Magento Performance

Being a performance oriented company, we rely on a high performance website. We use the Magento CMS and magento performance, whilst maintaining great user experience is always a challenge.

This is the heart of our business, and allows us to sell worldwide. After trying many others, we are wholeheartedly happy to reccomend London based agency Wind And Kite (

They understood our concerns and have helped our business grow, with great support and unrivalled technical knowledge.

Right from the start they helped use migrate from a previous platform to Magento 2, integrate Sirv for easy image handling and have helped to keep us up to date with the newest Magento releases.

They have helped us to maintain fast load times on mobiles, tablets and desktop platforms, whilst showing page content appropriate for each device.

Using analytics and Magento performance reporting they found bottlenecks and issues with our site and helped us resolve them quickly and easily, whilst keeping our site accessible to our customers.

If you are looking to improve your vehicle's performance, we can most certainly help you. If you are looking to improve Magento Performance, go and speak to Wind and Kite.