take off had to push the peddle to get it going and the MPG was only 36.1 mpg (on the roads we teavel) country roads up and down and lots of corners 30 mile round trip per day.

I looked at a few and came accross Bluespark. After a couple of messages back and fourth I decided to go for the CR Tech 2. What could I loose with a 28 day money back. It arrived the next day, I carefully opened the box (thought I was going to return it) read the instructions and had it fitted within 5 mins.

Started the car expecting the dash to light up like a christmas tree...nope everything fine. Took it for a drive...OMG as soona as I touch the peddle its off...result. Overtaking quicker response brilliant. After driving it for a week the mpg has also went up from 36.1mpg to 42.6 wow. Having NEVER tried tunning or remapping this is awesome.

Thank you very much would highly recomend and also use again.


Bluespark Pro with Boost Control -Skoda Karoq 1.6tdi 115ps


It's the only tunning box which I have and makes what it prommise! I recommended all the way, and thanks gary for his help!


CR Tech 2 - Honda CRV iDTEC 160

A quality item comes out of the box, What a great transformation! I wanted better low down torque rather than ultimate speed. The result is exactly what I wanted, the flat spot I had at low revs has gone. plus, I have much more mid range surge. Great value for money, very clear instructions, 10 minutes to fit! I haven't had it long enough to check mpg difference yet, but the extra torque will allow earlier gear changes. Excellent!


Bluespark Pro with Boost Control - Mercedes Vito 113 CDI Dualiner

I've had the box fitted around 2 months, and have waited to review to give a more balanced opinion. The day to day running around has been transformed, the pulling power from low revs is awesome, from 1500rpm the engine seems to be much stronger, less gear changes, and feels very responsive. I've not felt a massive fuel economy increase, maybe driving it a little harder due to the increase in power, but i have certainly NOT found it using more fuel, so the increase in power is worth while. I do a regular run to south Yorkshire, and sitting around the speed limit i normally average around 35-36 MPG, the same run last week at a slightly increased speed, and i averaged 40 MPG, so that is a very good uplift, and overtaking is swift on the motorway. Would i buy again, certainly, the guys actually fitted the box as i was local, quick, efficient and a very tidy install, and value for money.

Andrew O

Bluespark Pro Petrol - Audi A5 2.0 TFSI Quattro 211ps

This was a reprogrammed unit from my original A3 2.0 TDi 150ps unit (which gave me excellent gains). I've been continuously impressed with the faultless customer service from Bluespark, whether it was questions or orders. The units themselves are fantastic, easy to fit and remove and you can feel the difference immediately. Of all the brands that provide tuning boxes, I'm most impressed with Bluespark. I suspect no matter what cars I change to in the future, I'll keep a Bluespark box installed!

Chris M

Bluespark Pro Petrol - Astra GTC SRI

Firstly the guys at Bluespark are very helpful and nothing is to much bother, I sent several emails and each got a quick reply. I have had the box on now for over two weeks and two hundred miles with no problems. I do feel there is an improvement and maybe I was expecting to much as I have have a 1.4 litre turbo so nothing to exciting. I'm tempted to turn it up a level and see how it feels though. All in all a good experience and I would recommend these guys for sure.

Mathew Bratherton

Bluespark Pro with Boost Control - 2011 Range Rover Sport HSE

Fitted a Bluespark Pro with Boost, It took half hour to fit. What a difference it's made! I'm very pleased with it. I can highly recomend.

Thomas Shaw

Bluespark Pro Diesel - Mercedes E250 BlueTec CDI

I bought this performance boost box with some scepticism but need not have worried. I have bought similar items in the past and they have always been disappointing. I only fitted it today, when it arrived. This was 24 hours after my order was received. It took minutes to install, after I read the instructions thoroughly. As soon as I began to drive, the performance increase was clearly noticeable. I took a 40 mile drive, one I regularly take, using motorway and A roads. I don't hang about when I drive but I had an increase of 6mpg over the course of this journey, compared to what I normally get. I think that is pretty impressive. I am, of course, delighted with my purchase. I highly recommend this item and from this company. They communicate well and offer a high level of support, although I have not needed this and hopefully will not need it in the future. .

Martyn Matthews

Bluespark Pro Petrol - Mini Cooper 1.5 T F56

After nearly 6 months' use in my 1.5T Cooper 2014, I am extremely pleased with the box. I have it on Level 5 (highest), and acceleration past 3.5k revs is a massive difference! It actually picks up pace all the way to 6K+, which gives me the confidence to overtake vehicles in 2nd gear at 35-40mph. Floor it and it gets to 60 in 2-3 seconds, more than enough to sprint past cars in front. Massive difference in all gears actually, even motorway driving, put it in 3rd at 70mph and it accelerates well! To be expected given its gone from 136hp to 171hp and about +80NM of torque. I've had no issues with anything 'going wrong' with the car. For the 1st month I used Level 1-3, then when I saw it was fine, I've used Level 5 since. Remember to wait until engine is 'OK' (warm) before accelerating hard!


Bluespark CR Tech 2 - BMW E91 320D Touring auto 184ps 380nm

From the moment I pulled away for for the first time after installation I felt a difference. Throttle response was almost immediate and the engine felt more powerful. I left the box on the default setting for approximately 800 miles but hankered after a bit more oomph so I popped the box out (cable tied to the steel brace in the engine bay), opened it and moved the jumper to D. It feels like the car has a bigger engine, performance is effortless and there is all but no turbo lag. Fuel economy when cruising is definitely better, with the car abe to average about 61mpg on a decent run, up from around 57mpg. The only down side is that it's less economical under acceleration, but as I drive for economy mainly, I'm seeing the benefits. When I need the extra power and torque it's there. How much power I'm not sure, but it's definitely quicker. I'd already installed a performance air filter so the engine breathed easier and revved more freely, adding the box has given the car a whole new lease of life . The staff at Bluespark have also been incredibly helpful so hats off to them. Highly recommended. Those who say these boxes don't work, don't know what they're talking about.



Bluespark CR Tech 2 -Nissan Navara D23 NP300

Fitting this to my 2016 Navara. Fitting was simple with the instructions provided by Blue spark. A baseline journey of 5 miles was 28mpg prior to fitting. Same journey with Bluespark now 34mpg massive gain. The vehicle is far smoother upon acceleration with no lagging or flat spots.


Alec Webley

Bluespark Pro Petrol -BMW M140i

WOW!! Hardest bit fitting it is getting the knack to open the connectors. Went for a drive and couldn’t believe the difference, torque low down has improved and sport, sport+ Is amazing!
It pulls a lot harder in setting C. God knows what D and E are like. As long as you follow the instructions, you shouldn’t have a problem.
Thank you to Ed and Gary at bluespark, service was great, boxed with plenty of packing.

Christopher Jones

Bluespark Pro Petrol - Mini Cooper S F55 2.0

I recently bought your petrol tuning box, paid 30 extra for 3 day shipping, got it in 1 day AMAZED!! Installed box in 30 minutes, knuckles are scratched but I have to say after 40 miles the car is a different one! It pulls crazy and I kept it on map C. I’m just happy with it! My Mini Cooper S F55 2.0 now has 173 kW! Today I did launch control, and when it shifts to second gear, my body was stuck in seats! Thanks for you amazing product and development!


Bluespark Pro with Boost Control - Skoda Yeti Outlander 2.0 170BHP

All plugged in and working on the standard setting, I have noticed an immediate change in the vehicle so I feel that there is extra power but I also noticed a jump in my MPG, which is fab, thanks very much.


Bluespark Pro with Boost Control - Honda Civic 1.6 I-DTEC 118bhp

Called into Bluespark Automotive to pick up Bluespark Pro + Boost. The lads offered to fit it there and then. It was done in no time at all and saved me having to do it.
The journey home was a quick 30 minutes and as soon as I pulled away I could feel the car was different, pulled very quick and smooth. I ran the car for a few days then changed the settings to suit my own driving style and love this idea.
It made a big difference I love it! Money well spent


Bluespark Pro Petrol - BMW 330e

Ordered for my 330e and I am very pleased.
I was a little nervous about fitting it but actually the whole process took 10 minutes from start to finish. There are gains seen already on the 'C' setting and there is no deadspot/hump which I was getting before. The acceleration is responsive and easily controlled which means that I am happy to leave the unit in all of the time.
The team are very responsive to mails and equally polite - I heartily recommend them and this product.

Andy B

Bluespark Pro+Boost - Mazda CX5 2.2 150bhp

I contacted the team and enquired the difference between the 3 units and on the back of the info I plumbed for the Bluespark Pro + Boost Diesel Tuning Module for a 2.2 Mazda CX5 The gains guideline was + 37 PS 65 n/m torque and approx. 10% fuel . I travelled to the store for the install 20 mins away and the team were friendly, full of advice and knowledge and neat and tidy with the box and leads under the bonnet. 15 mins later I was "testing the car" on the way home and TBH I thoroughly enjoyed the difference in the driving experience. Having a Cupra K1 as the previous..... I was a little sad to let it go.. but had to grow up sometime. This for a Midi SUV is not a slouch compared to a lot of similar on the road, but since the install it is a lot more fun to drive; Acceleration seems virtually seamless throughout the range - it pulls really well. A few raised eyebrow's from seemingly swifter car drivers. yes the acceleration 2nd 3rd 4th is that good..... I reset the MPG and drove sensibly for a few days and fair enough the MPG went from 44 to 47.5 so a smidge under the 10% but one week is not a true example (around the doors mainly) But why have a bluespark and watch the fuel gauge? Would I recommend... best £280 I've spent on a car in a while Thanks team, see you when I get bored of the Mazda


Bluespark Pro Petrol - Fiat 124 Abarth Spider - 2017

Been using this Bluespark product nearing two years now. Excellent is all i can say. My gains are from 170hp - 125kw to now 201hp - 155kw but also having added a K&N filter as well. There have been no issues at all. Customer and after sale service has been good. No question too small. I can only recommend this product.


Bluespark Pro Diesel - BMW 320D

Wasn't too sure what to expect but went for Bluespark after plenty of internet research.
The BMW 320d is certainly no M3 but the addition of this small box totally transformed it. It is like driving a completely different car, it pulls and pulls in all gears, the acceleration is unbelieable compared to the car before.
Not 100% sure of any MPG imprvements yet but it is certainly no worse.
A car changing device that you can fit in 10 minutes.Whats not to like.

Mick Atkinson

Bluespark Pro + Boost Diesel -2015 Honda CR-V 1.6 120PS

Got this as a Father's Day present and I'm extremely impressed with the result. Torque throughout the range has noticeably improved and the turbo reacts far more quickly allowing much smoother gear changes even at half revs. It has completely transformed the feel of the car!
Excellent product with simple, easy to follow instructions. Received the product 1 working day after ordering.
Thanks Bluespark!.

James Rudecki

Bluespark Pro + Boost Diesel -Skoda Superb 2.0tdi 4x4

Had the system for just over a week now but have done a few hundred miles so given it a good test. Clear improvement in the smoothness of applicating power, and a clear increase in the same. Great value piece of kit and Andrew and co could not have been more helpful. .


Bluespark Pro Diesel - Citroen C3 Picasso 1.6 Blue HDI 100

I purchased a Citroen C3 Picasso 1.6 HDIwith a low milage and drove it 300 miles home and was fairly dissapointed with the performance, particularly in pulling power. Having had Bluespark boxes on previous cars albeit more powerful than the Picasso I thought I would give it a go and fit the Bluespark Pro. A bit of a hassle to find and fit the loom to the elusive sensor but after an hour the job was complete. Fitted the box to the loom and started the car. It was very gratifying from the word go, with more pulling power bottom end and great mid range responsiveness. The car is totally transformed from a rather sluggish101 bhp performance to something altogether more driveable with a smooth running quick uptake in all gears. Even the gearbox has lost that notchy change and it runs smoothly through all the gears due to being able to achieve the correct engine speed for effortless gear changes. The box has effectively changed the car into something really pleasant to drive. It will never be a hot car, but the transformation has to be experienced to be believed. I now actually enjoy driving the car both urban and motorway. I would thoroughly recommend this box to any 1.6 C3 owner. Just a pity Citroen never gave it the performance it deserves in the first place.


Bluespark Pro Petrol - Mini John Cooper Works

I have had the box a couple of days now and moved the jumper right over to the full power position,now that is much better!. This has gotta be one of the best point to point small hatches ever!


