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The Bluespark speed limiter removal service provides a safe solution to remove the speed restriction and allow you to drive at motorway speeds.

This is safely carried out by connecting to the ECU via the OBD port.


Power & Torque Gains

Take back control of your Fiat JTD, Multijet van or motorhome, Increase top speed by removing or even adjusting your engine speed limiter.

This service can be applied across a range of Citroen petrol and Diesel HDi and BlueHDi models, including:
  • Doblo
  • Ducato
  • Fiorini
  • Motorhome

Benefits Of Speed Limiter Removal

  • Unleash your vehicle's full potential.
  • Speeding up your travel times.
  • Saving time.
  • Regain control of your vehicle.
We can also tune your vehicle at the same time, increasing top speed, power and torque!!
Check out our tuning options by selecting your vehicle at the top of this page.

Issues with your Adblue System? Click here for more information

The speed limiter removal service will be carried out at our Bluespark HQ.
Contact us to book an appointment 

Ford Transit - Speed limiter removal, Tuning and Dyno Test

If you own a former fleet vehicle, it is most likely that it was programmed with a speed limiter.

Many fleet vehicles are restricted to 60mph or even 50mph. Whilst this is sufficient for local driving, it can make long distance motorway journeys unbearable, costing you time and money.

We can also add speed limiters if you are concerned about your staff picking up speed tickets!!

At Bluespark, we are able to remove or increase the speed limiter safely and efficiently by accessing your ECU via the OBD port and altering the settings.

Speed limiter removal or adjustment can be complete within 30 minutes.


Increasing top speeds may effect fuel economy. why not improve your fuel economy using one of our tuning boxes.


All of our products and services are covered by the Bluespark no quibble 28 day money back guarantee. If you ever experience any problems or have any questions about our products or services our team are always happy to assist.

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