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Plug in More Power & Torque

Maximum Power Gains

Up to: 40% More Power  
Up to: 35% More Torque  
Dyno Power Gains

Increased Fuel Economy

Our tuning boxes create more torque, which allows you to change up sooner, using less revs for more of the time. We expect to see 10% improvements in fuel economy.



Safe for your Engine

We design our maps for high performance with long term reliability. Our tunes are designed for cars with standard service intervals. Whilst a "race" map might sound attractive, racing teams have to rebuild their engines every few weekends....  


Easy Installation

Most of our units can be installed or removed from your Seat in under 10 minutes, without the need for specialist tools or equipment. We use factory style connectors, so all connections are plug and play, and installation is traceless once removed.


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Your Seat has performance waiting to be unlocked - release its full potential with Bluespark.

Most models in the Seat catalogue are covered by only a few separate engines –  yet between engines of the same capacity there are huge differences in performance. The main difference between these engines is not hardware but in fact the software programmed to each engine's ECU. Fitting a Bluespark tuning module to your Seat will usually increase engine power than the next up the Seat range, whilst costing far less. 



See what our customers think of their Seat after Bluespark tuning

Bluespark Pro - Seat Ibiza fr 1.4tsi

Just had tuning box fitted today. Guys were extremely helpful and took car out to find the best map using their laptop. We quickly found the best one and what a difference. It has masses of torque and its actually frightening to drive when its opened up. There is also the option of increasing the gains further but have decided to leave it as it is for now. I can thoroughly recommend both the company and the product and the guys go out of their way to help. I was undecided as to whether to go for a remap or tuning box and am pleased I chose the tuning box.

George Bennett

Bluespark Pro - SEAT LEON 1.6TDI

Have a new Seat Leon 1.6tdi 105 bhp with 300kw only, purchased Bluespark over the phone, nice lads, 6 mins to fit; left as standard my wife took the car to wales but when the car came back, I changed the settings well what a difference! More power, smother power delivery and fuel economy excellent!


Bluespark Pro - Seat Alhambra Ecomotive 170 diesel

The product arrived the next day. I tried to install the unit the following day, after about 10 minutes I had to phone support, who answered promptly and emailed me another location diagram. It took me a about 15 minutes to install the boost sensor. I took the van out for a drive in the evening and boy what a difference! I've had fast cars in my time and never had this much improvement for this little money! Well worth it... I never thought driving an MPV could be this much fun.


Bluespark Pro + Boost - Seat Ibiza 1.2TDI Ecomotive

I was somewhat dubious about the product having read about tuning boxes on motoring forums, they always talked about a rolling road remap being the best option but I needed something easily reversible. I bit the bullet and decided to try a Bluespark box, i opted for the Pro unit with boost control. Well let's just say I'm impressed. The car definitely has a lot more poke, accelerates with quite a bit of urgency, turbo lag is still there but it's great if i downshift and then boot it. Can definitely feel a torque improvement throughout the rev range, needs a lot less throttle now where I was flooring it before. Economy seems to have improved, I commute 50 miles from Nottinghamshire to Lincoln and typically average 70mpg, Today the trip computer averaged 74mpg on the way there and 78mpg on the way home, but i did hit a lot of traffic on the way home, i peaked at 80.2mpg towards the end of my journey until i hit the traffic.


Bluespark Pro - Seat Ibiza Cupra TSI DSG

Acceleration has greatly improved, 0-60 is in the sub 6 seconds. Mid range torque makes the car feel effortless when overtaking. Fuel consumption in the first week has seen a slight improvement but expecting it to only improve once I stop using the extra power a little too much! Left it on setting C as that is what it arrived on, may try D in the next few weeks just to see if there is any difference again. Overall I am delighted with a product that is a bargain compared to other tuning boxes out there!




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Increase Your FUN Bluespark Pro + Boost

The humble beginnings of Seat originally dates back to 1940 when a consortium of companies planned a car manufacturing motor company to produce and build cars in Spain. Because of the country's lack of expertise in automotive mass-production development, it was decided to find a foreign partner who would contribute technology and with its own models in the early years in exchange for cash, shares, bonds and royalties. With the rest of Europe having entered World War II, and Spain itself in ruins from its civil war, the project was delayed but not abandoned due to its strategic importance.
in 1950 the project was re-initiated as a joint venture with Fiat. The majority of Seat exports were done with a Fiat badge. In 1982 the partnership ended and later that year Seat formed a cooperation with Volkswagen. In 1986 Volkswagen became the major share hold of Seat with a 75% stake in the company.
Today there are seven models available as new in the UK, with the Leon having four variants, giving eleven styles to choose from.