Bluespark Pro Petrol - BMW M140i

Good news, you have made a great job!!! Shifting is (almost) perfect, little difference to original. Driveability is much better and "aggressivity" of boost is absolutely enough under real driving condidions. I am very satisfied with the result. If you want to hear my opinion you should stay with this as standard setting for your M140i tuning boxes (at least with automatic transmission, but new models are only available with automatic .... so)..


Bluespark CR Tech - Rexton 2.7 xdi

Bluespark CR Tech. Wow!!! very impressed. Left on supplied setting, Turbo Lag has disappeared, loads more power and torque instantly, MPG seems better. Easy to fit and no engine lights. 100% satisfied, wish I had got one a few years ago, when first thought about it. Will definitely recommend Bluespark.


Bluespark CR Tech 2 - 2015 Kia Sorento

This is an amazing piece of kit. I can already see improvement of 8-10 mpg driving locally and on the motorway the light just sticks at 50. The improvement in power on the factory setting is brilliant, I can't wait to tow the caravan down to the West Country at the end of the month. Last year it did 24.7mpg fully loaded with the top box on, the challenge is on!
If you're thinking of fitting one of these stop pondering and do it!!!
Great piece of kit, I had mentioned this on the Kia Sorento owners FB page. I think you will be needing an international courier account .


Bluespark Pro + Boost - Galaxy and 2 bmws

Outstanding!!!! Bought pro boost in March 17 for my Galaxy 140 and made a massive improvement. June 18 I had unit reprogrammed for my first BMW 520D. Again massive improvement. Sent it off thurs and it was back 2 days later on sat! Just had it reprogrammed again to next BMW, sent again Thursday and back today (sat). Incredible customer service and an amazing product! Would highly recommend these people!!!!! .

Andy Herlingshaw

Bluespark CR Tech 2 - Auto Trail Dakota 2011

I must be mad if only I had done this four years ago how stupid do I feel now.I tow a matiz on A frame behind my motorhome and I always felt if going up steep hill I needed a little bit more power,no more bags of power gear changing when you loose your revs is a thing of the past just to try out how good the system is on my last trip out I joined the A1m. at chester-le-street within 1\4 mile into 6 gear and did not change gear again until leaving the motorway at Be Dale.MPG was 21/22 now 25/26.WHAT A GREAT BIT OF KIT I CANNOT SPEAK HIGHLY ENOUGH FOR THIS PRODUCT AND WOULD ENOUGH ANY MOTORHOME OWNER'S TO GET A TINY BOX FITTED DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID. WHEN I TELL MY FRIENDS IT ONLY TOOK 10 MINS TO GET THE UNIT FITTED THEY DO NOT BELIEVE ME BUT IT ONLY TOOK 10 MINS FOR THE VERY FRIENDLY STAFF TO SORT MY MOTORHOME UNBELIEVABLE.GREAT SERVICE AND GREAT PRODUCT. AS THEY SAY ON THAT HOTEL ADVERTISEMENT WINNING STILL WINNING...YES I'M STILL WINNING. THANKS BLUES PARK YOU HAVE SAVED ME MONEY GREAT CHANGES ,BY THE WAY MY WIFE SAID IT IS A MUCH SMOOTHER RIDE .. STILL WINNING. .

John Aunger

Bluespark CR Tech 2 - BMW 318D M Sport

Called in to Bluespark for a bit of advice as I was unsure about having a tuning box fitted. My car had an annoying flat spot that seemed to hold the car back and as I wasn't after huge power gains they recommended one of their CR Tech 2 boxes. They fitted it straight away and it has totally transformed the car. The flat spot and lag has totally gone and the car is much more responsive. Can't say if fuel consumption is up as of yet as it can often show around 70mpg on a run anyway. Couldn't be happier. .

Kev B

Bluespark Pro Petrol - Vauxhall corsa 1.4 turbo

I purchased this unit on ebay and collected it the next day from an argos collection point. When I came to fit the unit to my car I struggled to access my boost pressure sensor as it is in a ridiculous position to access. I took the car to Bluespark to seek some guidance on how to fit it, and they fitted it for me.... free of any extra charge, I was even offered a tea or coffee whilst I was waiting. A very short time later and my unit was fitted (very tidily) and I was on my way home. From the start I noticed how much stronger the car pulled throughout the gears/rev range, it just felt like another cylinder had been added to the engine! It really is that good! I would recommend this product /company to everyone as the product does exactly what is claimed at a price that is almost giving it away, and the staff couldn't of been anymore helpful. 10/10 .


Bluespark Pro - Ford Fiesta Titanium TDCI

I can not believe the difference that a blue spark box makes to both fuel economy and horse power. I have just had my box re mapped which was received, remapped and sent back in one day, very impressive. These boxes make a huge difference and to be honest I would not be with out one. .


Bluespark Pro with Boost Control - BMW F10 530D M Sport

Superb so far, easy to install, turned a fast car into a very fast car. .


Bluespark Pro with Boost Control - Isuzu D Max



Bluespark CR Tech - BMW 320d touring

Just wanted to say it's a fantastic bit of kit. Really impressed with it. The car feels more responsive and picks up alot better low and mid range. .


Bluespark Pro + Boost - 2012 Mitsubishi Shogun 3.2 Auto, 200ps (Eu5)

Well, what can I say, I chose to try Bluespark having previously fitted a CR Tech unit to a van years ago, with good results. Now that I do a fairly high mileage and a lot of towing with my Shoguns, I thought I would try a Bluespark Pro + Boost. Arrived next day, took only a few minutes to fit. First trip was about 350 miles, unladen and driving normally with cruise on. Economy jumped from 33-34 tops, to 39mpg (had been over 40 until the weather spoiled it!), return journey was towing at full weight capacity and the improvement in consumption was well over 20%, at this rate it will pay for itself before my next service, impressive. It isn't really about performance for me but the vehicle feels lighter on it's toes, quicker to respond and much less stressed when towing. Torque seems quicker to build and much stronger yet no smoke on boost, all this on the standard settings supplied so I don't feel the need to change. There doesn't seem to be any detrimental effects, even on this very high mileage machine, looks like I'll need to equip the rest of the fleet!! .


Bluespark Pro Petrol - BMW 125i B48

Quick reception and easy installation. Impressive performance already in the position C. No need to switch to Sport mode. The car reacts immediately in confort mode. I don't imagine in position D, or E. May be I will try it later, but it's not really necesary, the car is now more fun and reactive .


Bluespark Pro Petrol - BMW 120i M Sport

Very easy to fit the wiring in to the connecters. Little tricky finding somewhere to mount the chip it self, but after half an hour of fiddling managed to get it secure. The car it self afterwards is like a different car! It runs smoother, delivers power quicker and is more efficient and economical. Very impressed with this little chip. Would definitely recommend. .


Bluespark Pro - Meriva 1.7 CDTI SE

I purchased this box with the expectation that if I could achieve an extra 10% on mpg. The car was doing 42mpg before fitting and once fitted it is now doing 58mpg plus the extra performance to boot. Drives really well with turbo lag all but gone. Over the course of the next 6 months, the unit will have paid for itself in fuel savings. If you are thinking of getting one then do, money back promise too. You can't go wrong. .


Bluespark Pro Petrol - VW Scirocco 2.0 TSI 180PS

Wow, what can I say but thank you for the box for my scirocco 180ps! Thank you for taking the time to talk to me last week to. Well I tried the C setting and nice and smooth, after the advised 200 miles I changed to E! That's impressive and very different to C. The traction control gave up trying in third up a hill in the wet! It needs a proper LSD in the wet. On setting E It pulls, and then pulls harder as the cams change and then harder again at around 5000rpm! Wow. Not had this much fun in years (my wife was not amused and I can't understand why I have not noticed any less mpg at all it's no different with more power. I guess because I have more pull and can change gear with less rpm? It's now very quick to pickup/accelerate at low rpm, standard it was very slow and strangled. I do normally drive sensible, seriously I do... .


Bluespark Pro with Boost Control - BMW 320d F30 2013 184PS

Does exactly what it says it should. More power, more torque.. map means torque kicks in lower down and power holds further up the rev range. Has plenty of settings too, but in my case everything ended up being whacked up to max easy to fit too, and no warning lights or any other issues. Great product, less than a remap and can be very easily removed if needed. Well done on this product Bluespark team... 5* .


Bluespark Pro Petrol - Mercedes CLA45 AMG 360PS

I've always had tuned vehicles and recently purchased a Mercedes CLA 45 AMG. The performance was already amazing. the thirst for more, I got in touch with ED, Gary and the team. Always a little cautious when first unleashing hidden power in engines I decided to get the Pro petrol unit fitted.

Fitting took 10 mins total, The unit is tucked away neatly but easily accessible should I need to adjust or remove.

Most importantly.....the gains are brilliant. The pull through the rev range is addictive.

Thanks again for a great product with exceptional customer service. .


Bluespark Pro Petrol - Abarth 500/595 140PS

I purchased a Bluespark tuning box from you on 28th September for my Abarth 140. When first fitted it was hard to discern any difference in performance although all connections were made ok and everything looked well (no errors etc). I spoke with you and you made a few suggestions regarding possible solutions and after leaving things disconnected overnight I’m very pleased to say I can most definitely feel the difference. The car goes great with loads more responsiveness, power and torque (and seems to be getting better). I can now drive the car on my daily commute in normal mode returning around 50-51 mpg which is fantastic plus if I need to overtake then it is certainly not a problem. Many thanks for a fantastic product and great after sales service..


Bluespark Pro + Boost - BMW 535d Touring 2008

I bought the box in August but have waited before putting a review as I wanted to see the overall effect on economy and power. The first thing I did was to carefully read the fitting instructions about 3 times to make sure I did it right and promptly did it wrong (what a nugget!).However, the fantastic after-sales service kicked in almost immediately. I sent an email with photographs saying that it wasn't working and they almost immediately phoned back to inform me that I had actually plugged it in wrong. Suitably embarrassed I put it right and the difference was immediate. More Power and (after 2 months of monitoring) better economy. The first couple of weeks my economy dropped like a brick due to the pleasure of having so much more power, but once I grew up (as if!) the economy was definitely increased. Prior to the fit it was averaging 26/27 MGP now it's around 32/33 doesn't sound much but it equates to almost a 20% improvement. There have been no detrimental effects, no warning lights or issues whatsoever. I highly recommend this as a very easy upgrade. All this on the factory setting. My next quest is to change the settings and see the impact and hopefully improve further.


Bluespark Pro Petrol - Fiat Abarth 124 Spider

Have had this product in my vehicle for some 6 months. I am very pleased with the results. Previously 170HP - 125 KW - 250NM which was already impressive but the Bluespark has improved on that. The Dyno results confirmed this stating now 207.6 HP - 129 KW - 364NM. I have no reservations in recommending this product to anyone. Especially when one can remove it and have it adjusted to fit a new Car later and soo much cheaper too. Cheers from Down Under Australia.


Bluespark Pro Petrol - BMW M140i 340PS

It already arrived on Friday morning (great!) and I have it installed in the afternoon. Installation was no problem and I had started for a longer test drive with map C and D. I have to say that increase of torque and performance is ... WOW!!! Map D is almost too much and I don´t know what map E is for ;)) For this torque fourwheel-drive is a must. With map C the engine runs smoother than with D Only 2 little "problems": The shifting of the automatic transmission seems to harder (literally slams sometimes), as if the torque reduction during shifting action doesn´t work any more (transmission ECU seems to be overwhelmed by the new torque level). And there seems to be a bigger turbo lag at low rev (especially to be noticed at accelerating from idle). Quality of the box/wires is great!! I am really excited about the price-performance relationship. Excellent job.


Bluespark Pro + Boost - Ford Focus ST Diesel Estate

I've been driving the car for quite a while now with the Pro + Boost Control box fitted and set at jumper D / fine tune 4 and I have to say it is a pleasure to drive with great performance and torque gains whilst still returning 55+ mpg (motorway) and 45+ mpg (combined). Great piece of kit and well recommended

Simon J

Bluespark Pro + Boost - Golf GTI

The chip is easy to fit, with clear instructions. The performance gain is instantly noticeable and caused no problematic issues and the car went through the new MOT with it fitted without any impact on emissions. The Bluespark team are very knowledgable and helpful, and supply the kit quickly once ordered.

