Pro Petrol Turbo Tuning Module


Bluespark Pro Petrol

Bluespark Pro Petrol

The latest in plug and play, microprocessor tuning for your Petrol Turbo engine


Our latest Petrol Turbo tuning chip features (where possible) fuel rail pressure control and turbocharger boost pressure control simultaneously, giving large increases in power and torque throughout the rev-range, whilst maintaining the correct air/fuel ratio.

The petrol tuning box is a plug and play unit and is supplied with photographic instructions for installation and adjustment. Supplied with original OEM connectors installation on the majority of cars is a breeze and can be completed in minutes, with only a handful of cars requiring some mechanical skill to install.

The tuning box offers great gains in bhp/ps and torque and are supplied on a default setting designed to give a good balance of additional torque and power, with user adjustments available behind the rear panel should you choose to adjust the power gain.


Some of the key features of the Pro Petrol tuning module include:

  • Microprocessor based digital tuning module. We do not sell analogue resistor based devices.
  • Engine Specific Software. Our tuning modules come with software designed and set up specifically for your engine; we do not provide generic ‘one device fits all’ tunes as many other companies do.
  • Unique Boost Sense™ + Rev Sense™ features for maximum torque, and clean emissions.
  • Boost Control™ for excellent torque & power and low EGTs
  • 5 User Selectable Power Curves to suit your requirements, ranging from milder gains to all out performance.
  • Reprogrammable for future vehicles. No need to purchase multiple remaps or tuning modules, keep your Bluespark Petrol Turbo Tuning Module and send it in for reprogramming should you change vehicle in the future.
  • Weatherproof Aluminium Casing to keep dust and water out in an under bonnet environment

Adjustable Power Gains

Changing the settings allows you to select from five distinctly different map settings. Map setting A is biased more towards mild gains in the lower part of the rev range. Map E is biased towards all out performance. Maps B, C and D are a progression between these two.




Boost & RPM Detection

Using our unique Boost Sense™ feature combined with Rev Sense™ RPM detection, fuelling accuracy is vastly improved over tuning boxes from other manufacturers.


Excellent Engine Reliability

Increases in fuelling on Direct injection Petrol engines (where necessary) keep Air/Fuel Ratios correct throughout the rev-range keeping your engine safe from damage.

Boost increases are always kept within safe limits, increasing power significantly without over stressing your turbocharger or any other engine components.


Manual, Automatic and DSG Compatible

Bluespark Petrol tuning chips have been developed and designed to be compatible with various types of gear boxes giving great performance increase with affecting reliability.


Dyno Tested Results

We carry out hours of dyno testing to ensure our units achieve the best possible gains whilst maintaining reliability.

Below are two results of a Bluespark Pro Petrol tuning box installed to Peugeot 208 1.2 GT 110bhp achieving 143bhp and a VW Golf R 2.0TSi 300bhp achieving 335bhp.


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