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More Power for your Ford

Maximum Power Gains

Up to: 40% More Power  
Up to: 35% More Torque  
Dyno Power Gains

Increased Fuel Economy

Our tuning boxes create more torque, which allows you to change up sooner, using less revs for more of the time. We expect to see 10% improvements in fuel economy.



Safe for your Engine

We design our maps for high performance with long term reliability. Our tunes are designed for cars with standard service intervals. Whilst a "race" map might sound attractive, racing teams have to rebuild their engines every few weekends....  


Easy Installation

Most of our units can be installed or removed from your Ford in under 10 minutes, without the need for specialist tools or equipment. We use factory style connectors, so all connections are plug and play, and installation is traceless once removed.


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Your Ford has performance waiting to be unlocked - release its full potential with Bluespark.

Most models in the Ford catalogue are covered by only a few separate engines –  yet between engines of the same capacity there are huge differences in performance. The main difference between these engines is not hardware but in fact the software programmed to each engine's ECU. Fitting a Bluespark tuning module to your Ford will usually increase engine power than the next up the Ford range, whilst costing far less. 



See what our customers think of their Ford after Bluespark tuning

Bluespark Pro - Ford SMax 1.8

We have a 2008 Ford SMax 1.8 Diesel. Prior to fitting the vehicle returned around 42mpg. Since fitting it returns 47mpg and feels so much more responsive. Bluespark does exactly what it says it will


Bluespark CR Tech 2 - 2012 Ford Ranger 2.2 Limited Auto

The first day of running on the Ranger and a lot of local driving both empty and loaded with 750kg sand. The extra torque is instantly noticeable when pulling with weight and with the fuel clock reset recorded 32 mpg. Again reset the clock to record unloaded and saw 35.7mpg...unbelievable. I'm no speed freak but would expect usually to see 27mpg and 30mpg respectively. The whole vehicle just seems sharper, smoother and more responsive. A big thanks to Greg for his quick responses to questions and accurate information. More than happy with the results.

Howie Smith

Bluespark Pro with Boost Control - Ford Focus ST3 Tdci 185

Had my pro + boost unit reprogrammed by Bluespark for my new ST. I am truly amazed with the difference in what is already a quick car - it's now a very, very quick car. Not just outright power though it's the improvement of the whole driving experience. The ST is now a dream to drive - smoother and so effortlessly quick. Not checked mpg but I never do anyway..! Thanks to Bluespark for fast, helpful service - thoroughly recommended.


Bluespark Pro + Boost - Ford Mondeo Titanium X Sport 2.2 TDCi

I've really enjoyed owning this car but the one thing I have been disappointed with from the start was the low rev turbo lag, bad. Also the engine lacked responsiveness which made it a chore around town. This tuning box has honestly removed almost all of the annoying lag , massively improved response and gives a large torque gain which makes the car easier and much more enjoyable to drive. Be aware though it will spin the wheels in 2nd and 3rd in the wet, oh and the dry sometimes. I love this product and the price is frankly a joke for the quality.

Matt Goodley

Bluespark Pro - Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCi

Excellent power increase AND economy didn't think it was possible to get both , ford connector is difficult to unclip on back on engine. So a little mechanical patience required. Excellent service and advice. Recommended.

Dave Orme

Bluespark Pro - Ford Kuga 2.0 Diesel

I was looking at these tuning boxes for a few months before I final purchased one. That was a big mistake I should have bought it straight away as the improvement from standard is like Black & White. Acceleration has improved it is not like a Ferrari as it is a Ford Kuga but it has definitely improved. I drive the same journey on the motor way every week and the MPG has gone from 38 - 48. My car is an automatic and I realise that it is changing in to a higher gears very quickly. I also tow a big caravan with the Kuga and with the chip on it is even easier on the engine as it does not appear to be revving its self to death.

Dave Orme

Bluespark Pro + Boost - Ford Ranger 3.0 Diesel Diesel

I'm very happy with every thing, from the easy install to getting on line and asking a question.

Dave Orme



Ford Tuning Box: For Fun, Power and Economy.

Unlock what your Ford can do with Bluespark

There are not many people who would not recognise the name Ford. Formed in 1903, Ford Motor Company was not the first venture for Henry Ford. In 1903 The Ford Company was setup. Nine months later, after a disagreement with investors, Ford left the company taking with him the rights to his name. The remaining company became the Cadillac Motor Company. Ford was one of the leading companies in the development of an assembly line concept.
In early years letters of the alphabet were used to distinguish different models. The first mass-produced model was the Model T. Millions of these were sold in 20 years between 1907 and 1927. The Model T was replaced the Model A, the first car with safety glass.
Today, there are 17 cars models, each with several variants. With a further 8 Vans and Pickups. We are able to offer tuning solutions for a total of 30 Models in several variants of each through current and discontinued ranges.
In 2017 Ford introduced a new top line variation of the Fiesta, Mondeo, S-Max, Kuga and Edge called The Vignale. This will be the highest expression of the Ford brand in Europe, and offers unique 18-inch alloys wheel designs, exclusive exterior detailing and colours, and hexagonal-quilted, tuxedo-stitched leather seats. They also announced, starting with the Ford Fiesta, an Active range, a crossover model, combining rugged SUV-inspired styling that includes raised ride-height, roof bars and additional cladding.