Guy Coxeter

Bluespark Pro + Boost - Nissan X-TrailI

This is the second chip purchased, and again the fitting instructions were easy to follow and took about 10 minutes to fit, mainly due to difficulty getting toncommon rail connector. This chip was originally purchased for a BMW X1, but the abluespark team reprogrammed it for me to fit the Nissan, they did this in 24hours without charge

Guy Coxeter

Bluespark Pro + Boost - Jeep Compass 2.0 Multijet

I bought the Bluespark pro for my Compass Mj 140hp and I must say that the car has changed a lot and now the driving has become fun! I experimented with the C9 map by getting it good result with consumption of 6.5L / 100km (without box 7.2L), then I put the D7 obtaining 6.2L / 100km and the driving is very much improved !! Suggest to try D8 / 9 or change again to E?

Antonio Prosperi

CR Tech 2 - Insignia

Received the box the other day took 5 min to put on the car I could not believe the difference 100% satisfied.

D Morris

Bluespark Pro with Boost Control - 2006 IVECO Daily 35S12 Campervan Conversation

Bought for my campervan conversion which was suffering with pulling up hills and overtaking. Was quite complex to fit as involved removing the coolant reservoir in order to acces the Sensors. From the off the difference this unit makes is amazing. It feels like a different van. Can overtake with ease now and manages.hills without having to drop to second or first. Less turbo lag a there's something in reserve for those tricky situations. Have just completed a European trip and the van now holds it own on the autobahn. Only regret is not fitting sooner.

C Veal

Bluespark Pro - 2013 fiat qubo 1.3 multijet diesel

Driving the qubo was a pain , up and down the box just to keep the car moving and only returning 47mpg , i'm no speed freak but i was seriously thinking of getting rid of the car !! A friend suggested having the qubo mapped but after reading a few reviews i decided to go for the Bluespark Pro .I Ordered the kit which arrived a couple of days later and only took 10 mins to fit , The differance was massive !! i left the box on the settings it came with and hav'nt changed them yet , the car now pulls in every gear including 5th making it so much nicer to drive and after 1200 miles of driving its doing an average of 55.4mpg and no issues at all with the egr or dpf I would definately recommend Bluespark , well done bluespark and thankyou

mike joslin

Bluespark Pro Petrol - Mini Cooper S R58

I have never left feedback for a tuning box. Why is this you might ask. Well in the past the tuning boxes I have purchased were for diesel cars and on a diesel car increased performance is supposedly easily obtained and I have been disappointed (these were not however Bluespark boxes). I could find very little information on tuning boxes in the UK for my petrol Mini Coupé with the ones on offer either as expensive as a remap or an American import. I did however ultimately bite the bullet and purchase the box and although I had to remove the air box to fit it (my hands are big and fat and maybe if had slender hands this might not have been necessary) the total job took under 20 minutes. I have so far left it at the default setting which I assume is setting C (if settings are A to E) and have had no issues with lights or warnings. My initial thoughts were not much change here but then I noticed I could be in a higher gear for longer without needing to change down a gear and when I finally decided to give it 'some right foot' it literally flew off the line and away. This I was not expecting to be the case and I still have two more powerful settings to try if needed. It just seems to work and that is how it should be. When driving sedately the extra torque helps keep me in a higher gear longer and when the time comes for performance the car just comes alive.

Richard T

CR Tech 2 - 2007 bmw e90 330d auto

Just had the CR TECH 2 fitted to my 330d . Fitting was free at their workshop in Tyne and wear. Very easy to find. The guys are very friendly and know their stuff. First impressions of the unit are very good. No turbo lag. Very very smooth power and there was lots of power when you put your foot down. Overtaking is now very smooth and very fast. Normally show between 30 - 32 round town on my car obc, soon as I pulled away obc read 28.5. Will only be able to work out the true mpg gains by filling up and working it out, have feeling the obc may not be accurate with the box plugged in. After 20 mins driving stopped being a boy racer on the motorway and drove how I normally drive, the car is much more smoother to dive when in town doing 20 30 mph stop starting at lights tec, and my car is a 3 ltr diesel auto , feels like a petrol engine. Bluespark give a 28 day return policy, so if your not happy with it ,you can send it back and get a refund, so no risk to the buyer, GET ONE

Andrew scott

Bluespark Pro+Boost - Vauxhall Insignia 160bhp 2.0CDTi

i recently purchased a pro +boost tuning box from you to fit my vauxhall insignia 160bhp. the fitting was easy with the instructions (10 minutes and that included the 5 minutes you advise to wait after locking the doors. i left the box on the factory settings and cant say whether the bhp has increased or not, what i can say is wow!!!! there is no turbo lag, the car takes off from standing and its now enjoyable to drive. the first journey i made after fitting the box, my 16 year old son was in the car, sat in the passenger seat. he couldn't believe the difference and is egging me on to change the setting up to map e. id advise anyone thinking of getting one to do it. its made a big difference to my car.

G Ward

Bluespark Pro - volvo xc90

Great product, seems to work as they said it would ,,,,, not sure about the MPG gains yet as not tested, however the engine seems to breath better. Pulling power is now a dream. Will send more results over the next few months.

Greg jones

Bluespark Pro - Skoda VRS 2.0TDi

Very professional Company with Professional People, a Pleasure to deal with, Thank you Bluespark.

Spencer Black

Bluespark Pro Petrol - Abarth 595 Competizione 2017 180bhp

Great! Was dubious as people have said the latest euro6 spec 595 was hard to tune with a box. Well, happy to say this isn't the case with the new 3 channel 180 Comp box. On setting C there was a small improvement. 8 or so bhp. But a great smooth power delivery. Setting D saw the big gains and matched what bluespark say. 196ps and 300nm torque. Rolling road print out to prove before and after power. Torque delivery is brutal, so might adjust the fine tuning wheel to try and smooth it out low down. But very pleased. Does what they promised. Nearly a 20bhp increase and 50nm increase!


Bluespark Pro - Nissan qashqai 1.5 d n-tec

This is the second bluespark chip i have bought, the first was on a Kia Sorento which made the car great. So when I got the Merc I thought why not. The box has made what was an already nice and powerful SUV into a car that is a joy to drive every time I use it. It appears a lot faster, this I think is due to the power coming in at the right time with the auto gear changes. In short it just keeps pulling hard from about 1500rpm right up to 4500rpm. I would recommend this company to anyone, and have

L Thomas

CR Tech - Mercedes ML 320

What a difference, unbelievable wasn't expecting that. haven't had chance to check fuel economy, after this tank full


Bluespark Pro with Boost Control - VW Tiguan 2.0 TDi 150 2016

I received the unit 2 days ago after speaking with Gary about the units and fitted it straight away. Easy!! I would just like to say how happy I am with it so far as everything from the initial chat with Gary through to the packaging and the unit itself are second to none. No compatibility issues so far. Big Thank you! So now I have ordered a second one Great Outfit to deal with.


Bluespark Pro with Boost Control - Audi A4 2.0TDI Ultra

Have to say I was a bit sceptical reading all the 5* reviews on this kit, but I have to say I am really impressed with how it has changed my nice but dull (performance) car, into something that I really enjoy driving now. It's on standard jumper settings, but the boost is turned up from 6 to 8 and it is a totally different car. Makes me smile!!


Bluespark Pro Petrol - BMW M135i

The performance difference to my car is fantastic, the mid range torque in unbelievable and the boost from the turbo would take your breath away. One of my favourite modifications to my car and probably the cheapest. Wish I had done it sooner


Bluespark Pro Petrol - Kia ceed gt petrol turbo

All i can say is this came on setting c. And is like a raging bull when i hit the gas. It makes me smile every day. I get all the big boy racers on my ass every day and within seconds they get completely pissed off. After all its only a kia. Great job lads and i shall be pushing your tuning boxes to all i no


Bluespark Pro Petrol - Abarth-500/595 Turismo 1.4 T-Jet 135bhp 2013

Just wanted to say that you guys make am awesome product! I have had mine for several months now. The power is amazing! After my dyno. I did it on the same day with the same machine. I gained 30+hp!! Granted I have the 135hp car. But it feels night and day different. Can't recommend this enough. If you do nothing else to your car, you MUST add this to your list.

Mr Smith

Bluespark Pro Petrol - Audi A7 3.0 204 ps S Line

So decided to get a chip again after having my car for nearly 3 years have used a tuning chip before on a 2.0. TDI A6 and also had a remap as well on that car with excellent results. Did some research and decided after looking at lots of different options to go with the blue Spark standard chip that was on a deal on eBay. However after doing some further reading decided to call up and speak to the technical team and discuss my exact needs and after a good and unbias chat decided to upgrade to the Blue spark pro with boost control. so tried it as it came out the box what was immediately noticeable was pick up no turbo lag at all and no need to use manual paddles or Sports on the auto box so decided to try and leave that for a few days. Then called the technical team again just to ask what the power output would be on the default settings and discuss what would be the optimum for the car. After that decided to put it on map D6 and try again. wow what a difference feels like a totally different car from standstill or when driving and you get an immediate response Haven't needed to use for all manual mode pick up in gear times is massively noticeable. What a shame didn't fit when i bought the car don't know why does leave factory like this and huge value for money just on nt comment yet on MPG but will monitor and based on my previous car got a 15-20% fuel return as well will see with this very happy, Would highly recommend


Bluespark Pro Petrol - Fiat 500 Abarth (135hp) 2008

We are very kind of Yours product. Now the car is what it should be! Only positive feelings. Easy yo install but we take the time and make carefully. Protect every connects, enough electric and we also find a nice place behind the battery to place it. Good quality for everything and papers. So now can we say"let me alone I know what to do" cheers Lassi Koivunen

Lassi Koivunen

CR Tech 2- Citroen Relay 2.2 L3H2 - converted to a motorhome

I'm writing this review almost 4 years after I first fitted a CR Tech 2 to my motorhome based on a Citroen Relay van - so plenty of experience of the device and company. I bought my first CR Tech 2 shortly after I got the motorhome. It developed a fault within a few weeks (moisture ingress) but was immediately replaced by BlueSpark. No problems for the next 3 years or so until I had problems with the engine just cutting out. Disconnected the CR Tech 2 and all was OK - and it's a real benefit that it is so easy to disconnect the CR Tech 2 if there is a problem. I contacted BlueSpark and returned the unit to them. Although well out of warranty they identified the fault, repaired it and sent the unit back to me at no cost. Meanwhile I was driving the motorhome without the CR Tech 2, which I hadn't done since the first couple of weeks when I first had the vehicle, and I really noticed the difference in power (torque?); I was having to change gear much more frequently and there was a distinct lack of low down power. Not so sure about fuel consumption, I didn't really have time to measure this accurately (i.e. via trip meter and 'full-to-full' tank filling). My summary therefore is that the CR Tech 2 definitely improves power and usefully so on my motorhome, not so sure about an improvement in fuel consumption and BlueSpark's customer service is excellent.

G Thomas

CR Tech 1- Jaguar X type 2.0d

This tuning box is excellent value for money and comes with a guarantee and long warranty. It is also supplied by a reputable company who give excellent support if required so that you have peace of mind that there is someone at the end of the phone to contact if need be. I received a call as soon as my transaction was completed to check my vehicle details where correct which adds to the reassurance as I doubt whether many companies advertising online would do this . The box itself was very easy to fit and took only minutes as the instructions are very good and simple to follow . The fitting went exactly to plan and my car runs much smoother with better throttle response and less turbo lag. The extra torque makes the driving experience much more enjoyable and there is the added benefit of better fuel economy as long as you don't get too carried away using that extra BHP !!! In a nutshell great all round performance gains for very small outlay! What more can you ask for? Definitely recommended!!!


CR Tech 1- Landrover Discovery 2.7TDV6

Fantastic results really happy with the outcome. As a little sceptical at first but after a phone call to the tech team before I purchased it I was soon put at ease. Certainly a marked improvement the box is simple to fit and the instructions are excellent. All be it the plug was difficult to remove but that's landrover fault not these guys A+++ thanks


CR Tech 2- Land Rover Freelander 1 TD4

The tuning box was already fitted to the car when purchased but there is a notable difference when it was briefly removed. 0-60 is 1.2 secs better than standard. Fuel consumption is 450-500 miles per tank. Engine is now on 120k and no issues have arisen from using the box.

Kieran Shane McCreedy

CR Tech 2- 2012 Ford Ranger 2.2 Limited Auto

The first day of running on the Ranger and a lot of local driving both empty and loaded with 750kg sand. The extra torque is instantly noticable when pulling with weight and with the fuel clock reset recorded 32 mpg. Again reset the clock to record unloaded and saw 35.7mpg...unbelievable. I'm no speed freak but would expect usually to see 27mpg and 30mpg respectively. The whole vehicle just seems sharper, smoother and more responsive. A big thanks to Greg for his quick responses to questions and accurate information. More than happy with the results.

