Diesel Tuning Box - Which is best for your car?

Best Diesel Tuning Box -
Which Model Best Suits My Goals?


We supply a range of products to suit your Diesel car, which at first may seem like a daunting choice.

Each of our models provides great gains, but each has its own features and benefits that suit each customer differently. All of our products provide safe gains, and will not cause any issues in either the long or short term with your vehicle.

There are probably 3 questions that you should ask yourself when choosing a tuning box:

  • How difficult is it to install the Diesel Tuning Box?.

  • Am I most interested in Power and Torque, or MPG improvements?

  • What is my budget?

We offer 3 options to best suit each user's goals. Each box type is listed below, with the advantages of each.

CR Tech 2:

Best For:

  • - Tight Budgets

  • - Economy Improvements

  • - Drivability and Response

  • - Easy Single Channel Install.

Priced at only £149.99 the CR Tech 2 is the best choice for the budget conscious customer. It provides good gains in overall drivability, torque and fuel economy improvements, without aiming for the highest available peak power.


CR Tech 2 Image


Bluespark Pro:

Best For:

  • - Torque and Response Improvements.

  • - Easy Single Channel Install.

  • - Higher Power Gains.

Priced at £199.99 the Bluespark Pro is our mid-range unit. It is still a single channel unit like the CR Tech 2, but allows higher power gains. Its single point of connection reduces install time and cost vs the Pro + Boost.


Bluespark Pro Image

Bluespark Pro + Boost:

Best For:

  • - Highest Power and Torque Gains.

  • - Towing Performance.

  • - Best response.

  • - Great MPG Improvements

Priced at £279.99 the Bluespark Pro + Boost is our range-topping unit. It is a dual channel unit, which adds another point of connection, but this additional connection allows a whole host of benefits.

  • - Lower in cylinder temperatures.

  • - Lower exhaust gas temperature.

  • - Better Fuel Economy.

  • - An almost identical to factory air/fuel ratio throughout the rev range.

  • - Lower particulate matter (soot).

  • - Higher torque and power throughout the rev range.

Monitoring and increasing boost pressure isn't necessarily about high performance or racing applications, we do the same thing when tuning agricultural or plant equipment. Increasing fuel and boost in harmony is always the best approach if budget allows.


Bluespark Pro + Boost Image

If you are interested in what we can offer for your vehicle, please use our Vehicle Selector page.