Abarth Tuning Boxes

Give your Scorpion More Sting

Maximum Power Gains

Up to: 40% More Power  
Up to: 35% More Torque  
Dyno Power Gains

Increased Fuel Economy

Our tuning boxes create more torque, which allows you to change up sooner, using less revs for more of the time. We expect to see 10% improvements in fuel economy.



Safe for your Engine

We design our maps for high performance with long term reliability. Our tunes are designed for cars with standard service intervals. Whilst a "race" map might sound attractive, racing teams have to rebuild their engines every few weekends....  


Easy Installation

Most of our units can be installed or removed from your Abarth in under 10 minutes, without the need for specialist tools or equipment. We use factory style connectors, so all connections are plug and play, and installation is traceless once removed.


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Your Abarth has performance waiting to be unlocked - release its full potential with Bluespark.

Most models in the Abarth catalogue are covered by only a few separate engines –  yet between engines of the same capacity there are huge differences in performance. The main difference between these engines is not hardware but in fact the software programmed to each engine's ECU. Fitting a Bluespark tuning module to your Abarth will usually increase engine power than the next up the Abarth range, whilst costing far less. 



See what our customers think of their Abarth after Bluespark tuning

Bluespark Pro Petrol - Abarth 595 Competizione 2017 180bhp

Great! Was dubious as people have said the latest euro6 spec 595 was hard to tune with a box. Well, happy to say this isn't the case with the new 3 channel 180 Comp box. On setting C there was a small improvement. 8 or so bhp. But a great smooth power delivery. Setting D saw the big gains and matched what bluespark say. 196ps and 300nm torque. Rolling road print out to prove before and after power. Torque delivery is brutal, so might adjust the fine tuning wheel to try and smooth it out low down. But very pleased. Does what they promised. Nearly a 20bhp increase and 50nm increase!


Bluespark Pro Petrol - Fiat Abarth 124 Spider

Have had this product in my vehicle for some 6 months. I am very pleased with the results. Previously 170HP - 125 KW - 250NM which was already impressive but the Bluespark has improved on that. The Dyno results confirmed this stating now 207.6 HP - 129 KW - 364NM. I have no reservations in recommending this product to anyone. Especially when one can remove it and have it adjusted to fit a new Car later and soo much cheaper too. Cheers from Down Under Australia.


Bluespark Pro Petrol - Abarth 500/595 140PS

I purchased a Bluespark tuning box from you on 28th September for my Abarth 140. When first fitted it was hard to discern any difference in performance although all connections were made ok and everything looked well (no errors etc). I spoke with you and you made a few suggestions regarding possible solutions and after leaving things disconnected overnight I’m very pleased to say I can most definitely feel the difference. The car goes great with loads more responsiveness, power and torque (and seems to be getting better). I can now drive the car on my daily commute in normal mode returning around 50-51 mpg which is fantastic plus if I need to overtake then it is certainly not a problem. Many thanks for a fantastic product and great after sales service..


Bluespark Petrol Turbo Unit - Abarth 595

Bit of a trek from Coventry to Houghton Le Spring but totally worth it.
Arrived around 11am and Edd made me a coffee (with a biscuit), they took the box and made sure the software on it was ok. We then took it out for a spin after Edd set the box back to C. (Previously ran it in C then D then E and had all settings dynod).
We then went over to @theperformancecentreuk, Edd with laptop ready to plug in. Had chats with the guys there and some other customers - was good to hear about other petrol heads cars - and got mine up on the dyno. I didn't go in but I did hear it spinning up and few times. The results are...170bhp! And one proper chuffed bloke! Edd did make a very small modification to the software file on my box BUT he said it was pretty much the file they preset it with anyway. The main difference was the correct power downing of the car for the proper time between settings and then fan/air set up at Performance Centre.
Left with a massive grin on my face and shall drive down home tomorrow using my full 170bhp (for a few seconds until I arrive to another 50mph average speed camera section of the motorway).
So massive thanks to Edd & The Bluespark team - I 100% recommend getting one of their tuning boxes and I also 100% endorse their after sales customer service.
Top guys.

Simon Woodward

Bluespark Petrol Turbo Unit - Abarth Punto Supersport

Received my box yesterday, for my Abarth Punto Supersport, easy and understandable instructions took all of 5-10mins to fit, over the moon with this product changes the characteristics of the car completely it feels like a new car, will be recommending this to my fellow owners!!."

Gareth Wilson

Bluespark Pro Petrol - Abarth-500/595 Turismo 1.4 T-Jet 135bhp 2013

Just wanted to say that you guys make am awesome product! I have had mine for several months now. The power is amazing! After my dyno. I did it on the same day with the same machine. I gained 30+hp!! Granted I have the 135hp car.
But it feels night and day different. Can't recommend this enough. If you do nothing else to your car, you MUST add this to your list.

Mr Smith

Bluespark Pro Petrol - Fiat 500 Abarth (135hp) 2008

We are very kind of Yours product. Now the car is what it should be! Only positive feelings. Easy yo install but we take the time and make carefully. Protect every connects, enough electric and we also find a nice place behind the battery to place it. Good quality for everything and papers. So now can we say"let me alone I know what to do" cheers Lassi Koivunen

Lassi Koivunen



Abarth Tuning: More Power, Better Response.

Bluespark performance for your Abarth

Founded in 1949, The Abarth name has always been synonymous with Italian Performance. In 1971 Abarth became a subsidiary of Fiat, and for a long time was used more as a nameplate for high spec Fiat cars. In 2007, Abarth as we know it today was born, releasing a new range of cars based upon the Fiat 500. Since then the Abarth brand has become increasingly popular and has gained significant worldwide appeal. After the success of the Abarth 500/595 and Punto models, in 2015 the Abarth 124 Spider launched, sharing its underpinnings with the Mazda MX-5. We can offer tuning boxes for virtually every Abarth model on the market today and get great results from the 1.4 T-jet and Multiair engines.

Abarth 595 Tuning Box:

In Europe these cars are all fitted with the 1.4 T-Jet engine, whereas for the American market they are fitted with the Multiair engine. The earlier Abarth 500 models were available with 135PS from the factory, with the esseesse kit available to boost power to 160PS. Later, factory 160PS models were made available, all still based upon the same 1.4 T-jet engine with the IHI turbo. On all engines with the IHI turbo we can increase power to around 172PS and 285NM torque. Beyond this power level, the factory IHI turbo begins to struggle to deliver. In 2012 the model range was extended to include a 180PS version of the 1.4 T-Jet. This uses a Garrett 1446 turbocharger in place of the IHI unit. Our new 3 channel Abarth 180 Tuning box gets fantastic results on this engine.

Abarth 500 Tuning Box:

We still offer units to cover the older Abarth 500 135 and 160 models. We get fantastic results from thes in terms of power and torque right across the rev range. 

Abarth Punto Tuning Chip:

In 2007 the Abarth Grande Punto was released, with a factory output of 155PS. The essesse kit released for this car gives it uprated brakes, suspension and an upgrade to 180PS. 2010 saw the release of the Abarth Punto Evo, with a factory output of 165PS again with an essesse kit offering a 180PS upgrade. For all these models we can offer an upgrade to 195PS and 320Nm Torque.

Abarth 124 Spider Tuning Box:

With a longitudinally mounted 1.4 T-Jet engine and a Limited Slip Diff as standard the Abarth 124 Spider is a great car straight from the factory. We can get great results from this engine, taking it from the standard 170PS to 196PS.

If you are interested in seeing what Bluespark can do for your Abarth please use the vehicle selector at the top of this page to choose your car.


Abarth Tuning Boxes

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