Howie Smith

Bluespark Pro with Boost Control- mondeo 2ltr tdci auto

Purchased the pro unit with boost control after speaking with Greg , good choice economy has improved from 29mpg to 36 mpg , drivability is much smoother and is particularly good low down ,most tempting to move the settings up a notch , great product and company


CR Tech 2- vw tiguan 2ltr. diesel

Tried a different make of tuning box with very poor results interfering with start/stop and auto parking brake and with no difference in performance or fuel economy , but what a difference with Bluespark immediate results with performance and economy, brill. would recommend


CR Tech - Vauxhall Antara 2011 2.2 CDTI 163HP

Hi Bluespark... You supplied me with a module for my Antara and I have had 4 years of great performance and economy - thank you!. But the main point I need to make is that we tow a caravan (UK ans Europe) and the improved torque and economy was superb!... You need to tell other 'tourers' and motorhomers of the benefits of fitting your equipment... We sure have! All the best.

Keith and Catherine

Bluespark Pro with Boost Control - Ford Focus ST3 Tdci 185

Had my pro + boost unit reprogrammed by Bluespark for my new ST. I am truly amazed with the difference in what is already a quick car - it's now a very, very quick car. Not just outright power though it's the improvement of the whole driving experience. The ST is now a dream to drive - smoother and so effortlessly quick. Not checked mpg but I never do anyway..! Thanks to Bluespark for fast, helpful service - thoroughly recommended


CR Tech 1 - Mazda CX5 2.2D Skyactiv

This is the second CR Tech 1 I have bought from Bluespark. The first for my Alfa Romeo 159 which obviously did what it was supposed to do as I've now bought one for my Mazda CX5. The improvement to performance of the Mazda is tremendous and there is a small improvement in MPG - about 3 or 4 miles a gallon but the I'd be happy with just the performance improvement. Good value for money and Blue spark were extremely efficient. Received my order one morning, programmed the unit and sent it out the same day with delivery the following day. So easy to fit even I could do it! Comprehensive instructions in full colour. All in all a very satisfactory transaction.


CR Tech 2 - Compass Avantgarde Motorhome, Peugeot Boxer 2.0 HDI (2005)

Unfortunately I shall not be returning the CR Tech 2 under the 28 day money back guarantee, why? as it has completely and utterly positively transformed my Motorhome. The turbo lag has gone , as has the need to do 'lightening' fast gear changes in an attempt to keep the speed up. It is now a joy to drive. Thanks to the team at Bluespark & look out for my brother Johns order for his same engine Motorhome!


Bluespark Pro with Boost Control - VAUXHALL ASTRA 1.6CDTI SRI 110

Bought this unit 2yrs ago originally for my diesel Peugeot, what a difference it made to the car torque and mpg, sent the unit off to be reprogrammed for my astra as it felt quite sluggish. Once the unit was fitted to the astra what a difference, no turbo lag, plenty of torque and 10mpg more as well!! I'm a 51yr old guy turned into a 21yr old overnight with a permanent smile on my face everytime I take this car out on the road. The Bluespark team were on the ball anytime I needed advice on fine tuning, or any other issues I had. Professionals right from the word go, can't praise these guys enough, keep up the good work team.


Bluespark Pro with Boost Control - Volvo S60 1.6D2

Fitted the pro & boost to improve low down torque , i just left it as it came on map c/6 , i am currently using map d/8 & find this works best for me , big improvement on low down torque & pulls harder through the revs , to be honest im not bothered about top end it was low down i found it needed it , absolutely no problems regarding any warning lights or anything , don't confuse these with the cheap resistor type rubbish on ebay , great product & great customer service ! Keep up the good work

Ian Birch

Bluespark CR Tech 2 - Fiat Bravo 1.9 120t (8v)

Absolutely outstanding upgrade to the stock set up.

Had this tuning box for a few weeks now, hardly any turbo lag as before and even done a bit of towing the car is so much more forgiving than before and an easier drive. I have decided not to move the recommended setting on the box as it's seems perfectly set. Thanks Bluespark! Much improvement!


Bluespark Pro with Boost Control - 2012 Mazda 6 2.2D 180

Absolutely outstanding upgrade to the stock set up.

I had the full on Pro + Boost box very professionally fitted to my Mazda 6 by Bob at Mobiletuning near Norwich. Once it was neatly tucked away, checked and ready for the off, I went out for a good run. At first there was no huge gains but after five or so minutes everything suddenly came alive. The unit was set to pin C with the trim set to 6 and it made a very big difference to the running; it smoothed out a rather odd surge when applying light throttle in 2nd and 3rd gear and provided a smooth and progressive dollop of torque. Very nice.

A couple of days later I decided to play around a little. I moved the jumper to position D and left the trim at 6. Again, after a few minutes of driving, another slight increase in performance was apparent, but in a different manner. I've left it at D6 as it seems to suit the car best. The response of the engine now has a feel more like that of a turbocharged petrol engine. Plenty of torque from low down with full boost coming on at 2,000rpm and pushing cleanly to 3,500rpm (which is where I shift up - a diesel just doesn't need to be revved hard).

All in all the upgrade is fantastic - smooth and linear. No weird throttle behaviour, no flashing lights (aside from the traction control light occasionally) and no smoke. The exhaust note seems to be different, but it may be my imagination. Best of all the economy has increased by 1.5mpg although I expect that figure to raise as I tend to be using weightier throttle to enjoy the improved acceleration. The Mazda 6 180 is no slouch in stock form, but this upgrade just lets the engine breath. Great stuff.

Excellent quality unit from Bluespark and excellent service from Mobiletuning, Norfolk.


CR Tech 2 - Mercedes C220 sport

Had this unit fitted to my Range Rover and was excellent just had it re programed to my Mercedes and what a difference, the throttle response is excellent with no hesitation at all. Before I had a flat spot but now it's totally gone. Haven't had a chance to see if mpg is better but I'm sure it will be good as this is the second time I've had a blue spark unit on my vehicles. I would recommend this company and their tuning boxes to anyone and the guys there are very helpful. I recommend this tuning box to my friend for his BMW 3 series and he has had one fitted and was very impressed.


Bluespark Pro - Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo 1.6 TDi 105PS

Traded in the old 2008 1.4 TDi Fabia estate for a younger, more attractive model a couple of days ago to help stave off my impending middle age. I had decided that after having so many bog-standard diesels over the years, I wanted a bit of extra oomph for a change and so I trawled the net for a suitable option. I was originally going to go for the 'Tech 2' module but thought what the hell, you only live once and so I plumped for the 'Pro' version instead. I received the unit within 24hours of ordering (well impressed) and I was pleased with the quality look of the packaging and contents too. The instructions were pretty straight forward and installation was a doddle, I took far longer wondering where to site the module under the bonnet. The unit has only been connected up a few hours and only a limited number of miles covered so far and so I can't give concrete economy figures. In terms of extra performance though, the unit certainly has made a marked difference. It's smooth and refined on a pootle round town yet excessive right foot leads to 3rd gear acceleration heaven. I've left the module on the default factory setting for now but may up it from 'C' to 'D' very soon. Overall, I'm one happy chap so far

Mr EggMeister

Bluespark Pro with Boost Control - Mk4 mondeo 2.2 200ps

Just fitted the device left it at straight out the box settings wot a difference car drives smoother with good progressive power very pleased and wot turbo lag !! Totally eradicated this problem a few extra miles per gallon wont go a miss either big thumbs up .


Bluespark CR Tech 1 - BMW 118d M Sport

Wasn't really sure what to expect from this little box of tricks but what a transformation. I got the 118d rather than the 120d as I was after the additional fuel consumption but found that I missed the extra ooomph that the 120d offered. The CR Tech 1 box has now transformed my car into the 120d M Sport that I wanted and all for less than £80, all instructions said that it was easy to fit, you will be amazed how easy it was, it takes longer to read the instructions! After opening the bonnet it was less than 10 minutes before It was fitted and I was test driving the car. Fantastic product

Spencer B

Bluespark CR Tech 2 - Toyota Hilux D4D 4x4

Got CR Tech 2 fitted on site, friendly and informative staff. Only took 10 mins to fit and the difference was noticeable as soon as I drove away. After 10 minutes of driving the car (all 2.5 tons of it) 'felt lighter' ,it accelerated faster and just felt smoother all round. Once on motorway I noticed a big improvement when overtaking, no turbo lag at all. Fist impressions are, excellent good unit for the price. Would recommend!!!



Well, I never tried a chip box, only remaps, It´s my first experience with it, what can I say: First ride in map C, alls the 3 DNA modes are increased, Now I can enjoy riding in the normal mode and All weather, the dynamic mode is powerful enough, more torque and responsiveness between gears, less turbo lag. Great!!!! After, let`s try map D. The perfect setup, a little more power to enjoy the ride, I will stay on Map D. The power increase of the box is enough for me, is not my every day car, I enjoy power with reliability, and this box have these two things. I´m very satisfied, with the delivery, the full package, and price. It´s a good value for money**** , buy it you won´t regret !!!! Thanks Bluespark


Bluespark CR Tech 2 - BMW X3 3.0D 2006

Easy to fit, great power gains


Bluespark Pro+Boost - BMW 435D

I had been looking for tuning boxes for my car for a while and off the back of a recommendation on the BMW forum i thought i would give Bluespark a call to discuss their product. Spoke to both Edd and Greg who answered all my questions and put my mind to rest and ordered the Pro Box. Very simple to install and noticed the difference instantly. i was so impressed with the Bluespark that i took advantage of the 28 day return policy and upgraded to the Pro+ Boost tuning box. The improvement to the drivability of the car is amazing, Eco Pro mode is how i feel Comfort mode should of been from factory. Comfort is like Sport mode and Sport mode is just an animal. with the additional Boost and Power in Eco mode it doesn't feel like the car is struggling to pick up when it doesn't want to kick down a gear and just drives perfectly. Perfect Product and Perfect People to deal with. Many thanks Lee

Lee Keane

Bluespark Pro+Boost - VW Passat 2.0 Bluemotion (140)

Ordered my BlueSpark Pro on Sunday evening, email to say it will arrive on Tuesday, it arrived, fitted it Wednesday night (today). The BlueSpark Pro was easy to fit, the two difficulties were: (1) removing the engine cover; a quick internet search sorted that and (2) pulling the common rail pressure sensor plug off; easy once I'd worked it out from the instructions.

Before deciding to take the plunge and risk my hard earned on a box of resistors I did a lot of internet searching and reading. I found a lot of discussions about the BlueSpark products, there were a lot negative comments from armchair experts who talked of snake oil, boxes of resistors and if it could be done the manufacturers would have done it. Hmmmmmm.

But that didn't put me off,I decided to give it a try and if doesn't work I've got 28 days to return it.

Well the first test drive showed an immediate difference; a 140 Passat isn't slow but it now felt much more eager. I've only driven it 20 miles but it feels like a different car. I can't wait to drive my 40 mile route to work tomorrow. As for economy, well who knows I'll find out in time.

So far what a great product.


Bluespark Pro+Boost - Ford Mondeo Titanium X Sport 2.2 TDCi

I've really enjoyed owning this car but the one thing I have been disappointed with from the start was the low rev turbo lag,  bad. Also the engine lacked responsiveness which made it a chore around town. This tuning box has honestly removed almost all of the annoying lag , massively improved response and gives a large torque gain which makes the car easier and much more enjoyable to drive. Be aware though it will spin the wheels in 2nd and 3rd in the wet, oh and the dry sometimes. I love this product and the price is frankly a joke for the quality. 

Matt Goodley

Bluespark Pro Petrol - Mini R56 1.6T JCW

I have added this Box to my Mini for a couple of months now. I went with a tuning box from Bluespark because I wanted more control and they got a real good write up.I have not taking out of the C setting yet and it has made a big change to my mini already. If you want a noticeable change and don't trust remaps or don't want to pay high prices for it. This is the answer all the way I would use Bluespark again.

