Alfa Romeo Tuning Boxes

Give your Alfa Power to Match its Passion

Maximum Power Gains

Up to: 40% More Power  
Up to: 35% More Torque  
Dyno Power Gains

Better Power Delivery

Our tuning boxes create more torque, right the way through the rev-range. We utilise as much extra potential as your cars engine and turbo can deliver for maximum performance.



Safe for your Engine

We design our maps for high performance with long term reliability. Our tunes are designed for cars with standard service intervals. Whilst a "race" map might sound attractive, racing teams have to rebuild their engines every few weekends....  


Easy Installation

Most of our units can be installed or removed from your Alfa Romeo in under 10 minutes, without the need for specialist tools or equipment. We use factory style connectors, so all connections are plug and play, and installation is traceless once removed.


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Your Alfa Romeo has performance waiting to be unlocked - release its full potential with Bluespark.

Most models in the Alfa Romeo catalogue are covered by only a few separate engines –  yet between engines of the same capacity there are huge differences in performance. The main difference between these engines is not hardware but in fact the software programmed to each engine's ECU. Fitting a Bluespark tuning module to your Alfa Romeo will usually increase engine power than the next up the Alfa Romeo range, whilst costing far less. 



See what our customers think of their Alfa Romeo after Bluespark tuning

Bluespark Pro Petrol - ALFA ROMEO 4C

Feels Awesome.

Fitted your product to the Alfa and WOW performance increase turbo lag gone and smoother power delivery. Top product



Well, I never tried a chip box, only remaps, It´s my first experience with it, what can I say:
First ride in map C, all the 3 DNA modes are increased. Now I can enjoy riding in the normal mode and All weather, the dynamic mode is powerful enough, more torque and responsiveness between gears, less turbo lag. Great!!!!
After, let`s try map D. The perfect setup, a little more power to enjoy the ride, I will stay on Map D. The power increase of the box is enough for me, is not my every day car, I enjoy power with reliability, and this box have these two things.
I´m very satisfied, with the delivery, the full package, and price. It´s a good value for money 5* , buy it you won´t regret !!!! Thanks Bluespark.


CR Tech 2 - Alfa Romeo GT 1.9jtdm

This works, improved mpg by 3mpg & I haven't even taken it on long run out of town, power comes in at 1600rpm & pulls into the red, no turbo lag, the motor was good before & this has made it even better"


CR Tech 2 - Alfa Romeo GT JTDm

Installed the unit in a matter of minutes. Just removed engine cover and clipped it in, easy!
Engine runs much smoother, its certainly ironed out the twitchy-ness when accelerating. The power come much faster, its certainly noticeable. Don't get me wrong, its not like adding a massive turbo charger or anything but it IS much more responsive, smoother and feels quicker.
When driving responsibly and using gears correctly it has averaged about 8mpg more than I would usually get. So everything these guys are stating is 100% true. I would certainly recommend this product to anyone with a common rail diesel engine.
FYI - The mpg test were carries out over a 100 mile range. Driving economically I was getting around 57mpg with this installed of virtually the same roads and speeds I managed 65mpg.
Cheers Bluespark! :)


CR Tech 2 - Alfa 156 2.4jtd

Had the box reprogrammed for this engine and fitted it a couple of days ago, this doesn't feel like other tuning boxes I have used previously low end torque is the most impressive and it seems to give a bit more power but it is progressive and not just a big thump and cloud of smoke like others.
In all I am very impressed and if I can stop myself pressing too hard on the go pedal I'm sure I will get better mpg as its averaged the same on the last tank just gets me there faster. I have had it adjusted up to the top setting and it wasn't too smokey but felt it had to much torque and kept under steering exiting roundabouts.
Will definitely recommend this to people. I would like to be able to adjust the settings from inside the car like a small dial on the dash but for the money this has to be the best value performance upgrade available. Thanks




Tuning Boxes for Power with your Alfa Romeo

Bluespark gets your more than ever from an Alfa

Regarded by many as the best looking road car available, Alfa Romeo is not always the first choice for everyone. They are often viewed as unreliable. However recent Alfa Romeos have been gaining rave reviews form the car industry and winning people over. With a Bluespark Tuning Box or as some people may call them Chip Box, you can improve power, torque and fuel economy. Giving more bite to this Italian beauty. Our Chip Tuning box has certain benefits over a remap. It is removable and leaves no trace on the engine management system once removed. Furthermore you have adjustable map setting on the engine tuning box to offer more power, or torque. This making it an ideal product to reduce fuel costs.

