Toyota Rav4 2.0 D4D 143hp - ECU Remap

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 Factory Air Fuel Ratio
 Huge Power, Torque and Economy Gains
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Power & Torque Gains

Toyota Rav4 remapping with Dyno testing

Enjoy increased performance from your Rav4 throughout the entire rev range with our ECU Chip Tuning

We design our ECU remaps to make power come in sooner, make great torque gains and hold them for as long as possible. Whilst we do make great peak power increases, for most vehicles this is not the primary focus of our tuning. We aim to get the best power possible across the whole rev range to make your vehicle perform best in real world driving conditions.

Our ECU Remapping considerably reduces turbo lag and will make your Toyota Rav4 easier and more fun to drive.

Your 2.0 D4D 143hp should make very similar power and torque gains to those quoted, though small variances from vehicle to vehicle, and from dyno to dyno are to be expected.

'Before' figures quoted are based upon Toyota's stated power output.

143PS 105KW 320NM
190PS 140KW 400NM

Bluespark professional remaps provide great performance gains, boosting power and torque where you need it.

Carried out on our in-house 4x4 Dyno rolling road, our remaps are tailored to suit your engine, providing great results without compromising reliability.

Our maps are designed to suit your needs, whether you are looking for maximum power gains, additional torque for towing or looking to make your car more economical.

A dyno print out of before and after figures will be supplied.

Remapping will need to be carried out at our premises in the North East.

Mapping generally takes 1-2 hours, whilst customers are more than welcome to wait on site, we can also provide a courtesy car if needed.


For Diesel vehicles, we expect to see improvements in fuel economy of around 10%. This means if you currently get 50 MPG you might expect to see somewhere around 55 MPG.

For Petrol engines, economy generally stays the same as with factory mapping. However, we have had a lot of feedback with customers reporting good gains in economy, mainly due to not having to drive the car as hard to produce power.

This is very dependent upon your driving style. If you use the extra power and drive faster naturally, the economy benefits will be lessened.


All of our Products are covered by the Bluespark no quibble 28 day money back guarantee. If you ever experience any problems or have any questions about our products our team are always happy to assist.

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