3 Channel Pro Petrol Turbo Tuning Module


Bluespark 3 Channel Pro Petrol 

Bluespark 3 Channel Pro Petrol

Premium tuning for your Petrol Turbo engine


Our 3 Channel Tuning Module is our premium tuning option for turbo petrol engines. This a cutting edge, exciting option from higher performance engines giving the best possible increase in power and torque.

Our engine specific maps have been developed for a smooth driving experience allowing you to enjoy the power gains with daily driving and improve the responsiveness of your car.

The petrol tuning box is a plug and play Module and is supplied with photographic instructions for installation and adjustment. Supplied with original OEM connectors installation on the majority of cars is a breeze and can be completed in minutes, with only a handful of cars requiring some mechanical skill to install.


What is a 3 Channel Module?

Our standard Petrol Tuning boxes connects to two points on the engine, map and boost. With the 3 Channel Module, we have an additional connection point, the CAM sensor. This is a completely different Module with additional hardware to our 2 Channel Module.


What is a CAM Sensor?

The CAM sensor or Camshaft Position Sensor works with the crankshaft sensor to define the exact position of the crankshaft drive. This allows a more accurate RPM reading.


Why don’t all cars use a 3 Channel Module?

With some engines there are no performance gains from reading RPM through the CAM sensor. We are able to offer the same increase in power and torque with our 2 Channel Module.


User Adjustable Settings

The 3 Channel Module has 5 map settings. However, the default setting that the box is set to has been ideally programmed for the stock vehicle. We would not recommend using any of the other settings without aftermarket modifications. If you do have additional mods on your car, please contact us and speak to an Engineer for the best settings compatible with your setup.


Dyno Testing

We carry out hours of testing and data logging when developing the 3 Channel Module. All maps used with these Modules are engine specific and cannot be used on other engines.



The 3 Channel Module can be reprogrammed to any compatible Petrol or Diesel engine. Because of the additional hardware required, a traditional 2 Channel Petrol or Diesel Module cannot be used as a 3 Channel Module.