Ford KA / Ford KA + Tuning Box:

Launched in 1996 the Ford KA or KA Plus is Ford's City Car. There is one Diesel is the range, 1.3 TDCi that we can offer Tuning for. From 74BHP / 145Nm to 99 BHP / 177Nm with a Bluespark Pro + Boost added.

Ford Fiesta Tuning Box

Ford's most popular selling car, and longest serving in the current selection to have its name. Originally launched in 1976, it is now into its seventh generation. The current Ford Fiesta has 6 Petrol and 3 Common Road Diesel engines to choose from. We can offer a Tuning Box for 9 Common Rail Diesel and 3 Petrol Turbo Engines across models from the fifth to seventh generation. The top Diesel Model is a 1.6 TDCi with 94 BHP and 205Nm Torque. A Bluespark Pro + Boost added to the engine and it will produce 122BHP and 246Nm Torque. For the Petrol Turbo there is a 1.5 Fiesta ST giving 180 BHP with 240Nm. Adding our Petrol Turbo Tuning Box with increase the output to 206BHP and 273Nm Torque.

Ford B-Max / Ford Fusion Tuning Chip:

The Ford B-Max is a Mini MPV. It replaced the Ford Fusion in 2012. Ford have decided to cease production of the B Max in 2017 due to poor sales. Ford view the new Fiesta Active to be a replacement in the Mini MPV range. We can supply chip boxes for 2 Ford Fusion Diesel engines. There are 6 Common Rail Diesel and three Petrol Turbo engines in the B-Max range that can be fitted with a tuning box. The top Diesel is a 1.6 TDCi with an output of 94 BHP / 215Nm. Our Bluespark Pro + Boost will increase the output to 122 BHP / 257Nm.

Ford Focus Tuning Box

Replacing the Ford Escort in 1998, The Ford Focus is a Small Family Car. In 2001 the MkI received a face lift. This introduced the Common Rail Diesel into the range. Further generations were released in 2004 and 2011. The Ford Focus release was to move the Family Car range into the New Edge styling philosophy. In 2014 the MkIII received a face left to bring it in line with the style of the new Mondeo, Fiesta and C-Max range. There are 5 Petrol and 3 Common Rail Diesel engines on the market, there is also a 2.0 EcoBoost 252 BHP ST model.
Throughout the range of Focus cars we can offer a tuning box for 9 Petrol Turbo engines and 18 Common Rail Diesel. The highest performing is for the Ford Focus RS, a 305 BHP / 440Nm 2.3 litre four-cylinder Turbo Engine. The Bluespark Pro Petrol Tuning Module added to this will get the output up to 342 BHP / 497Nm. The top Diesel is a 2.0 TDCIi with 182 BHP / 400Nm increased to 229 BHP / 468Nm with a Bluespark Pro + Boost.

Ford EcoSport Tuning Chip:

The Ford EcoSport has been a massive seller for Ford in Brazil and other South and North American countries. Ford first launched the Eco Sport to the European market in 2014, poor sales forced Ford to revisit the design and a new, more suitable to the European market model was launched in 2016. There is one petrol and a 1.5 TDCi Diesel engine available with two power options. We can offer a tuning box for both diesel engines.

Ford Kuga / Ford Edge Tuning Box:

The Ford Kuga is a compact SUV and the Edge is a Mid-size crossover SUV. Launched in 2008 with a second generation in 2012 the Kuga is available in 4 Petrol engine options and 4 output variations of the 2 litre Common Rail Diesel. The top Petrol Model is a 2.5 Petrol Turbo 197 BHP / 320Nm and can be tuned to 226 BHP / 362Nm. The top spec Diesel is a 2.0 TDCi 177 BHP / 400Nm, adding our Bluespark Pro + Boost will increase the output to 222 BHP / 468Nm.
The Ford Edge had been available in the US since 2007, when the second generation was launched in 2015, it was released to the European Market. In Europe Ford have only released a 2.0 EcoBoost Petrol or 2.0 Duratorq Diesel with options of 180 BHP / 400Nm and 210 BHP / 450Nm. Adding our Bluespark Pro + Boost will increase these to 225 BHP / 468Nm and 258 BHP / 525Nm.