Jonathan Matthews

Bluespark Pro+Boost - Mercedes C220 AMG Sport

After much research I selected the Bluespark Pro with Boost Control and what a terrific decision I made. I am absolutely delighted with the improvement it has made to my car. Not only does it perform much better, but it has significantly improved the operation of the auto gearbox. No longer does it chase gears and kick down at the slightest excuse to do so. It now grunts and powers forward like a good performance diesel should. When the auto box does change gear it now does so much quicker too. When pressing on, the car handles better too, perhaps because more power/torque is passing through the chassis. Bizarrely the engine seems to run smoother too. There is one small down side, my cars computer suggests my economy has improved by about 3mpg, but when checking manually, it has in fact actually dropped by about 2mpg over some 2000 miles (I am still running the same settings the unit was supplied with) since fitting. But this does not concern me because I now have a car that is an absolute delight to drive and this small penalty (probably down to how I am now driving it!) is more than offset by the gains and sheer driving satisfaction I now get. Seriously I cannot believe what an improvement it has made and I would not hesitate to buy from Bluespark again.

Simon Price

Bluespark Pro - Saab 9-5 1.9 tid 150HP

I have been using bluespark pro tuning box now over one week, it is just perfect i have more than 1l/100km fuel saving, engine runs more smothly, performance gains are excellent...


Bluespark Pro - Seat Ibiza fr 1.4tsi

Just had tuning box fitted today. Guys were extremely helpful and took car out to find the best map using their laptop. We quickly found the best one and what a difference. It has masses of torque and its actually frightening to drive when its opened up. There is also the option of increasing the gains further but have decided to leave it as it is for now. I can thoroughly recommend both the company and the product and the guys go out of their way to help. I was undecided as to whether to go for a remap or tuning box and am pleased I chose the tuning box. Many thanx and I may be back before long....maybe!!!

george bennett

Bluespark Pro - Ford Mondeo ST TDCI

"I was very nervous when i purchased this unit, but WOW!!!!!!!! Its amazing, easy to fit, and staff very helpful...... Plus amazing delivery time. Had this a few months now and it hasn't missed a beat Amazing value Cheers guys"


CR Tech 2 - Vauxhall Antara 2.0 CDTI

"Does just what it says on the tin! Pre Tuning: 250mile trip, cruise control set to 73MPH, average speed = 59MPH. MPG = 34.7. Post Tuning: 250mile trip, cruise control set to 73MPH, average speed = 59MPH. MPG = 42.1. Average MPG gain = 21%!! Thank will pay for itself within 8 weeks."

Will Moss

Bluespark Pro - Renault Laguna GT DCI

My Pro box with boost control was delivered next day and took 10 minutes to fit. I have left the settings as standard but the results are still great. My 0-60 time has dropped from 8.2 to 7.0 with still more to come. On the drive to work today I was getting 56 mpg (up from 48) Great product!

John C

Bluespark Pro - Peugeot 407 SV HDi 2.7 V6

With a starting point of 150Kw and 440Nm this car was no slouch. But since fitting a Pro Chip with Boost Control it has been transformed into a smooth, effortless powerhouse. 190Kw and 550Nm with improved economy of at least 10% (spirited driving on the default setting). The torque delivery is linear with gear changes now almost imperceptible and no noticeable turbo lag from take off. I used to really enjoy driving this car, now I just love it! :) We have two vehicles fitted with Diesel Pro Chips and I have no hesitation recommending Bluespark Performance Chips.

Phil Murrell

CR Tech 2 - Hyundai Santa Fe 2006

best £149 spent made a big difference in mid range have to keep one eye on the speedo and one on the road and mpg have gone up from 31 to 44 mpg very happy

guy hutchins

CR Tech 2 - Alfa Romeo GT 1.9jtdm

This works, improved mpg by 3mpg & I haven't even taken it on long run out of town, power comes in at 1600rpm & pulls into the red, no turbo lag, the motor was good before & this has made it even better


Bluespark Pro - Land Rover Discovery 3 -2007

Fitted the Bluespark pro and overall very impressed with the gains .As most Discovery 3 owners will know the biggest issue with the Disco 3 is initall take off and mid range can be very sluggish . Found when the pro was fitted the engine opened up more at the lower to mid range given better acceleration and a more torque feel . At the top end the engine was under less pressure ( sitting at approx 1900rpm ) at speed of 120 kph plus . Have not noticed any fuel consumption gains and would go as far as saying fuel economy has improved . Intended on doing a more detailed fuel consumption test in the coming weeks ... so will keep you informed .

Ray Connolly

CR Tech 2 - BMW X3 3.0d

Really easy to fit with enough lead wire to have options on where to mount the box. I left it set at the default setting & so far I am very impressed. The first highway trip had fuel usage in the lower to mid 6L/100km range (2005 alloy block single turbo 3L X3) . Map 1 gives a much better driving range than the original BMW settings, I felt I was using much less throttle in normal suburban driving & the fuel consumption indicated this too. Really good value for money purchase & will pay for its self over time on fuel savings. I would & have recommended CR Tech to a few people already.


Bluespark Pro - Ford Focus 2.0 TCDI

"The 2 litre diesel Ford Focus is certainly no slouch, it comes with adequate power and torque. My only concern was that it was a bit too easy to stall when starting on a steep hill, due to slight hesitation in the fly by wire throttle and the lack of very low down torque. The Bluespark Pro has absolutely transformed the car, giving it significantly improved low down torque and making it just about impossible to stall. It has increased the power and torque throughout the rev range, the car is an absolute pleasure to drive. In fact it is so good, that my wife who was keen to trade the car in because it was a bit easy to stall, now loves the car and drives it everywhere. I am very impressed with the Bluespark Pro and will recommend it to my friends. In my opinion they are well priced and perform very well. Its the best money I have spent on the car. "

Paul E

Bluespark Pro - OCTAVIA VRS 2.0 TDI

"Just fitted my tuning box in less than five minutes the performance increase. Is a amazing have left it on map 6 tried map 8 power gain to much for road use . Must thank Jason and his team for all their help. Will report back in the future regards mpg . Bryan"


Bluespark Pro - VW Caddy 1.6 tdi bluemotion

"I called in a bluespark at bishop aukland after seeing their web site. I was greeted by two guys that were very helpful and after discussing my options I decided on a bluespark pro. The lads spent whatever time nessecery to tweak my van to its optimum. I've filled up three times since, and my van is 10% more efficient. It was quite sluggish being a bluemotion (having taller gear ratios) but the tuning box has made it a pleasure and fun to drive with more torque and power and i no longer have to change down to over take on the motor way. Its put 20 mph on my top speed. I recommend bluespark to everybody. Many thanks chaps."


Bluespark Pro - Land Rover Freelander 2 TD4 e

"I bought the Pro + boost control unit in hope that the bottom end would gain some much needed grunt & the turbo lag would disappear , I must say I'm NOT disapointed with the results , I settled on the C map & fine adjustment 5 . The drive is now very smooth & crisp thro the gears & capable of pulling out into traffic without dying & nearly causing a pile up . Economy seems to have increased by about 5 mpg in normal driving conditions . The performance is also far better when pulling the caravan economy better by 2 to 3 mpg so well chuffed , . 10/10 . "


Bluespark Pro - Ford Mondeo 2.2 tdci (2011)titanium xsport 200Bhp

What can I say apart from what a difference the car is after a top job from the bluespark boys.The car now pulls all the way through the gears with ease and with a lot less turbo lag,and I've still got a lot of adjustment left if I want more torque or top end power.Ive had another top of the range tuning box on before and I can honestly say that this beats the rest hands down giving you that instant smile that good feeling that says thank god I've not wasted my money and just to top it off I'm 6mpg up than standard so win win for me,thanks guys.......


Bluespark Pro - Ford Smax TDCI 2.0L

"WOW!!! This is am amazing stuff. The power output is were you can feel it straight away.It response very well from the time you step down the accelerator. It overtakes easily. It put me smile all the time when am on my car. Bought this Bluespark pro + boost control for my Ford Smax TDCI 2L. It's so easy to fit and took me about five minutes or less to install. Price wise is dear but worth every penny of it. WELL DONE BLUESPARK AND THANK YOU!!! "


Bluespark Pro - Peugeot 308 sport

"I fitted the pro to my vehicle and was well impressed with the results. "


CR Tech 2 - Range Rover Sport

It's so good u will see a gain in power & fuel. 2.7d 3.0D HSE sport.


Bluespark Pro - Ford S-Max 2L Diesel

It's been two weeks from now since I bought this item. So far so good in away that everything runs smoothly and with no problems encountered yet.For these unit,It was truly amazing,car is so much stronger,torquey and become economical as it allows me drive in the high gears.


Bluespark Pro - Audi A5 3.0 TDI

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Bloody marvelous.


Bluespark Pro - SEAT LEON 1.6TDI 2014

" Have a new seat leon 1.6tdi 105 bhp with 300kw only , purchased bluespark over the phone , nice lads ,well 2 days dellivery ? 6 mins to fit ; left as standard my wife took the car to wales but when the car came back , i changed the settings well what a differance ? more power,smother power delivery,and fuel economy excellent!o for got metion did get rid off the hope air box ? put cone filter on ,many thanks lads. dominic "


Bluespark Pro - Audi a4 avant 2.0tdi

"Brilliant service, ordered on wed morning a recived it next day. Now fitted and the improvemnt is really noticable. great ont the economy and even better now if i need to put the foot down! "


Bluespark Pro - Toyota Auris 2.0 D4D

Thank you received and installed bluespark pro today now car feels so much more smoother than before thanks again


Bluespark Pro - Toyota Auris sr 2.0

Ridiculously easy to install... Had chance to play with settings and it's a very noticeable difference on power and torque the eco settings also show good and even in eco compared to not being fitted shows a gain in performance ... Love the pro and even my wife can't believe the difference in performance

ben smith

Bluespark Pro - Volvo V60 D2

"The info for fitting this chip on the 1.6 diesel engine says its difficult to fit and the battery has to be removed. It doesn’t you only need two people one with small hands to get hold of the connector and the other one to go in from the top with a bit of wire to hook the clip on top of the connector. The new connector just pushes on so it can all be done in 10 minutes. The chip was set to map B and setting 5 but the gains were very poor. I then set it on map C and setting 5 and it transformed the car. The flat spots through 1st 2nd and 3rd gears disappeared and the roll on power in 5th and 6th is a lot better. There was also a slight improvement on MPG which I’m sure will get better in time. I would highly recommend this product. It’s turned my car into what it should have been from the factory. "


Bluespark Pro - Fiat 500 0.9

Noticeable difference in power and a smoother drive . Fitted in conjunction with sports exhaust and k&n filter . Tried it before fitting unit and notice the difference when plugged in. Money well spent and cheaper than a full remap.


CR Tech 2 - Mitsubishi L200 Elegance

"I am so happy with the results will worth the money for what you gain from fitting it! It took all of 10mins to fit with no special tools. I will recommend these tuning box to everyone I know with a turbo diesel. It's a big thank to all at bluespark "

Simon Goy

CR Tech 2 - Citroen Nemo hdi

I fitted the cr tech 2 a few days ago and have been really impressed with the gains in both performance and economy,so far i am gaining around 5-6 mpg and in terms of performance it is a lot easier to drive as i dont have to change down as much and i find the pick up much better and smoother. Also customer support was great,i asked advice on which product would best suit my needs and was given an honest run down of products on offer with no pressure to splash out on the dearest one.If you are fitting to an hdi 1.4/6 take the time to watch/read the guide and if need be phone bluespark as this helps alot.Thanks bluespark


Bluespark Pro - Volvo c30 stop start 115bhp

"had slight issue initially with wrong loom This was sorted by next day Excellent customer service. After fitting and following the instructions all was fine blue light on and green / red LED's flashed on revving the engine just as described in fitment guide. The car: feels more powerful, responsive and feels like a bigger engine the car is more fun to drive It feels a lot quicker than the d3 2.0 that I test drove. fuel economy ? I am getting 5 mpg more over all but still adapting my driving there is quite a significant gain at 70mph over standard according to the on board computer. I am pleased I am 50 yrs old and have driven owned chipped cars since I was 25. 205gti, RS turbo, Rover 220turbo coupe, MG zs180, Seat Alhambra, Vauxhall Signum / Zafira cdti 150, Alfa 159 jtdm 150 all chipped, this pro unit is as good or better than all but the petrol rs turbo and 220 coupe. they obviously had bigger gains in performance but suffered in economy. I would recommend this product it does really work ( I have s..."


Bluespark Pro - Seat Alhambra Ecomotive 170 diesel

The product arrived the next day. I tried to install the unit the following day, after about 10 minutes I had to phone support, who answered promptly and emailed me another location diagram. It took me a about 15 minutes to install the boost sensor. I took the van out for a drive in the evening and boy what a difference! I've had fast cars in my time and never had this much improvement for this little money! Well worth it... but I don't know what it's going to do to my front tyres. I never thought driving an MPV could be this much fun.


