One of the benefits of a tuning box vs a remap is that the box can be removed when you sell the vehicle. Instead of waving goodbye to the money you have spent on the remap, our reprogramming service offers customers the chance to continue their Bluespark experience by using their device on their new vehicle.

We can reprogram your current Bluespark tuning box and set it up for another compatible vehicle. Please use our part finder to confirm compatibility

This includes modifying or replacing the existing wiring loom if necessary.

This service is only valid for existing customers and does not include CR Tech 1 or older generation modules with round wiring harness to tuning box connectors.

Unfortunately, due to strict insurance terms, we cannot reconfigure second hand or third party units. If you have purchased a second hand unit you will need to have the original purchaser arrange the reprogramming. A tuning box can only be reprogrammed for the common rail diesel and turbo petrol engines listed on our website.

For further information or to arrange you reprogramming, please use the link below.