Ford C-Max / Ford S-Max Tuning Box:

With the second generation of the Focus, Ford launched a compact MPV, The Ford Focus C-Max. Later, in 2006, to be renamed as just C-Max. The C-Max was designed to give more of an upright driving position with greater luggage room than the standard Focus. Now into the second generation, 7 Petrol engines with 5 Diesel engine variants are available. In total we can offer tuning box for 6 Petrol Turbo and 16 Common Rail Diesel variations. The top Petrol is a 1.6 EcoBoost producing 180 BHP / 240Nm, using our Bluespark Pro Petrol Tuning Module power can increase to 206BHP with 273Nm Torque.
The Ford S-Max is the first release in the Ford Max range outlining Ford's MPV strategy of creating a 'Max' branded line of MPVs. The Ford S Max was intended to be a blend of a Saloon but spacious like an MPV. The S-Max was also the first model in the lineup to feature the new Kinetic Design styling. Now into the second generation, there are 2 Petrol and 8 Diesel engine variants available, we offer engine tuning options for 6 Petrol Turbo and 16 Common Rail Diesel engines across both generations. There is an S-Max 2.5 EcoBoost Petrol Turbo, performance can be increased from 217 BHP / 320Nm to 249 BHP / 362Nm with the Bluespark Pro Petrol Tuning Module. The top Diesel is a 2.2 TDCi 198 BHP / 420Nm engine increased to 243 BHP / 491Nm with the Bluespark Pro + Boost Tuning Module.

Ford Mondeo Tuning Box:

Replacing the Ford Siera in 1993, The Mondeo is Ford's Family Car. It is now into into the fourth generation, with each generation having a mid-life face lift. The Mondeo name comes from the Latin mundus meaning "World". The Mondeo was designed to be Ford's first "World Car", meaning the it would sever a global market with minimal changes. It was into the second generation when a Duratorq Common Rail Diesel Engine was introduced. The same four cylinder engine in used in today's models offering 5 Diesel variants. The petrol is a 3 or 4 cylinder EcoBoost with 4 variants. The top range Petrol Turbo is a 2.5 litre 217 BHP / 320Nm engine that can be increased to 249 BHP / 362Nm with the addition of the Bluespark Pro Petrol Tuning Module. The Diesel option is the 2.2 litre 153 BHP / 360Nm increasing to 184BHP / 404Nm.

Ford Galaxy Tuning Chip:

Ford's first MPV, The Ford Galaxy started life in 1995 as a joint venture with Volkswagen Group. Although a VW engine was used, Ford branding and style were incorporated on the engine and interior trim. In 2000 a second generation Galaxy had a face lift and change in trim levels. The same engine was used until the 2006 third generation, when production was moved to Ford. A whole new, larger car was produced, this time using the Duratorq Common Rail Diesel Engine. A further face lift in 2015 brought the Galaxy in-line with the look of other ranges including the Mondeo, Fiesta and S-Max.
Having the same engines as the S-Max, we can offer tuning solutions on 3 Petrol Turbo Engines and 17 Common Rail Diesel Engines.

Ford Commercial Vehicles

Once advertised as The Backbone of Britain, the Ford Transit has stood the test of time. Originally released in 1953 but only available in Germany. It wasn't until 1965 that the first generation Transit arrived in the United Kingdom. When the third generation was launched in 2000 Ford used a Duratorq Common Rail Diesel allowing chip tuning to be done. According to Ford there are over 1000 variation options for engine and body types.
These are some of the options in the Transit range.

Ford Transit Courier Tuning Box:

Launched in 2014 it is the first Fiesta size van since 2002. The exterior is based on the Ford Fiesta where as the interior is similar to the B-Max. We can offer tuning on the 1.6 Turbo Diesel 95PS / 230Nm tuned to 124PS / 272Nm

Ford Transit Connect Tuning Chip:

When the Ford planned to cease production of the Escort, they needed a replacement for the Escort Van. In 2002 they launched the Ford Transit Connect, the trim and look was based on the new Ford Focus. Comprising the Duratorq engine, there was a 1.8 and a 2 litre option. In 2009, Ford gave the Transit Connect a face lift to coincide with the launch in America and Canada. Ford launched a second generation on 2012 featuring the new Kinetic Design. Engine options are a 1.0, 1.6 or 2.5 litre Petrol and 1.8 litre Duratorq Diesel. We can offer Tuning solutions for all Diesel Engines in the range.

Ford Transit Tuning Box:

The Full size Transit has 16 Common Rail Diesel engines that we can offer tuning solutions for.

Other Discontinued or International Models

Ford Everest
Ford Fusion
Ford Grand C-MAX
Ford Grand Tourneo
Ford Grand Tourneo Connect
Ford Nugget
Ford Ranger
Ford Territory
Ford Tourneo

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