Bluespark Pro - MAZDA CX-5 150 AWD AUT.

"Although my review came a bit late, I wanted to share my experience I've had in the last 8 months. First of all,about my car: Mazda CX-5 AWD with 2.2 diesel engine (150HP) and automatic gearbox. I've purchased last year one Bluespark Pro+Boost module, with custom maps (Jason programmed the unit with my desired characteristics).Although initially I couldn't install the tuning box because of different boost connector, we've sorted out and I've received the proper connector very fast. I have tested almost all the maps (except the maps 8 and 9),each map at least one-two weeks of driving.After about 10000km, I was able to decide on (custom) map 6 and 95% tuning level. To summarize: 1. Excellent performance-my car is much more responsive on gas,the last measured figures (with a K.A.T. MATRIX 3-way accelerometer) went to 7.1 sec.(0-60mph) and 210HP. It may be hard to believe, but I do have recorded all my tests with in-car HD camera; 2. The fuel consumption drops, although hard to quantify how much from the tunin..."


Bluespark Pro - Seat Ibiza 1.2TDI Ecomotive

"I was somewhat dubious about the product having read about tuning boxes on motoring forums, they always talked about a rolling road remap being the best option but i needed something easily reversible. I bit the bullet and decided to try a Bluespark box, i opted for the Pro unit with boost control. Well let's just say i'm impressed. The car definitely has a lot more poke, accelerates with quite a bit of urgency, turbo lag is still there but it's great if i downshift and then boot it. Can definitely feel a torque improvement throughout the rev range, needs a lot less throttle now where i was flooring it before. Economy seems to have improved, i commute 50 miles from Nottinghamshire to Lincoln and typically average 70mpg, Today the trip computer averaged 74mpg on the way there and 78mpg on the way home, but i did hit a lot of traffic on the way home, i peaked at 80.2mpg towards the end of my journey until i hit the traffic."


Bluespark Pro - Toyota RAV4

"Fitted device in minutes with easy to read and understand instructions. My Toyota feels like it has improved throttle response lower down in the rev range (torque) and it pulls much better up to 3500 rpm. This is not a quick car by anyone's measure but the improved torque will definitely come in handy when towing 1500Kg of caravan. In the past I have usually paid to have the car remapped but on my particular rav 4 the ECU has to be removed to do do and I didn't want the fuss of doing this. As a far cheaper alternative, I am more than happy to recommended Blue Spark as it definitely improves low down throttle response by increasing available torque. I was never interested in fuel economy improvements and as yet cannot comment if there has been any improvement. But I somehow doubt it as I have been over-utilising my new found 'grunt'. Would recommend to anyone. "


Bluespark Pro - Vauxhall Movano 2.3 CDTi

"I was a bit sceptical about buying the pro box at £200 seeing as the others all wanted nearer £400. Anyway, took the plunge and it arrive the next day. I'm using this product on a 3500kg van with twin rear wheels, so the gearing in 1st and 2nd are never going to produce quick acceleration. I normally tow a heavy 3000kg trailer behind the van, and drive from the UK to Southern Morocco and also Turkey and Bulgaria, once or twice every month. I purchased this device to give some extra grunt for towing, as a lot of the motorways in Spain and Italy have quite steep inclines. I've set it at a higher settting, and have just compmleted a run down to Casablanca. This product is truly immense! - On the French Spanish motorways coming down, around 50% of the inclines, needed nothing more than a slight dip of the throttle instead of changing down to 5th or even 4th. Joining on slip roads was quicker and smoother. On steeper hills, she was just steaming up. Really really impressed with it. And as a bonus, and totall..."


CR Tech 2 - Range Rover 3.6 TD

"Achieved excellent performance and less fuel. Highly Recomended"


Bluespark Pro - Mondeo 2.0TDCI

Absolutely amazed by the difference this 'box of tricks' has made to the car. Did a 250 mile journey last weekend and even at motorway speeds the car was returning 45mpg. I have left the settings as standard to get an idea of what will be achievable. Will be hooking up the caravan next weekend so we will see how we do with mpg and towing power.



"I have just fitted the CR Tech 2 box to my 2004 Range Rover L322 TD6 and am over the moon with the results... I bought the diesel because i wanted some reasonable economy but i quickly got irritated by the lack of power especially going up hills, the driving experience was like driving an old HGV... As soon as i fitted the box which is on the default setting 2 i took the rangie for a spin and couldn,t believe how more responsive and smoother it was.....the gears weren,t constantly going up and down anymore due to the engine struggling and it actually accelerated when i pressed the pedal instead of gradually gaining speed. The car feels lighter now due to being responsive and much more enjoyable to going to leave it in default for a few weeks then try it at level 3 to see what difference there is but i,m very happy with the present power now for only the cost of a full tank of diesel !!!! GREAT PRODUCT."


Bluespark Pro - holden cruze 1.6l turbo

"I recently purchased a bluespark petrol tuning box for my cruze sri 1.6 turbo,this vehicle is not officially supported by bluespark,however it has the same A16LET turbo engine as the Vauxhall astra. After a two week wait for it to be delivered(to Australia),I finally fitted the unit and all I can say is WOW!,it has completely transformed the way my little holden drives!,greatly reduced turbo lag,lots more punch in midrange,small improvement in economy(unless you are using all that extra go). I would recommend bluespark to any Australian cruze sri/v/z 1.6t owner who wants better performance,best value performance mod you can buy"


CR Tech 2 - Range Rover TD6 2004

"Bought a 54 plate Range Rover TD6 a couple of months ago with 110k miles on it and quickly discovered i was getting ratty at the way the engine was underpowered and was changing gear so much... After a lot of research i decided to purchase the CR Tech 2 box to hopefully give the car some more grunt... I was a bit sceptical when fitting it but as soon as i drove the rangie it was a complete transformation....the car was much much tighter in throttle response and the car was driving up moderate hills in top gear when before it was in 4th or sometimes even dropping into 3rd which as owners will know gets noisy and grates on your nerves.. I ran the box on default level 2 and have recently moved up to level 3 which again has made even more difference but the real gains are from standard engine to tuning box...the car is so much more relaxing to drive with the extra torque meaning the car pulls at lower revs and changes up quicker...fuel consumption has improved quite a bit but even if it had stayed the same i,d..."

Steven Whyte

Bluespark Pro - Ford fiesta 1.6 tdci- 2011

"Excellent power increase AND economy didn't think it was possible to get both , ford connector is difficult to un clip on back on engine . So a little mechanical patience required. Excellent service and advice. Recommended. "

Dave orme

Bluespark Pro - Astra Sri 1.7cdti (110)

After un packing the Bluespark pro, I read through the instructions but unfortunately they were quite bad with unclear photographs, ambiguous wording, and didn't show clearly where the fuel rail plug was located, even if it did show the correct location you couldn't see it in the photographs due to poor quality print! Thankfully a quick call to Bluespark and the helpful guys there gave me instructions where to locate the plug. From this point onwards it took 5 minutes to fit the unit with no problems. To be honest I wasn't actually expecting much as I have had a couple of tuning modules in the past and haven't been impressed, preferring a re-map, But my car is still under warranty and didn't want to go down the re-map route yet. However the first test drive changed my opinion quickly, given that the unit was set to default positions there was a noticeable amount of torque increase from standard. The car pulled a lot harder and revved more freely from 2000 rpm onwards. However my problem with the standard c...

Mr Flynn

Bluespark Pro - BMW 320d 2009

"I had bought cheaper alternatives for my previous car which was a VW Golf 2.0GT TDI and they were awful. I was therefore not expecting much for my money. First of all the installation is very easy indeed. The car was a 177bhp BMW 320d and was ok but a wee bit sluggish. I took the car out for a 10 mile drive to test the Bluespark Pro and I could have driven it for 1000 miles. Its astonishing. Im at 220bhp now with similar if not slightly better MPG. I think the thing to remember is with more power you tend to drive less efficently and why not!? The power under your right foot is addictive. I admit fully I race through the gears from lights. The most impressive part performance gain is the power in 2nd and 3rd gear, it will throw your head back. Don't even think about buying one of these just get your credit card out and do it already."

Andrew McLeod

Bluespark Pro - Vauxhall insignia 2.0 cdti 160

What a little box very happy power is there no turbo lag


Bluespark Pro - vw golf plus 1.6tdi

noticed huge improvements mainly throttle response ,worth every penny


CR Tech 2 - Jaguar XF

Box arrived in less than 36 hours. Now on car and working very well. Increase in power is obvious and it even sounds better. Still as smooth, but have more confidence pulling away from junctions and roundabouts due to the decrease in turbo lag. Too early to talk about MPG though as its just been fitted. So, far its been a first rate success and no hint of any smoke from the rear end. Very, very happy with it and the service and delivery have been first class.


Bluespark Pro - astra 20 cdti

Fantastic product once fitted torque massively improved car is so much more drivable on a 150 round trip run with motorway and b road driving average mpg up to 64 mpg .thanks guys big smiles from me

Bruce shearer

Bluespark Pro - VW Crafter

Fitted in 10 minutes max it came set on c setting saw a vast difference straight away, after a week i set it to maxiumum setting the tourque and power is incrediable wish i had it fitted years ago, the fuel is definantly better as i am not using the gears as much pulls up hills no sweat, very happy and would highly recommend.


Bluespark Pro - 2007 1800 Ford C.Max TDI

"2007 Ford C.Max 1800 TDI Bluespark Pro + Boost This IS SO Easy to fit it came set up to go The torque make the car feel like it is under gear it will pull any gear from 1500 rpm if you shift at 2500rpm and drive at 2500rpm in 5th is best on fuel economy and drive you can drive at 1200rpm in 3rd and as it get near 1500 it pull away max boost is 1500rpm to 3000rpm over 105Lt of fuel 60miles per day town/motor way/B roads 39.4 mpg it was 41mpg car fuel meter shows 42.8 mpg very good to drive and over take I would think it would be good for towing My box settings are 7 and C No smoke at any time Past a MOT not a problem "


Bluespark Pro - 2013 Jeep Wrangler 2,8 CRD

"Installed Bluespark Pro + Boost Control unit with preset curves. Installation took ca 30 min, most of it was spent to location and disconnection of original terminals- there is no room to spare under the hood of Wrangler JK. The photo of the engine in instruction recieved was for the same engine, but installed to Chrysler Voyager with different layout of wiring, so it could be idea to mention in instruction provided the name of the sensor (MAF), to which the boost terminal should be connected instead of photo. Very pleased with torque gain on low revs and dramatically increased acceleration. As economy was not the primary reason for tuning, havent made any calculations yet."


Bluespark Pro - Kia Pro Cee'd 2014

"I used to own a Honda Civic Type S, but recently changed to a Kia Pro Cee'd diesel as i loved the style and features. One slightly disappointing sacrifice I made with the car switch was performance, or mostly acceleration/torque. So after investigation bought the Bluespark Pro. Although I was anxious at first in fiddling around under the bonnet, it was a doddle to fit and the unit wedges nicely near the battery with no need for ties giving you really easy access if you need to change settings. So the change was immediate. acceleration speed greatly improved, the whole feeling of the car is a lot more sporty and a lot more exciting to drive. As for economy, not really noticed a huge change, but then again not done a long journey with it yet, looking forward to that. So all in all, an amazing product and would recommendit to friends! :-) "


Bluespark Pro - bmw 535d

Had the box over a year now and was a bit sceptical at first. But to this day I haven't had a issue yet. Drove a standard 535d a few days ago and felt like I was driving a barn compared to the performance mine has with the chip. Keep a up with low end supercar with all the grunt top end. Most importantly it hasn't caused any issues so more than happy


Bluespark Pro - Seat Ibiza Cupra TSI DSG

Acceleration has greatly improved, 0-60 is in the sub 6 seconds. Mid range torque makes the car feel effortless when overtaking. Fuel consumption in the first week has seen a slight improvement but expecting it to only improve once I stop using the extra power a little too much! Left it on setting C as that is what it arrived on, may try D in the next few weeks just to see if there is any difference again. Overall I am delighted with a product that is a bargain compared to other tuning boxes out there!


Bluespark Pro - vw polo 1.2tsi 105bhp

I have had it fitted about three months, the car is a lot more fun to drive. The throttle responds a lot better without revving the engine any more than before it was fitted. accelerating in 6th gear is miles better, over the last 2 tanks of fuel I got another 50mls/tank. Very pleased.


Bluespark Pro - Hilux

Very good product simple to fit and noticeable power and MPG increase. I have recommended it to several of my friends who have also been impressed.


