When it comes to car modifications, car engine tuning is up there with the biggest and best. The process of altering the ECU signal to inject more fuel into the cylinders is popular - especially as you are guaranteed more torque and power. However, when it comes to the best diesel tuning box and chips for petrol vehicles, there’s a whole load of misleading information available.


To put it all in simple terms, we’re answering the most frequently asked questions about car tuner parts. After this, you’ll know all about our car upgrades.

01. Is it safe?

This is one of the most important questions; one all car performance shops should be able to give you a reliable answer. Put simply, yes. Installing a car tuning box will not affect the safety of the vehicle, or those who drive it. Our petrol and diesel tuning boxes undergo thorough and rigorous testing, and we record the results using our rolling road.

It’s also important to note that car tuner parts are also road legal, and you’ll not be stopped for installing a tuning box.

02. Why don’t the manufacturers install boxes?

When it comes to car performance upgrades, manufacturers have to sell vehicles that cover various markets. For instance, a manufacturer has to take into account different tax emissions and regulations, different climates, different fuel quantities and operating altitudes, amongst a number of other factors. Likewise, the manufacturer will, often, tune the engine to just below its full potential - particularly if there is a newer, sportier model released.

Speak to your local car performance shops and discuss the potential of your vehicle. With our top petrol and best diesel tuning boxes, you can unlock some serious power; comparable to the next model up in the range.

03. Does it void my warranty?

Petrol and diesel tuner chips will, likely, not void your warranty - unless you tell the dealer. The beauty of these aftermarket modifications is that they are completely untraceable. If you decide to remove the diesel tuning boxes tested, for instance, the car will return back to standard. There is no visible trace of the box left behind.

Car remapping, on the other hand, is a permanent alteration, which will, likely, void the warranty. Car remapping could also reduce the value of your car, should you choose to sell it at a later date. You should also consider the price differences between a complete car remapping, and that of a DIY tuning box; the difference can be huge.

04. Do I need to tell the insurance company?

It is entirely at your discretion whether to inform the insurance company, but we do advise sharing details of car modifications. Again, we suggest reading up on your particular car insurance, and the aftermarket modifications that could breach the contract.

05. Do you keep a record of my car before tuning?

Our car modification shop boasts a rolling road, providing us with information on your car’s power characteristics, measuring the torque and rotational speed. From there, we use this info to tune your car and improve performance with one of our boxes. The results are recorded for you to see the difference, but you can expect up to 40% more power and a 35% increase in torque.

06. How does it work?

The tuning box - designed for petrol and diesel vehicles - improves power, torque and fuel economy. Essentially, the box ‘tricks’ the ECU into injecting more fuel into the cylinders, so you see an increase in car performance. It’s an aftermarket modification that is increasingly popular; not least because it’s cheaper than a car remap, and you can install the car tuner parts yourself. However, we do recommend checking out the car performance shops, erring on the side of caution with those sites that don’t have testimonials and reputable reviews. In the worst case, a bad car tuning box can even cause damage to your vehicle.

07. Can I install it myself?

Car engine tuning is so popular because everyone can do it; in as little as 10 minutes. You don’t need any special tools or have a degree in the automotive industry - just follow the instructions provided. Our car modifications shop is also available should you have any questions; we can even install the car engine tuning.

08. Will it increase the amount of fuel I use?

In fact, our quality petrol and best diesel tuning boxes can reduce the amount of fuel used. If you do install car engine tuning, you can even increase fuel economy. Essentially, the car tuning boxes provide a better throttle response, meaning you don’t need to rev the car as much. Therefore, you don’t burn through as much petrol as you did before.

09. Will the car emit more smoke?

The increase in car power does not affect the change in particle emissions. However, another easy and relatively cheap car mod is to upgrade the air filters. A clogged air filter can reduce the air intake to the engine, reducing the power. You can read more on other aftermarket modifications here.

10. Does it increase speed?

The power and torque increase will only benefit your driving experience and handling. Add to that, the maximum speed will increase in your vehicle, depending on the tolerance of the car.

11. Can I use the tuning box on another vehicle?

While car remapping is tailored to a specific vehicle and, therefore, cannot be moved; the same cannot be said for car engine tuning boxes. The diesel and petrol tuning boxes can be reprogrammed to suit another model, and are not considered a permanent car performance upgrade (hence their popularity).

12. Will it affect my car’s service life?

Will it affect my car’s service life?
With car tuning, you are, literally, optimising the engine and unlocking its full potential. As such, the efficiency of the engine will increase, compared to that before engine tuning. Likewise, regular oil changes and service is not reduced. However, if you do drive the car at a ‘sporty’ level, you may need to change the oil more frequently.

13. Can it be installed on all vehicles?

When it comes to this aftermarket car modification, it can be installed on, practically, every vehicle. We have installed tuning boxes on hundreds of vehicles and you can select your own model here. If you can’t find your model, get in touch and we can discuss further.
Ultimately, our petrol and diesel tuner chips have been thoroughly tested and are designed to improve the efficiency of your vehicle. You can read further on the product and the common questions, or you can get in touch with our team today.