Speed Limiter Removal

Remove the Speed Limiter From Your Van with Bluespark

 Ford Transit Speed

Limiter Removal

Here at Bluespark, we have the equipment to unlock your Transit's speed limiter. Allowing your van to keep up with motorway traffic.

We also cover other Ford vans such as the Transit connect and Tourneo models.

Whilst having your speed limiter removed, we also offer a range of power upgrades, should you be interested.

Can you remove the speed limiter on my van?

Here at Bluespark we cover a wide range of makes and models. We can cover most popular models without issue, but if you have a specific enquiry the best thing to do is get in touch. Our team will always be happy to help.

For large corporate clients, installing speed limiters in vans has become standard procedure. Nonetheless, the limiters might be a source of irritation and annoyance for the following owners of these vans. Thankfully, deleting the speed limitation will solve this issue. The following are some advantages of deleting a van's speed limiter:

  • Increased Top Speed: The most obvious benefit of removing a van's speed limiter is an increase in top speed. This will enable you to travel more quickly and effectively, saving you time and making your life simpler.
  • Improved Performance: By removing the speed restriction, you can get to and from jobs more quickly. You'll have a better driving experience because the engine will be able to produce more power and the van will be able to handle motorway traffic better.

    Increased Resale Value: Even though the speed limiter is meant to make driving safer, turning it off may have the opposite effect. By removing the limiter, you can avoid being stuck in a dangerous situation where you need to drive at a higher speed to avoid a hazard.

    Enhanced Safety: Although the speed limiter is intended to increase safety, removing it can actually have the opposite effect. By removing the limiter, you can avoid being stuck in a dangerous situation where you need to drive at a higher speed to avoid a hazard.

In conclusion, removing the speed limiter from a van offers a number of advantages, such as an increase in peak speed, better performance, a higher resale value, and improved safety. Consider Hiring BLuespark to remove your speed limiter if you're sick of being constrained by the one in your vehicle. You'll be able to utilise your van's full capacity and improve your quality of life while travelling if you do this.


Fiat Ducato Speed Limiter Removal 

We have the correct software and diagnostic tools to remove the speed limiter from the full range of Fiat vans.

We can delete or raise the speed limiter on Fiat Ducato, Fiat Scudo, and Fiat Talento vans very easily.

Fiat Ducato Motorhome conversions are a popular choice for having the limiter disabled, making long motorway journeys a breeze.

Vauxhall Vivaro Speed Limiter Removal 

The full range of Vauxhall Vivaro, Corsa, Combo and Movano models can have their speed limiters removed or altered by our specialist technicians.

We have the tools and know how to remove the limiters on these in very little time.

These vans often come from British Gas with a speed limiter applied. If you have an Ex-British Gas van, we can get you back up to safe motorway speeds.

VW Transporter Speed Limit Delete 

We cover Speed limiter removal on Volkswagen Caddy, Transporter T5 and T6 models.

These vans are used by the AA and RAC as well as many other companies. They are frequently fitted with speed limiters for corporate customers.

Caddy van speed limiter removal is very popular, as these are commonly restricted from the factory.

Removing Speed Limiter Sprinter Van

The full range of Mercedes vans can be covered by our diagnostic tools. This includes the Sprinter, Vito and Citan.

The Sprinter is popular with lots of corporate clients and is frequently limited to prevent employees doing high speeds in local areas. If you are doing frequent motorway journeys this can quickly become very restrictive and sometimes even dangerous. Contact us today to remove the limit on your Sprinter.

Removing speed limiter sprinter van

Renault Trafic

Remove Speed Limiter

We cover all Renault vans including the Trafic, Master and Kangoo Models. 

Citroen Berlingo

Speed Limit Delete 

We can perform Speed limiter removal on the whole array of Citroen commercial vehicles. This includes the Citroen Berlingo, Nemo, Relay and Dispatch models.

Peugeot Expert

Speed Limiter Removal 

The full range of Peugeot vans can have their speed limiters adjusted or removed by our specialist tools.

The Peugeot range covered includes the Expert, Boxer and Partner models.

Speed Limiter Removal Near Me

Bluespark are situated smack bang in the middle of the North East, making it easy to get to us from Newcastle, Sunderland, Washington and Durham. We also have easy road links to Middlesborough, Stockton and the rest of Teesside. 

Van speed limiter removal costs less than you might think, Our prices start from £49.99 Inc VAT.

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