Bluespark Pro - citroen DS3

Had this product on my car now for over a year and would definitely recommend it to anyone! I had it taken off for a service recently and the loss in power seemed massive, forgot just how much difference it made, I really don't think you will find higher gains in torque and bhp for cheaper. massive thank you to all the guys at bluespark for all the help and advice!

Paul Simpson

Bluespark Pro - Mondeo Mk4 2.2TDCI 200Hp PS

As my first Bluespark pro was sold with my previous Mondeo, I did order a new one for my Mondeo Mk4 - 2.2TDCI - 200HP - Powershift. As well with the first one as now with the second one an immediate improvement of torque was there, even if the Pro is only at position B6 (standard position). As the torque in combination with the Powershift is more than sufficient (man, what a difference), I will leave it at this position. The main reason for this second buy is the fuel ecomomy, in my previos Mondeo the difference was about 0.7l/100km and it seems that this value will be the same (or even better) on my new one. I will have to drive some 1000 clicks more to confirm. I know there are cheaper alternatives, but after 4 OBD tunings I wanted something I could disconnet myself. But, in this case the Bluespark Pro will pay itself by driving my Mondie. More than satisfied and certaily with the 28 day return policy and the 2 yaers full warranty. An Happy customer !

Norbert (Belgium)

CR Tech 2 - Vw passat 1.6 tdi blumotion

"Fitted device and car feels so much more responsive good power gains as was very flat in 5th and 6th gears Would highly recommend product cr tech 2 and so easy to install "


Bluespark Pro - Ford Mondeo 2.0TDCI 2012

Had this box for a while now and am completely satisfied with everything it has provided. More power, which is great when towing our caravan. Great economy giving 44mpg even when towing a Swift Challenger 524 Sport.


CR Tech 2 - Renult Modus

"Best £150 I can remember spending ! I have waited 4 weeks to write a review of my box as I wanted it to based on experience rather than my initial impressions. My car is the 86hp tdi version , it drives perfectly well around town however I felt it could do with just a little more power for Motorway and a road overtaking. I am a very economy minded driver with a very light foot, I really only wanted the extra power for overtaking while at speed and going up gradients. Blue Spark recommended the CR2 as being most suited to my needs, as I am local they fitted the unit and I was shocked at how smoother the car ran even at idle before I pulled away. The improvement was immediate and obvious , I had hoped for more pulling power for uphill overtaking but I did not expect the improvement in overall smoothness and refinement. I have done repeated top up / millage checks using the trip and measured fuel amounts and as far as I can tell there is no loss of mpg and it seems about the same as standard, I did not expe..."

John Moody

Bluespark Pro - VW Amorak

What a fantastic Product - Easily fitted, I modified the Default map up to No 8 on the dial and its a fantastic machine to drive now, Significantly smoother and faster - - Thanks you!


Bluespark Pro - Skoda Superb 2.0 tdi 140bhp

had the bluespark fitted origanly on a 1.6 tdi octavia changed the car for the superb and went to the bluespark depot for a remap and fitting onto the new car not yet checked the mpg but the performance is amazing as the car is a auto i have to be light on the gas pedal .i like the new format that you can disconect the box and put in a blanking plug which reverts the car back to standard will publish mpg when i establish it does what it says on the box regards performance not only that the guys at the depot are very helpful


Bluespark Pro - Fiesta mk7 titanium 1.6 tdci

"Got the chip for the fiesta 1.6 tdci and wow! Standard is pretty sluggish to get going because its diesel and my model is the econetic so its tuned for economy, but with the chip on pretty much Max settings, it is literally head to head with the petrol mk6 zetec s and I'm guessing the same for the mk7, only a touch slower than the 125 ecoboost mk7! Amazing gains, pulls like mad and I still stick my foot down and my eyes light up! Well worth it "


Bluespark Pro - Ford Kuga 2.0 Diesel

"I was looking at these tuning boxes for a few months before I final purchased one. That was a big mistake I should have bought it straight away as the improvement from standard is like Black & White. Acceleration has improved it is not like a Ferrari as it is a Ford Kuga but it has definitely improved. I drive the same journey on the motor way every week and the MPG has gone from 38 - 48. My car is an automatic and I realise that it is changing in to a higher gears very quickly. I also tow a big caravan with the Kuga and with the chip on it is even easier on the engine as it does not appear to be revving its self to death."

A Ablett

CR Tech 2 - Mercedes A class 2015 model A 180 CDI 1461cc 109 BHP

"Fitted no problem, and box tucked away in the Mercs battery box cavity, (another good tip you could include in the vehicle specific instructions). Runs really smooth, turbo lag reduced, even power delivery, flat spots gone, low end torque improved, not stalling at junctions anymore, and mpg instantly increased."

Jon Hansen

Bluespark Pro - Range Rover 4.4 TDV8

Excellent product. Car feels like driving a Ferrari in Landrover format. A little improvement in protecting the last part of the cable links would be advised.


CR Tech 2 - Alfa Romeo GT JTDm

"Installed the unit in a matter of minutes. Just removed engine cover and clipped it in, easy! Engine runs much smoother, its certainly ironed out the twitchy-ness when accelerating. The power come much faster, its certainly noticeable. Don't get me wrong, its not like adding a massive turbo charger or anything but it IS much more responsive, smoother and feels quicker. When driving responsibly and using gears correctly it has averaged about 8mpg more than I would usually get. So everything these guys are stating is 100% true. I would certainly recommend this product to anyone with a common rail diesel engine. FYI - The mpg test were carries out over a 100 mile range. Driving economically I was getting around 57mpg with this installed of virtually the same roads and speeds I managed 65mpg. Cheers Bluespark! :)"


Bluespark Pro - Mazda 6 2.2

"Doddle to fit. Spend more time making a neat job with the tie-wraps. Did not notice a ""punch"" improvement, but it's noticeaby smoother and can run at low speed in stupid high gears without any hint of stalling. First time I opened it up was to join a motorway. Didn't realise I was in a lower gear, because the engine sounded smooth, was still pulling, and I was watching the traffic rather than the rev counter. Its' the first time I've ever hit the rev limiter in a diesel car!"


CR Tech 2 - Land Rover Freelander 2.0 TD4 2003

Quick word, bought a CR Tech 2 box for my Freelander1 TD4 auto. Absolutely delighted, changed a good SUV to a great one, really driveable with the torque gain right where I use it and pulls hard right thru the gearbox. Fuel consumption has improved by the promised 10% while just driving without any attempt at super economy. I'd recommend it to anyone. The dealer I bought the Landy from has driven it and asked what have I done to it, it's brilliant. Way to go guys


CR Tech 2 - Ford Ranger 3.0 diesel

im very happy with every thing, from the easy install to getting on line and asking a question.

Lloyd Pratten

CR Tech 2 - Jeep Wrangler JK 2.8CRD Auto

"I purchased an Economy Module for my JK as it already has a pretty good BHP but rubbish MPG. I thought the power wouldn't be affected much but MPG go up. Having got passed the plastic engine cover test, the EM fitted quickly, cover back on and engine was running OK. On a 400 mile trip up and down hills I found the JK would go up hills in the low gear, but too slow so I was using the manual side of the auto. The economy improved slightly. After 3 or 4 weeks I felt the EM was not for my JK so emailed Bluespark. No hesitation, send it back was the reply. I said that rather then a refund at this point I would be happy to try the CR Tech 2, which duly arrived a few days later. Now that has made a difference, straight out the packet with no adjustments. The JK is a bit smarter on the pedal, and the MPG has gone up, slightly, but not down around town. So for my vehicle the CR Tech 2 is a clearly better unit, whether the CR Tech 1 would be even better I am not going to find out as I am happy, at the moment, wit..."


Bluespark Pro - Peugeot 4007

Been running the Pro + Boost unit for around 3 months. Fuel economy has increased by 20%, and there is a significant improvement in performance. Haven't had time to tinker with the settings yet, but very pleased with "out of the box" settings.


Bluespark Pro - Volvo XC90

"Unit arrived the next day, easy to fit, even for an inept mechanical mind like mine! Only had a short run today but it feels quicker, better pick up on the throttle and smoother. Time will tell...looking forward to a longer run with some overtaking opportunities, maybe find a Range Rover to play with... ;-)"


CR Tech 2 - Skoda Yeti 1.6tdi Greenline

"Having had the CR Tech2 on the car for a couple of days I'm happy to report is has done exactly what it claimed to do. The Yeti Greenline is a great car but lacks torque below 2000rpm. This has now gone, the car pulls easier, allowing for much earlier gear changes. This means I'm not having to drive the car so hard and with a lighter right foot comes the fuel savings. The power difference is also noticeable when you need it, and all this on the standard setting the box came on from Bluespark. "

Rev Darrell Tunningley

Bluespark Pro - xc90

Had the tuning box for just over a month now. Fuel consuptiom has gone from 31.1 to 38.2 and it still seems to be rising! Performance has also increased making overtaking a lot easier and this is only on the standard setting.Very happy with the product


Bluespark Pro - Mercedes Sprinter

"First of all I really want to say that Jason, who answered the phone at Bluespark, showed great patience with me when he was explaining what I had to do to fit the box - and believe me, great patience is certainly needed when I fail to get something done! He guided me to take photos and send them to him so he could see what needed doing. In fact he knew far more about my mobile than I do and explained how to email photos from my mobile. Now, I never knew you could do that. Jason took all the time needed to stay on the phone and talk me through the process. I managed to finish it last night and called to say thank you. Jason answered the phone and recognised me straight away. He even suggested places where I could mount the box and how, maybe, I should consider taking it out before the first service at Mercedes Benz. Can't overstress how welcoming and helpful he was. The box itself made immediate differences when I went out for a drive after I finished fitting it. Would you believe it cruised on the motorwa..."


CR Tech 2 - volvo c30 d2

"fitted cr tech 2 because i found car abit sluggish pulling away at busy juctions, set on torque setting instantly 100% better noticed slight economy gain but only done short trips certainly feel extra go on overtaking. very pleased"


Bluespark Pro - Iveco Daily 35C15

"Hi there, The Bluespark Pro worked a treat on our Iveco, allowing us to tow much more comfortably with the added bonus of reduced lag and a useful improvement in fuel economy. I believe it will pay for itself in just a couple of busy months."

Jason Scholes

CR Tech 2 - vauxhall insignia cdti 160 manuel

"car pulls better smoother lower torque more mpg I have never toped 40.3 mpg with this car holiday to Scotland, South Wales. I drive to the legal limits and don't dawdle On a day out, North Cheshire to Rose-on-sea 126 miles there M56 A55 back on the coast road. average 37.6mph, returning 51.6 mpg Jogging about town some duel carriage way 40mph 92 miles average 21.2mph returning 41.7 mpg. Day out up M6 of M55 onto A6 north on to pennins via Bleasdale 4th gear if your lucky terrain to Scourton A6 back through Preston onto M6 at south Preston 138 miles average speed 37.8 mph returning 48.5 mpg. All figures from the vehicle computer. I am retired and have spent all my working life in commercial vehicle repair . Ex member of the institution of road transport engineers, and this a good cost effective product "


Bluespark Pro - C4 HDI 138

"well ive had it on 3/4 days now and there is deff a gain in power not quite as much as i was expecting but put it in 4th and it pulls sooo strong same with 5th and nit so much in 6th 1st 2nd and 3rd dont seem to be a lots better my mpg has rissen from 49 mpg to 53 so a small but noticable increase. i have it set on the 4th settings so im going to give it a go on max and see were it is all iall a good buy"


CR Tech 2 - VW Passat

Phoned up for advise and was talked out of the more expensive unit. Customer service excellent clearly not just a rip of merchant. Having now fitted the unit can only say that it is excellent and the 10% MPG improvement claim is a underestimation. Great help and advise and great product. Only comment would be that needed a specialist tool to remove the plug but don't let that distract from the great product and service.


Bluespark Pro - astra 1.9cdti sri 150

"Installed the bluespark pro + boost control earlier today. Was fairly easy to install. Had the opcom on for trouble codes so found right away that boost plug was in the wrong way around and then cleared dtc. Did bring on my esp light on the first drive but went off after restarting the car. Performance is loads better on default setting. Am going to give it a bit of time before trying any others. Why wasn't the car like this from factory. Pulls amazing and so much smoother. Only problem I have. And it's a little one. I fitted cruise control and use it often to stay under speed limit as the box could very easily see double speed limits in many places. But cruise control used to hold the engine back to maintain speeds on downhill sections. It no longer does this. It holds back slightly but let's the engine coast with the weight of the car now. Overall very good product. Will give it a while more and make some changes and may report back further. Chris"


Bluespark Pro - VW MK7 GTD

Added torque has made the driving experience easier on the motorway for pickup but also to move off the line without too much drama (i.e. avoid traction control working over-drive). Ed was very helpful with completing some repairs to my harness (as the clip was damaged) and getting the settings to suit my driving preference. Overall really happy and pleased - highly recommend these guys to anyone looking to use them, I will spread word of mouth for sure!