Alfa Romeo was founded in 1910. The name Alfa is a combination of the original name, "A.L.F.A." ("Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili"). In 1986 Alfa Romeo became part of the Fiat Group. Alfa Romeo had a proud and distinguished raging history. Tuning and Power has always been part of Alfa Romeos. With a Bluespark Remap that we offer through our Tuning Box you can increase the passion with added power and torque.

Our available Models include:

Alfa Romeo MiTo Tuning Box

Launched in 2008, The MiTo is Alfa Romeo's Supermini. Aimed at competing with the Mini and Audi A1.
To date there have been 11 petrol engines, 4 diesel engines and a LPG option. All diesel engines Fiat's JTD Multijet and can be mapped by our chip tuning box connecting to the common rail. We also have a performance chip for the Petrol Turbo engines in the range.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Tuning Chip

The Giulietta is a lager 5-door hatchback. Launched in 2010, it is Fiat's "Small Family Car".
The top of the range model has 1.7 L turbocharged engine the 1750 TBi - 235 PS (173 kW; 232 hp) with an exclusive Quadrifoglio Verde configuration. With a Bluespark PRO PETROL TUNING MODULE this should gain an output up to 269 PS with 385 Nm Torque. The Giulietta is available in 6 petrol and 6 diesel engines. We can offer tuning boxes for all engines in the range.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Tuning Box

The Giulia is Alfa Romeo's first large car since the 159 ended production in 2011.
The flagship model is the Quadrifoglio, aimed at competing with Mercedes-AMG C63, BMW M3 and Cadillac ATS-V. The Quadrifoglio has a all-aluminium, twin-turbocharged 90° V6 petrol engine. The full range has a choice of 4 petrol engines and 8 diesel engines. Please contact us to see if we can offer tuning solutions for your Giulia.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Tuning Box

The Stelvio is the latest addition from Alfa Romeo. Launched in 2016, The Stelvio is a front-engine, all wheel drive, five-door mid-size luxury crossover SUV.
The top option comes with a 2.9 L V6 Twin Turbo engine giving 503 BHP. There are 4 petrol and 5 diesel engines in the range. Please contact us to see if we can offer tuning solutions for your Stelvio.

Legacy Models:

Alfa Romeo 147 Tuning Box

The Alfa Romeo 145, Alfa Romeo 146 and Alfa Romeo 147 are a range of small family cars produced from 1994 up to 2010. We can offer better performance options along with fuel efficiency for the Common Rail Diesel options of these models. Please check below to see if your engine option is available.

Alfa Romeo 156/159 Tuning Chip

Alfa have a range of Compact Executive Cars. The Alfa Romeo 156 and Alfa Romeo 159 were produced between 1999 and 2010. between the two models there are several petrol and diesel engine options. We can offer a tuning solution for all Common Rail Diesels and the 1.8 TBi 16V Petrol Turbo.

Alfa Romeo 166 Tuning Chip

Alfa's executive car, Alfa Romeo 166 was available till 2005 (2007 for left hand drive options). Although there were several petrol options that changed over the years, only 1 diesel engine was released. We can offer a chip tuning box for the 2.4 JTD 10V & 20V.

Alfa Romeo Brera & Alfa Romeo Spider Tuning Box

The Alfa Romeo Brera, a 2=2 Sports coupe was available in 3 petrol and 3 diesel options. We can offer tuning boxes for all diesel engines while we have an engine tuning box for the 1.8 TBi petrol.
The Alfa Romeo Spider offered the same engine choices as the Brera. Our engine options can be seen below.

We have maps that will deliver increased power, better torque and save on fuel costs. If you are interested in seeing what Bluespark can do for your Alfa Romeo please use the vehicle selector at the top of this page to choose your car.


Alfa Romeo Tuning Boxes

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