Seat Ibiza Tuning Box

Launched in 1984, The Seat Ibiza was they first car developed as an independent company. The Seat Ibiza is a supermini class car, a fifth generation was launched in 2017. The Seat Ibiza is the highest selling from the Seat range. Seat have a total of 17 options in the Ibiza range including trim and engine variants. We can offer chip tuning solutions on 20 engine options from the Petrol Turbo and Common Rail Diesel range. The top range from the engines available today is the 1.6 litre TDI 89 BHP / 230Nm Torque. With the addition of our Bluespark Pro + Boost, the output can be increased to 115 BHP / 274Nm.

Seat Leon Chip Tuning Box

The Seat Leon is a small family car. Launched in 1998, it was originally only a hatchback. In later years other body shapes were introduced. Today the Seat Ibiza comes in 3 bodies with several style options. The SC is a 3 door hatchback, 5D a 5 door hatchback and ST is the estate option. The top style in the range is the Seat Leon Cupra, this is the sporty, performance option of the 5D, ST and SC body types. The two options of Seat Leon Cupra 300 have a 3.0 TSI Petrol Turbo 296 BHP / 380Nm. Our Bluespark Pro Petrol Tuning Module can increase performance to 337 BHP / 430Nm. The highest performing common rail diesel is a 2.0 TDI 181 BHP / 380Nm tuned to 224 BHP / 445Nm with the Bluespark Pro + Boost.

Seat Toledo Remap Box

In 1991 Seat replaced the aging Malaga with a new five door hatchback saloon family car, the Seat Toledo. Over the years the Toledo has evolved in shape and style. They latest generation, launched in 2011 goes back to a traditional saloon look. In the existing rage from Seat, there are two engine options. 1.0 litre petrol and 1.6 TDI Common Rail Diesel. We can offer tuning for the Seat Toledo Diesel engine, standard output is 114 BHP / 250Nm increasing to 145 BHP / 295Nm with the introduction of our Bluespark Pro + Diesel Tuning Box.

Seat Arona Chip Box

The latest addition to the Seat range is the Seat Arona. The compact SUV is set to be a direct rival to the like of the Nissan Juke and Suzuki Vitara. The Seat Arona comes in six variants, each one with either differing equipment or engine specifications.

Seat Ateca Tuning Box

The Seat Ateca is a compact crossover SUV. Launched in 2016 it is a direct rival to other compact SUV models such as the Nissan Qashqai and Ford Kuga. The top variant of the Seat Ateca, called Xcellence is packed with Technology. With the full range of engines and style variants, there are 23 vehicle options to choose form with the Seat Ateca. We can offer our chip tuning technology for 6 engine types across the range. These include 1.4 litre TSI petrol turbo - 148 BHP / 250 Nm, with the Bluespark Pro Petrol Tuning Module this can be increased to 171 BHP / 284Nm. Our Bluespark Pro + Boost can be fitted to all common rail diesel engines, the 2.0 TDI 148 BHP / 340Nm can be increased up to 184 BHP / 396Nm.

Seat Alhambra Chip Tuning

In 1996 Seat, in a joint venture with VW and Ford launched a seven seat MPV called the Seat Alhambra. very little changed in design of the Alhambra between 1996 to 2010, when a second generation was launched. The Seat Alhambra was given a full new look along with sliding rear doors. A face lift was implemented in 2017. There are four different style variants of the Alhambra, allowing up to 14 choices when engine options are factored in. The common rail diesel engine at the top of the line is a 2.0 litre TDI 181 BHP / 380Nm, using our chip tuning technology the output can increase to 224 BHP / 445Nm. Out Bluespark Pro Petrol tuning module can be added to the 2.0 litre TSI Petrol Turbo engine, standard output is 197 BHP / 280Nm, increased to 226 BHP / 318Nm.

Other discontinued vehicles we can offer chip tuning for

Seat Exeo

Seat Altea


If you are interested in seeing what Bluespark can do for your Seat please use the vehicle selector at the top of this page to choose your car.



Seat Tuning Boxes

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