How much do you charge for shipping?

UK (including Northern Ireland):
Royal Mail Tracked 48 (2 days typical) - New unit orders - £0.00
Royal Mail Tracked 48 - After sales services (including reprogramming) - £4.50
Royal Mail Special Delivery Next Day (1 day) - £6.50

Royal Mail International Air Mail (1-2 weeks depending on location) - £0.00
Express International Air Mail (3 days typical) - £20.00

Rest of the world (Asia, Australia, USA etc):
Royal Mail International Air Mail (1-2 weeks depending on location) - £9.00
Express International Air Mail (3 days typical) - £30.00

Returns process

All Bluespark products are covered by a 28 day no quibble money back guarantee. Customers must inform us within this time period of their intention to return the item. Any issues that arise after the 28 day money back guarantee will fall within the terms of the 2 year warranty.

Please do not return an item without informing us first, this will result in delays with the return being processed.

To inform us of your intention to return your order, please call our support team on 0191 385 9005 or email us at [email protected]

Our support staff will always try to help resolve any issues you may have, following any recommendations will not affect your right to return and your money back period may be extended to allow further testing.

All orders are refunded minus shipping costs and units or looms returned damaged may incur a restocking fee.

Why do some manufacturers products state higher power gains?

Many manufacturers try to achieve their quoted power gains from very cheap components, whilst doing very little development work. Many tuning box sellers claim absolutely ridiculous figures that are well beyond what is possible to achieve. You must also consider that higher power figures are not always necessarily better. Typing a larger number does not make a tuner more skilled, but it might make them more irresponsible. It is one thing gaining great figures, but you must also be careful not to push components too hard. We have an excellent track record, and have never had an engine prematurely fail with one of our retail products.

If I change vehicle can I have the tuning box remapped?

Yes! We can remap your Bluespark tuning box for your new diesel vehicle and also replace its wiring loom if necessary. A tuning box can only be reprogrammed for the common rail diesel and turbo petrol engines listed on our website. If your vehicle is not listed please contact support.

This is only valid for existing customers and does not include CR Tech 1 or other modules with round wiring harness to tuning box connectors. We cannot reconfigure used units with unknown history.

Click here to arrange a reprogramming. This is a non refundable labour only service and does not guarantee compatibility with your new vehicle.

Will the tuning box cause excess wear on my engine?

Our boxes are designed to work within factory tolerances and design specifications of your engine, our default maps do not excessively raise maximum fuel pressure, preventing wear on the vehicle’s fuel system.

If I removed the tuning box from my car will there be a trace of it being fitted?

Unlike many other tuning product manufacturers our tuning boxes require no modification to the wiring loom or connectors of your vehicle. If the box is removed then the vehicle will return completely to its stock form.

Will the tuning box cause my car to emit black smoke?

Our boxes are mapped carefully so as to not over fuel and cause your vehicle to emit black smoke. If your vehicle did not smoke before, it should not smoke with the fitment of one of our tuning boxes at the supplied setting.

Once fitted does the tuning box stay permanently with the vehicle?

Whilst our products can be fitted for any length of time you wish, legally speaking, the tuning box should not be considered a "permanent" installation. It is intended to be installed whenever you desire additional power, torque or fuel economy. When you no longer need the device or you are passing the vehicle on to someone else it should be removed. The tuning box is reprogrammable should you change your vehicle. 

Can I install this myself?

Yes, so long as you are competent and have the required knowledge and skill to do so. Standard installation on most vehicles takes around 10-15 minutes using the supplied detailed step by step instructions.

If I am not happy with the performance of the product can I return it for a refund?

Absolutely. We offer a 28 day no quibble money back guarantee on all our products, as well as a 2 year warranty as standard.

Is the tuning box compatible with my DPF/FAP particulate filter?

Yes. Our boxes are designed to work in harmony with your DPF and will not cause excessive regeneration.

My vehicle isn't listed, what should I do?

We're constantly updating our website to include new vehicle on a day to day basis, however if you find your vehicle isn't listed please drop us an Email and we will provide information regarding compatibility and purchasing


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