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BMW Tuning for Maximum Power Gains

Up to: 40% More Power  
Up to: 35% More Torque  
Dyno Power Gains

Better Power Delivery

Our tuning boxes create more torque, right the way through the rev-range. We utilise as much extra potential as your cars engine and turbo can deliver for maximum performance. Both Petrol and Diesel BMW models can benefit from added power and torque. This gives a fantastic overall improvement in driving experience.



Safe for your Engine

We design our maps for high performance with long term reliability. Our BMW tuning boxes are designed for cars with standard service intervals, and are developed on our in house rolling road dyno. Whilst a "race" map might sound attractive, racing teams have to rebuild their engines every few weekends....  


Easy Installation

Most of our units can be installed or removed from your BMW in under 10 minutes, without the need for specialist tools or equipment. We use factory style connectors, so all connections are plug and play, and installation is traceless once removed.


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Your BMW has performance waiting to be unlocked - release its full potential with BMW Tuning from Bluespark.

Most models in the BMW catalogue are covered by only a few separate engines –  yet between engines of the same capacity there are huge differences in performance. The main difference between these engines is not hardware but in fact the software programmed to each engine's ECU. Fitting a Bluespark tuning module to your BMW will usually increase engine power than the next up the BMW range, whilst costing far less. Diesel models can also benefit from enhanced fuel efficiency.


BMW Tuning Testimonials

See what our customers think of their BMW after Bluespark tuning

CR Tech 2 - BMW X3 3.0d Tuning Chip

Really easy to fit with enough lead wire to have options on where to mount the box. I left it set at the default setting & so far I am very impressed. The first highway trip had fuel usage in the lower to mid 6L/100km range (2005 alloy block single turbo 3L X3) . Map 1 gives a much better driving range than the original BMW settings, I felt I was using much less throttle in normal suburban driving & the fuel consumption indicated this too. Really good value for money purchase & will pay for its self over time on fuel savings. I would & have recommended CR Tech to a few people already.


Bluespark Pro - BMW 320d 2009 Tuning Box

"I had bought cheaper alternatives for my previous car which was a VW Golf 2.0GT TDI and they were awful. I was therefore not expecting much for my money. First of all the installation is very easy indeed. The car was a 177bhp BMW 320d and was ok but a wee bit sluggish. I took the car out for a 10 mile drive to test the Bluespark Pro and I could have driven it for 1000 miles. Its astonishing. Im at 220bhp now with similar if not slightly better MPG. I think the thing to remember is with more power you tend to drive less efficently and why not!? The power under your right foot is addictive. I admit fully I race through the gears from lights. The most impressive part performance gain is the power in 2nd and 3rd gear, it will throw your head back. Don't even think about buying one of these just get your credit card out and do it already."

Andrew McLeod

Bluespark Pro - BMW 535d Tuning Chip

Had the box over a year now and was a bit sceptical at first. But to this day I haven't had a issue yet. Drove a standard 535d a few days ago and felt like I was driving a barn compared to the performance mine has with the chip. Keep a up with low end supercar with all the grunt top end. Most importantly it hasn't caused any issues so more than happy


Bluespark Pro + Boost Control - BMW 325D Tuning Chip

In a word Shocking! What I mean is shockingly good low down power now with the Tech2 box fitted - and slight improvement in MPG. Feels a far more smoother car now as powerband kicks in much earlier improving performance and reducing gear changes - well pleased!

Kev T

CR Tech 2 - BMW E39 525D Tuning Chip

It's early days yet so it's hard to tell if my MPG figure has gone up, but the difference in power and drivability is brilliant! The 525D is a pretty tourquey, reasonably quick old tractor in standard form but the tuning box has definitely given it some extra low down grunt. I can enterd a roundabout in 3rd gear, exit at around 1200rpm and the car pulls like a train without feeling like it's being driven hard. I would normally have to drop to 2nd gear if i'd wanted to 'make progress' from low revs before fitting the box. The car also seems to get up to speed with less fuss than before. It was already a decievingly quick car with it being so quiet and smooth but this has now been exaggerated. I was a bit worried I might end up leaving more black clouds behind me, but this hasn't happened either. Well impressed so far and I have the 'jumper' in it's stock position and just a small turn up from standard on the dial. I'll report back once I've covered some more miles amd had chance to check MPG. I've covered around 70 miles so far so will see how many more i get before having to fill up again.

Mark Williamson

CR Tech 2 - BMW X3 Tuning Chip

I was wary because of price but service incl. delivery were excellent. I am considering upgrading and fitting this unit on Wife's Golf 2.0TDI as I was very pleased with improvements in smoothness,economy and slightly better performance. I would definitely recommend.




BMW Tuning - More Driving Pleasure from your BMW

Bluespark performance for your Ultimate Driving Machine.

This world renowned German Marque produces a wide variety of vehicles, all designed to be great drivers cars within their sector. Purchasing a BMW tuning chip from Bluespark allows your BMW to reach its true performance potential. Acceleration, torque, power output and general drivability are hugely improved. For Diesel models, a considerable fuel economy gain can be realised.

Our BMW tuning boxes work in harmony with the latest injection technologies for high performance and efficiency. The majority of turbocharged petrol and Diesel BMW engines can achieve serious power gains with a Bluespark chip tuning box.

We offer our chip tuning boxes for almost all BMW models. No matter whether your BMW is a 3 series coupé, 4 series convertible, 520d Touring or 640d Gran Coupé we are certain to have a product to suit you and your car's needs. 

BMW Tuning: Plug-in Electronic Power Gains

Bluespark chip tuning for your BMW gives you a traceless, fully removeable performance improvement. Our microprocessor controlled tuning boxes are tailored with specific maps for your engine to provide the best power and torque gains possible.

Our BMW tuning box solutions are installed between the engine's sensors and its ECU (the part of the car that is permanently modified in traditional chip tuning) – this allows modifications to be made to the signals before they reach the ECU. The software changes allow gains of up to 40% more power (HP/PS) and up to 35% more torque (Nm).

As with most modern manufacturers, BMW cover a wide range of models and power outputs using an identical base engine block. For example, BMW offer the latest 1 series and 3 series models in a range of performance levels from 116 HP to 218 HP, all based on the same size 2 litre N47D20 engine. Because the biggest difference between these engines is the software, fitting one of our BMW tuning boxes allows you to achieve the performance of a higher spec model at a fraction of the cost. The safety systems built into the ECU in your BMW remain active with the tuning box fitted, ensuring the safety of your BMW's engine at all times.


Performance gains and Tuning box install

Bluespark offer a range of BMW tuning boxes for virtually all their cars, including turbo petrol, and turbo diesel models. Some examples of gains are as follows:

116D Tuning Box

The 2.0 BMW 116D makes only 116PS and 260Nm torque as standard. Fitting The Bluespark Pro & Boost increases these figures to 147PS 306Nm. This surpasses the 143PS of the next model up in the range: The BMW 118D. 

320D Tuning Box

The F30 BMW 320D makes 190PS and 400Nm torque as standard. Fitting The Bluespark Pro & Boost increases these figures to 235PS 464Nm.  

330D Tuning Box

The F30 BMW 330D has standard figures of 258PS and 560Nm torque. With a Bluespark Pro + Boost unit fitted we see gains to 314PS and 645NM torque.

Perfect for DIY Install

If you take the time to search for your BMW in our vehicle selector you will find installation instructions applicable for your vehicle. Most units can be fitted in under 10 minutes and require no special knowledge or tools to do so. If you order today you could receive a Bluespark chip specially designed for your engine by tomorrow. Ordering online is simple, easy and secure. 


BMW Tuning Boxes

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