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Bluespark Pro + Boost Control

Our flagship tuning module features two channels for both rail pressure and turbocharger boost pressure control simultaneously.

Bluespark Pro + Boost Control Box Contents

This is a plug and play unit, with photographic instructions provided for installation and adjustment. Installation and removal on the majority of cars is a breeze and can be completed in minutes.

Bluespark Pro Diesel Tuning Box

Our premium tuning box offers unrivalled performance for your vehicle. This diesel chip uses high speed digital microprocessor technology to deliver the best power gains possible. It uses dynamic mapping designed around specific vehicle models to ensure that the fuelling is always correct for your vehicle. The Pro diesel chip is an 'all in one' tuning box, containing the settings from all of our other chips plus more.

Bluespark Pro Diesel Tuning Chip

BMW X5 M50d with Bluespark Pro + Boost Tuning Box

We recently had a customer purchase our top specification tuning box for his BMW X5 M50d. The M50d is already a monstrous engine from the factory, however the Pro + Boost tuning box takes the car to a whole new level, with huge power and torque gains throughout the rev range.

If you are interested in a tuning box for your vehicle, whether it has 400bhp or 40bhp please don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our team.

335d Power Gains

A customer has made great gains on his F30 BMW 335d with our CR Tech 2 module. This tuning box is one of the most easily installed Diesel tuning boxes in our range. The onboard chip makes thousands of calculations a second to increase power, torque and fuel economy. Please see the attached dyno result. If you have any questions, or are interested in a tuning box for your own vehicle, please don't hesitate to contact a member of our team.

Abarth 500 gains 25BHP with our new petrol tuning kit!

We have just finished testing of our new Abarth chip tuning kit on the Abarth 500. It increases power from 135BHP to 160BHP and takes torque from 206Nm to 260Nm! It also holds strong boost pressure throughout the midrange thanks to advanced control of the turbo pressure control valve. We are sure that this is one of the best accessories that you can purchase for your Abarth!

Audi Q5 Performance Improvements

A customer asked us to improve the power of his Audi's already impressive 240PS 3.0 TDI Quattro V6. I'd like to think that we have delivered our promise with the fitment of our latest CR Tech 2 diesel tuning box. Tweaking the unit a little from stock gave an increase in power to 285BHP and an increase to a massive 598Nm of Torque! This makes the car smoother through the gears and can be driven much more lazily, however at full throttle it is certainly much faster than you would expect for a car of this size.