Pedal Box

The EliteDrive Smart Throttle Pedal Controller

The EliteDrive Throttle Booster is a Plug & Play device that gives you absolute control over your vehicle’s throttle response.

Unlocking Full Throttle - Combining a pedal box and chip tuning box

Here at Bluespark, we offer numerous methods of tuning solutions for your vehicle.

The EliteDrive Throttle Booster is a plug & play device that gives you absolute control over your vehicles throttle response.

In the ever-evolving world of automotive technology, the pedal box has emerged as a revolutionary product aimed at enhancing the driving experience. This simple yet effective device offers drivers more control over their vehicle's acceleration response, providing an edge in performance and comfort.

Understanding the

Pedal Box

A pedal box, sometimes referred to as a throttle controller or pedal commander, is a device that alters the vehicle's throttle response. In essence, a pedal commander throttle controller modifies the signal sent from the accelerator pedal to the vehicle's engine control unit (ECU), changing how the vehicle responds to your input. This allows for customization of acceleration response according to the driver's preference.

A well-adjusted throttle controller pedal box provides a more dynamic driving experience, allowing for quicker acceleration when needed and smoother transitions in regular city driving. It's especially beneficial for modern drive-by-wire vehicles, where there can be a noticeable lag between pedal input and engine response.

Installing the pedal commander box is generally a simple process. All of our options in pedal boxes are plug-and-play, meaning you just connect the device between your vehicle's accelerator pedal and the ECU. Once installed, you can adjust the settings to match your driving style, creating a more personalized driving experience. Depending on the model of pedal box, this can either be done on the control unit or the downloadable smartphone app.


The Benefits of a Pedal Box

A pedal box or throttle controller, offers a number of benefits that make it a worthwhile addition to any vehicle. Firstly, it provides enhanced control over the vehicle's acceleration response. This can be particularly useful in situations where precise throttle control is needed, such as towing, off-roading, or driving in heavy traffic.

In addition, a pedal commander box can improve fuel efficiency. By fine-tuning the throttle response, you can achieve more efficient driving behaviour, ultimately leading to potential savings on fuel. This feature is particularly advantageous for those who do a lot of city driving where frequent stop-and-go situations are common.

Lastly, a throttle controller pedal box can contribute to the overall driving experience. By customizing the throttle response to match your preferences, you can make your vehicle feel more responsive and fun to drive. Whether you prefer a more sporty or relaxed driving style, a pedal box can help you achieve the experience you desire.

Combining A Pedal Box & Tuning Box

They are the perfect match. With both the throttle commander pedal box and chip tuning box installed, your vehicle's performance should be noticeably enhanced. The throttle controller (pedal box) improves throttle response, while the chip tuning box optimizes engine parameters for power, torque, and fuel efficiency. This combination provides an exciting driving experience, blending increased power with precise control.

Both the pedal commander and the chip tuning box have the potential to improve fuel efficiency. The pedal box encourages smoother, less aggressive driving, while the chip tuning box optimizes engine performance. When used together, they offer an effective strategy for maximizing fuel economy.

Perhaps the most compelling benefit of combining a pedal box with a chip tuning box is the ability to fine-tune your vehicle's performance to your liking. With control over throttle response and the various engine parameters, you can truly personalize your driving experience.

10 selectable driving modes can be selected on the device or by downloading the smartphone app.

- Modes include Sport, Race, Economy & Towing.

- Lock Mode provides you with next level vehicle security, by locking the throttle with an access code, meaning it is un-drivable unless the code is entered.

- Great for learner drivers, as less throttle response can be given while the driver adjusts to the controls.

- Nothing will bring your vehicle to life and remove that annoying throttle lag like this.


Exploring The Unique Driving Modes

The Smart Throttle Controller Pedal Box is equipped with ten distinct driving modes, each designed to deliver a different driving experience.

Comfort Mode: Smoother and safer

In Comfort mode, the throttle response is adjusted to deliver a smoother driving experience, minimizing jerky starts or stops and providing more confidence on the road.

Lock Mode: Unmatched protection

Add another layer of protection to your vehicle with the new Throttle Lock Mode that you set with your own personal Pin Code. The vehicle’s pedal will not operate when the throttle is locked, even with the engine running.

Eco Mode: Driving efficiency at its best

Eco mode optimizes your vehicle's fuel consumption by controlling the rate of throttle signal, perfect for city driving or during heavy traffic. This is also a great feature for those learning to drive. Giving you a decrease in throttle response, it will allow for safe tutoring while in a real world setting.

Sport Mode: Harness the power

When you need that extra power for overtaking or merging onto the highway, Sport mode sharpens the throttle response, allowing for faster acceleration.

Overtake Boost: A step further

Like Sport Mode, it will increase throttle response, eliminating delay but will take it a step further, giving even better response. Suitable for giving you max power for safer overtaking.

Race Mode: Unleash the beast

Designed for the track, Race Mode offers the sharpest throttle response and the quickest acceleration, delivering raw 

power when you need it the most.

i-Auto Mode: Smart and adaptive

With its intelligent adaptive system, the i-Auto Mode automatically adjusts the throttle response based on your driving habits, offering a personalized driving experience.

Tow Mode: Torque where you need it

One of the exclusive modes is TOW Mode. This setting delivers unparalleled levels of torque delivery when you need it while driving with a heavy load. Elite Drive developed this unique mode to make towing easier and ultimately safer. Set and Forget.

4x4 Mode: Master the offroad

When driving offroad, the biggest issue can be too much power or torque delivered at the wrong time. In 4x4 Mode you’ll find there’s a lot more control over the delivery of every hp, and you’ll avoid surging when driving over bumpy ground.

Rumble Mode: Let them hear you

A fun automatic throttle feature to use when you are stationary. Can be used at car events, there are 6 preset sounds or customize this mode yourself, letting the throttle open and close by itself, you can show off your engine sounds or let them hear those pops and bangs.

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