Rally for Heroes

Bluespark are proud to be supporting Rally for Heroes in 2018



What is Rally for Heroes 2018?

Rally for Heroes 2018 will be a unique event, with every competitor covering a minimum distance of 2,280 miles in recognition of the 456 lives that were lost during the Afghanistan conflict. Created in 2010, this SSAFA fund raising rally has already raised hundreds of thousands of pounds. We’ll be taking 50 vehicles in just 10 days around 10 different countries; starting in the UK, through France, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Austria, Germany and Luxembourg. Our drivers are committed to raising money for SSAFA.



What is SSAFA?

SSAFA - Formerly known as Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association. The UK's oldest national Tri-Service Military Charity

Our vision

In recognition of their service to the Nation, SSAFA works to ensure that the needs of the Armed Forces, veterans and their families are met in an appropriate and timely way.


Our mission

SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity, exists to relieve need, suffering and distress amongst the Armed Forces, veterans and their families in order to support their independence and dignity.

Our values


Showing empathy; giving a helping hand to those in need and distress.

Committed and Professional

Being beneficiary-focused in all we do; accountable for our actions; open, transparent and acting in the best interests of people who use or need our support.


Being consistent in how we deal with people; acting with integrity and not making moral judgments; not discriminating; promoting inclusivity and diversity.


Standing by what we believe when we need to challenge accepted wisdom; trusting in our own ability; doing the right thing, however hard; questioning actions not consistent with our values.

Our Strategic Objectives

Our strategic objectives set out our priorities at SSAFA and how we go about achieving them. They underpin our key processes as we work together to provide the ever important specialist services and practical, emotional and financial support to our Forces and their families.

1. Understanding Need - We will ensure that we understand and adapt to the needs of our beneficiaries.
2. Effective Support - We will alleviate suffering and distress by providing appropriate, affective and timely support.
3. Sustainable Resource - We will ensure we have people with the right skills and sufficient time to deliver our services, underpinned by a sustainable income.
4. Collaborative Working - We will work collaboratively within the organisation and with external partners.
5. Awareness and Understanding - We will strive to be respected, known and understood.




The Rally

So what "were" you doing in August 2018?

Our 5th rally since we started back in 2010 and we're getting exceptionally good at this!
Between now and the Rally start you will be raising money for our selected charity, SSAFA. We aim to smash our £100,000 objective once again. You will embark on the adventure of a lifetime whilst getting to experience some of the best roads that Europe has to offer along with stunning locations that are, literally, the stuff of dreams!

DAY 1 - UK to France

The adventure begins on August 2nd 2018 when we all form up for the Rally Launch in London (TBC) we will then make our way across the channel to France for our first overnight stop at the iconic Rheims.

DAY 2 - France to Switzerland

It's time to start making our way South through France and into the land of St Bernard's, Cuckoo clocks and Hairpins! Our 2nd night's stopover in Zurich.

DAY 3 - Switzerland to Italy

Day 3 and it's still heading South through yet more mountain passes and stunning scenery until we cross into Italy and our 3rd night's stop at Milan.

Day 4 - Italy

Day 4 and today it's a short drive down the coast to our next overnight stop at the world’s most beautiful city of Venice. The day is yours to sample the delights of the city, relax and soak in the atmosphere.

DAY 5 - Italy to Croatia

Day 5 and it's a first for Rally for Heroes as we keep heading east into Slovenia then south along the stunning coastal roads of Croatia to our 5th overnight stop in the beautiful city of Split.

DAY 6 - Croatia to Bosnia

Day 6 and today we start to head east back inland to our 6th overnight stop at Sarajevo but not before stopping off for a spot of lunch at the stunning medieval city of Mostar and the jaw dropping Mostar bridge.

DAY 7 - Bosnia to Croatia

Day 7 and today we start to head North through Bosnia and some of the most spectacular roads and vistas we have encountered on Rally for Heroes. Our stopover for tonight is the picturesque city of Zagreb in Croatia.

DAY 8 - Croatia to Germany

Day 8 and we're heading North through Austria and some more stunning mountain passes on our way to the land of Beer, Bratwurst and Autobahns! Our stopover for the 8th night is the stunning German city of Munich.

DAY 9 - Germany to Luxembourg

Day 9 and we continue up through Germany having a go on the fabled unrestricted Autobahns, a chance today for all of our speed demons to give their cars a stretch to their limits and all totally legal! At the end of today's excitement we head up into the beautiful Luxembourg city for our 9th night's stop.

DAY 10 - Luxembourg to UK

Day 10 all good things must sadly come to an end and Rally for Heroes is no exception. Today we leave Luxembourg en-route to our final night and the end of Rally Bal.

For more information follow rallyforheroes.com


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