Bluespark Pro - fabia vRS 1.4 tsi CTHE engine

Absolutely delighted. The BLUESPARK box has increased the performance of this car beyond my wildest dreams. Now pulls like a train, & would you believe more MPG than before. It has been fitted for 6 months now & no problems at all . No engine management lights, no misfires. Unbelievable performance.


Bluespark Pro - VW Golf Mk7 2.0 TDI DSG

Excellent product! fitted in 2 minutes and very versatile. Bought the pro-boost module with umpteen settings currently running happily on map C9 with no problems at all. Improved torque, pulling power and general smoothness and driveability. Marries very well with DSG box and changes are almost imperceptible. Effortless motorway cruising. Enjoying 10+ mpg even on winter tyres! Highly recommend this product - it has transformed the performance and drivability of my golf and it now eats GTDs for breakfast!!


CR Tech 2 - 2011 Toyota Hilux 3.0D-D Auto

"Excellent Sales & technical support, was impressed by the fact that Blue Spark are a British Company so good for support and back up. Purchased a CRTECH 2, easy to fit, superb instructions which are vehicle specific unlike some other manufacturers. Instant improvement on what is a powerful diesel anyway. Idle's smoother, better torque across whole range, with about 15% more power overall? so pulls better at all revs/speeds. Economy better, initially 25, then with Air Con off went to 27, with CRTECH 32+! and that's local and A5 Roads, sure that on a longer run it will be even better... Mine was pre-set to map 2, with 1 being economy/torque biased, 3/4/5 Power.. just wonder what it will go like on 4 or 5!!! Should pay for itself in 4-5 months on my mileage. Very pleased and would highly recommend to anyone! "


Bluespark Pro - Vito122

"The performance of this vehicle has increased but not the economy. The product was simple to install, althought he quality of the connector/cable jointing was well below that I expected. A good product that works well but I question the value when compared to the quality/performance I have experenced in the past with probitz products."

Rob Warner

CR Tech 2 - Mazda5 1.6D 2012

"Really searched high and low on forums and these guys seem really honest and actually care for your car as per posts etc. Installation on the 1.6d PSA engine is a nightmare, first air box removal, easy enough pops out and you fiddle around a bit with hoses. Then the battery cover with wires and sensors which is a bit tricky. Then the battery tray. This is the hardest part, you cannot see the connector you have to feel for it hidden in between the block. So after stripping off parts which took 1/2 hour, i then spent an hour trying to figure out how to pop the connector off, hands now bruised up and nails broken lol! Almost gave up :( Anyway i got hold of some small wire and looped it around the clip and gave it a pull and it popped off to my relief! Clipped the new wires in and after 1/2 hour was ready to see if the thing works. So far i am getting extra torque i am feeling the pulling power, mpg seem's to be getting be..."


Bluespark Pro - Nissan qashqai 2.0 dci tekna

Ive had this fitted for approx 3 months now, the fitting was a bit fiddly due to where nissan placed the plugs but once i fitted it i left it in the standard settings. No power gains but better fuel economy, i then tweaked it up to the power setting. A junction i pull out off all the time i saw a 10mph improvement to a sign post, the fuel economy is better even in power mode. Well worth the money


CR Tech 2 - Freelander 2 SE 2.2 diesel - 57 plate

bought a tech 2 box for 57 plate Freelander 2, to help when towing caravan, much improved pulling power and increased torque, also getting about 5 mpg increase in normal running around without the caravan. Wish I had bought one of the tuning boxes years ago

Dave Rutherford

CR Tech 2 - Alfa 156 2.4jtd

"Had the box reprogrammed for this engine and fitted it a couple of days ago, this doesn't feel like other tuning boxes I have used previously low end torque is the most impressive and it seems to give a bit more power but it is progressive and not just a big thump and cloud of smoke like others, in all I am very impressed and if I can stop myself pressing too hard on the go pedal I'm sure I will get better mpg as its averaged the same on the last tank just gets me there faster, I have had it adjusted up to the top setting and it wasn't too smokey but felt it had to much torque and kept under steering exiting roundabouts. Will defonatley recommend this to people. I would like to be able to adjust the settings from inside the car like a small dial on the dash but for the money this has to be the best value performance upgrade available. Thanks"


Bluespark Pro - insignia cdti 160 2009

Had the box fitted to my 2007 shogun. Transformed the drive 5mpg to 10mpg gains, car picked up quicker and held on to the gears better. did,nt get a chance to try towing. Bluespark then changed the looms and maps, installed it in the insignia for me at there factory. The car now does 48mpg around the doors and a decent 57mpg on a good run. Checked by top up from fuel light on.The main gains are again in the low down torque and drive. No smoke.

jim heppell

CR Tech 2 - 2015 A4 Black Edition 177bhp

"After a 143bhp a4 i returned the unit to be re-programmed. It looks like the unit has been replaced with a brand new one. Excellent services, and a very very quick turn around. Power gains on first impression are very good, not had chance to see what the MPG is like, but if it is as good as it was on my 143bhp i will be well happy.!"


Bluespark Pro - citroen jumper

having the 2.0 hdi ,i have a very small window where the power is useable ...I fitted the box today 27th jan ,fitting was a breeze with all the info required took all of 10 mins .I have driven literally 10 miles up hills etc a route i am very familiar with and i did notice i was changing gears less there is more torque and in general it picks up speed a little better i love my van but i now love it a little more. I dont think top speed which i also have very little of will be affected, but up to 60 mph its noticeably in a little more of a rush ..I am happy with the gains i have left the box on the standard settings .I had no warning lights or smoke and i will be buying another one for my wifes car..The company seems good to deal with and sends lots of literature to help you make things easy ..


Bluespark Pro - Nissan Qashqai 1.5 dci

"Must confess i have not noticed any power difference especially when on holiday towing my trailer but i have noticed the economy is up @ 70 mph 61mpg up from 54 mpg @ 56 mph 73mpg p from 64 mpg"


Bluespark Pro - 2012 VW Touareg V6 TDI

"The Bluespark PRO + Turbo Control arrived in 7 days from the payment. Install was a breeze but I still have to figure how to better position the wires away from heat sources (radiator hoses, engine). First impression is promising, to say the least. On my way to work (55% HWY) I usually get 9-9.2 L/100 Km fuel consumption. Today I got 7.7 L/100 Km. I can't wait to see the HWY fuel economy."


CR Tech 2 - Jeep Grand Cherokee V6 3.0 2012

Great little box works as described,lots more torque in lower rev range and improved economy on my 2012 jeep grand cherokee v6 3.0 lt deseil


Bluespark Pro - Land Rover Freelander td4

Cant believe what a difference a wee box can do to my car..... got it for improved performance and towing caravan. 4x4 feels like a hot hatch now. no power drop when changing gears/stay in top gear longer now and what a joy overtaking. 10 out of 10. Well worth the money.

s galloway

CR Tech 2 - Land Rover Freelander 2

fitted cr tec 2 chip 4days ago.realy pleased with all aspects ,engine smoother,far better excelleration,more torque low least 6 miles more mpg local running in the Brecon mountains were i live.looking foward to check it on a run,normally get the results.all very good so far.


Bluespark Pro Petrol - VW Golf GTI Mk5

Easy to install once you have located the turbo pressure sensor and then the option to self tune is fantastic and you really feel the difference!! Worth the money.


CR Tech 2 - Renault Clio dci 100

Only had it fitted for 2 days,WOW it feels more responsive straight away. Good product cheers


Bluespark Pro - Fiat Grande Punto 130 Sporting.

"About a month ago I purchased a Bluespark Pro with Boost Control tuning box for my sons Fiat Grande Punto 130 Sporting. It was well packaged and delivered within 24 hours. Product looked to be of good quality and fitting instructions were easy to follow. It took less than 10 minutes from opening the bonnet, fitting the tuning box and closing the bonnet ready for a test drive. The box was installed with the factory default settings and an immediate increase in power/torque was noticeable. The following few days we experimented with various jumper and fine tuning settings and found the best power setting for his car was jumper set at 4 with the fine adjustment set at 9. Setting the jumper at 5 showed a small power gain but increased turbo lag and the fine adjustment had to be turned down to 3 to prevent engine management light/limp home mode happening under hard acceleration. Switching ignition off and restarting cleared this. This is by no means a complaint as his car is completely standard apart from the ..."

Brian Rogers

Bluespark Pro - Skoda Fabia vRS

I am so impressed with the performance of this tuning box. Add to that customer service that cannot be beaten Nothing too much trouble. Suddenly my car feels like its flying. MPG is also better, by about 10%. Really glad I heard about your products.


Bluespark Pro - Ford Kuga 2.0 zetec 4x4 auto

"Best move I ever made buying this. I wanted to improve the towing ability and kettle better mpg. Acceleration with and without the caravan has greatly improved and the auto gearbox is so much smoother with the module fitted and doesn't have to change down as much as it used too. Fuel economy is better, solo it is up by 10% but with the caravan attached it's 12% better. I had hoped for an increase in economy and the results are better than I expected. I haven't tried the other settings yet, I have left it set as supplied. Would I recommend this product, yes without reservation worth every penny."


Bluespark Pro - Megane 1.5 dci 106

Made more improvement to power and fuel, smoother drive and gear change without the turbo lag


Bluespark Pro + Boost - Audi Q3 2.0 TDi 150

I ordered a pro boost box for my 2015 audi q3 150hp.It arrived quickly and with excellent photo fitting took me about 5 mins to what a difference it makes.really pulls once you get into second gear and just keeps going through all the well spent. Thanks

Jason Tillet

CR Tech 2 - Renault Scenic 1.5 DCi

I would like to thank you for helping with my problem on Friday, the box is now fitted and working well, I was very sceptical about your claims but after a good test run into the Peak District yesterday I wasn't pleasantly surprised but amazed at the difference in performance.

As you claim about being able to drive in a higher gear I was able to drive up some hills in top gear without putting a strain on the engine, on the flat I was able to drive with the Revs as low as 500RPM no problem, overall the car ride was smoother.

My main reason for purchasing is that I have a caravan that I tow to Spain, this is almost on the borderline of towing weight 1300 kilo and I don't want to be struggling, I previously had a Hyundai Santa Fe TD and my last motor was a Kia Carens 2 ltr Diesel that someone wrote off for me whilst it was parked up, but the increased power will not be a million miles away from  their power rating.

 Once again I will say thank you, Yours sincerely Alan L Bingham.

Alan L Bingham

Bluespark Pro + Boost - Mercedes C220 CDi

I'd like to say thanks for your service today! I have used a Bluespark for a couple of years on a VW CC. Today I purchased another Pro Diesel tuning box for my new Mercedes C220 cdi. The new box was quickly fitted after a discussion on the best box for my needs, and on a short drive to Newcastle I was able to feel the difference. Smoother power delivery, big boost in power and much smoother and eager engine. It is too early to see how the MPG is impacted, but my last device added around 10% as predicted. It amazes me that all you have to do is plug in this little black box to get such gains, and I am again delighted at the performance of your tuning box. Why buy a bigger engine when all you need to do is add this and get 20% more power? Naturally I am telling my friends... Best regards,


Bluespark Pro Petrol - Audi TT 1.8TFSI

I'd never heard about tuning boxes, only remaps, until my local garage recommended Bluespark. This is a much better solution. For a start, you get 5 different power settings to use instead of just one with a remap. Really useful if you're going let someone less experienced drive your car. Secondly, it only takes a couple of minutes to take it off. So, if you sell your car, you can put the box on your next car. Then there's the cost. Cheaper than a remap & judging by the improved consumption on my Audi TT, it'll pay for itself in no time. The power delivery is much better too with less turbo lag. So I now have a 1.8TFSI car which can out perform the 2 litre version but with much better fuel consumption & lower road tax. The cream on the cake is the great folk at Bluespark. They are really enthusiastic about their products, cars in general...and their customers. But don't just take my word for it. Give them a call & have a chat.

Richard Hannam