BMW 520D M47 163PS - Bluespark CR Tech 2 Tuning Box

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The Bluespark fuelling maps are carefully constructed to maintain excellent compatibility with DPF's (Diesel Particulate Filters).

Torque values are carefully considered to ensure compatibility with all gearboxes, including Automatic and Semi-Auto (DSG style) gearboxes.

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Power & Torque Gains

Power & Torque Gains

Enjoy increased power from your vehicle throughout the entire rev range.


We design our maps to make power come in sooner, make great torque gains and hold them for as long as possible. Whilst we do make great peak power increases, for most vehicles this is not the primary focus of our tuning. We aim to get the best power possible across the whole rev range to make your vehicle perform best in real world driving conditions.


Our units considerably reduce turbo lag and will make your vehicle easier and more fun to drive.


Your vehicle should make very similar power and torque gains to those quoted, though small variances from vehicle to vehicle, and from dyno to dyno are to be expected.


"Before" figures quoted are based upon manufacturer's stated power output.

163PS 120KW 340NM
188PS 138KW 375NM

Designed with the latest Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and injector technology in mind, our most popular diesel tuning box offers significant performance improvements without stressing your cars fuel system beyond its design limits. This unit will give you the best all round improvements in power, torque and fuel economy without affecting the reliability of your engine and will cure most fuelling problems such as flat spots, hesitation and excessive turbo lag. The CR Tech 2 has been updated and remapped to smooth out power delivery and further enhance performance & economy on more modern engines.

Product Features: 

  • Comes with connectors to match OEM plugs, and detailed fitting instructions.
  • Two user selectable fuel maps (one biased for low down torque & economy, one for biased for power)
  • User adjustable power curve
  • Over 10% MPG improvements possible.
  • Aluminium casing to resistant to contaminants, protecting the product in an under bonnet environment.
  • Unit uses automotive connectors, not computer serial port style connectors
  • 28 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product
  • The CR Tech 2 can be upgraded to suit another vehicle should you change car.

What will it do for my car?

  • Greatly reduces 'turbo lag', the delay at low revs before your car produces power
  • Allows the car to run smoother
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Increases torque, power and acceleration
  • Does not over stress the engine
  • Can be removed without trace, reverting the car back to standard


For Diesel vehicles we expect to see improvements in fuel economy of around 10%. This means if you currently get 50 MPG you might expect to see somewhere around 55 MPG. This is very dependent upon your driving style. If you use the extra power and drive faster naturally the economy benefits will be lessened.


All of our Products are covered by the Bluespark no quibble 28 day money back guarantee as well as a 2 year manufacturers warranty. If you ever experience any problems or have any questions about our products our team are always happy to assist.

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