Bluespark Tuning Box Reprogramming

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This item is for reprogramming of your tuning box software for a different vehicle and rework of wiring if necessary.

Due to insurance restrictions this service is only available to the original purchaser of the unit.

Units purchased 2nd hand can not be reprogrammed, any orders where we can't confirm the original purchase will be cancelled.

Once you have processed your order, please ship the unit to the following address:

Bluespark Automotive Rework
Unit 23A Dubmire Ind Estate
Fence Houses
Tyne and Wear
England, UK





Important: Please check your vehicle is listed on our website before purchasing the re-programming service.

If your engine is not listed, please contact us to confirm compatibility.


Switching from diesel to petrol or petrol to diesel?

Most units can be changed from Petrol to Diesel and vice versa no problem.

All Bluespark Pro + Boost, Bluespark Pro and CR Tech 2 units manufactured after 2016 can be reprogrammed to become a Bluespark Pro Petrol Module.

All Bluespark Pro Petrol Modules can be reprogrammed to become a CR Tech 2 unit.

Diesel units purchased in 2016 or previously can be reprogrammed for some Petrol models, however please contact us to confirm.

SENT and 3 channel units

Whilst we will always try to ensure that the unit you have bought will work on your new vehicle, not all hardware is supported by every engine.

Your unit may have reduced features to be compatible with your new engine, they features can be reactivated for future compatible engines.

What is a bypass plug?

A bypass plug is a small plug that connects to the end of the harness in place of the tuning box. This allows the user to return their engine back to stock mapping without removing the wiring. This is a useful adapter if the sensors are difficult to access.

Warranty and Money Back Guarantee

We will provide the unit with the correct maps and connectors to suit your new vehicle, the same when buying a new unit, we cannot guarantee that your vehicle will accept the tune on the box, as this a is a labour service, reprogramming is exempt from our 28 day money back policy.

All units are provided with a 2 year warranty, the terms of this warranty are still in place for the remainder of the term from the date of the original purchase.

Returning your unit for reprogramming

You will need to post your unit & harness via recorded post to our address for the work to be carried out after you have paid via our checkout.

Please include your 'Order Number' in the package which will be given to you after checkout. Boxes with round harness connections as shown below cannot be reprogrammed.

Our address for posting the item is:

Bluespark Automotive Rework
Unit 23A Dubmire Industrial Estate
Fence Houses
Tyne and Wear

For customers returning products outside the EU the phrase "Return Goods Relief Claimed" must be written on the CN22 / Customs declaration. Please check our vehicle selector to ensure that the new vehicle is compatible. If in doubt please contact us, If you send us your unit for an incompatible vehicle your purchase will be refunded minus the return shipping cost.


For Diesel vehicles we expect to see improvements in fuel economy of around 10%. This means if you currently get 50 MPG you might expect to see somewhere around 55 MPG. This is very dependent upon your driving style. If you use the extra power and drive faster naturally the economy benefits will be lessened.


The original 2 year warranty is still applicable to units that have been reprogrammed. Units that are beyond the original 2 year warranty period will be covered for hardware failure for 1 month. Reprogramming is not part of our 28 day money back guarantee and are non refundable.

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