Made in the UK

Made in the UK

Designed, Developed and Manufactured in the UK.


Designed, Developed and Manufactured in the UK

Bluespark Automotive are one of very few UK based tuning companies who can say that our units are fully designed, developed and manufactured in the UK.

Our experienced and passionate team of engineers have designed tuning modules that non only give great performance gains but also maintain reliability of your vehicle.

Our hardware designs not only offer long lasting durability, but also user friendly adjustments. In 2013 we released our reprogrammable tuning boxes and 7 years on, we are still seeing units being returned in full working order to be reprogrammed for new vehicles.

One of the things that sets Bluespark apart from most competitors is our ability to develop products and mapping that suit the specific needs of the customer, whether it's maximum power, economy or additional torque for towing that you need, Bluespark can offer a solution.

The knowledge and experience of our engineers has allowed us to design and develop products to suit new technologies such as our Diesel and Petrol SENT tuning boxes.

The benchmark for all mapping or tuning box suppliers is dyno testing. At Bluespark we have our own in house rolling road dyno, this allows us to measure the performance gains achieved from stock and tuned vehicles. We can also use the dyno to monitor data from the ECU to ensure our mapping remains within the safety parameters of the engine and its components.

To read more about our dyno testing, please visit our dyno rolling road page.

Our reputation is as valuable to us as your car is to you, and so, to ensure we offer effective and reliable tuning solutions, all mapping is developed and tested over a period of time before being released for general sale.

Our premises in Houghton-le-Spring is where are units are made. We have our own assembly and quality control teams to ensure every unit is manufactured to the highest standard. 

Because of our extensive design, development and manufacturing processes, we are confident that our products will exceed the expectations of most users and stand up to any competition.


As such, we are proud to stand behind our 28 day money back guarantee and will refund any customer is who is not happy with the results.